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Abasand Oils LimitedReport on Athabaska oil sands1942 Call No: MSS-7

Ackerman, Harry SHarry Ackerman papers1928-1990 Call No: ML-81

Adams, Benjamin F.Benjamin F. Adams, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH., Letter1908 Oct. 16 Call No: MSS-908566

Adams, Llewellyn (Sherman)Sherman Adams papers1916-1986 Call No: ML-8

Adams, Ruth M.Oral history interview with Ruth M. Adams1980 April 11 Call No: DOH-54

Adams, Ruth M.Oral history interview with Ruth M. Adams1996 May 29 Call No: DOH-18

Adams, ShermanSherman Adams, [North Conway,] NH to Katherine Benedict, Cambridge, MA, Letter1986 Oct. 24 Call No: MSS-986574

Adams, ShermanSherman Adams, to Edward Bradley, Letter1980 Oct. 1 Call No: MSS-980551

Adams, ShermanSherman Adams, Washington, D.C., to Reuben D. Silliman, East Orange, New Jersey, Letters1956 Mar. 2 - 1957 Mar. 11 Call No: MSS-956202

Adney, Edwin (Tappan)Edwin Adney papers1897-1950 Call No: MSS-1

Afre, Karen GOral history interview with Karen G Afre2013 April 17 Call No: DOH-319

Alcorn, Hugh Meade, Jr.Hugh Meade Alcorn, Jr. in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: ML-85

Alexander, RodRod Alexander at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-72

Allegany County (M.D.)Allegany County (M.D.), Justice of the Peace, Deed of indentures of apprentice. James Beacham to William Magruder. Filed August 3rd, 1815, Recorded in folios 133 & 134 and examined by Geo. Bruce, regs [superscrips].1815 August 3 Call No: MSS-815453

Allen, CarolOral history interview with Carol Allen2007 November 19 Call No: DOH-61

Allen, ChaunceyChauncey Allen papers1924-1983 Call No: MS-990

Allen, Chauncey NChauncey Allen, Collection 1924 - 1988 Call No: MS-1080

Allen, Edwin H.Edwin H. Allen, Autobiography of Edwin Howard Allencirca 1930 - 1959 Call No: 003210

Allen, WilliamWilliam Allen, Papers1800 - 1856 Call No: MS-916

Allenby, Richard J.Richard Allenby, Papers1965 - 1974 Call No: MS-1024

Allison, HuntlyOral history interview with Huntly Allison2008 March 13 Call No: DOH-62

Altomerianos, Damaris AOral history interview with Damaris A Altomerianos2013 April 16 Call No: DOH-320

American Educational Society of New HampshireAmerican Educational Society of New Hampshire, Records 1843 - 1895 Call No: MS-1095

Ames, John Lincoln, Jr.John Lincoln Ames, Jr. at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-58

Amico, Michael J.Oral history interview with Michael J. Amico2012 Sep. 21 Call No: DOH-310

Amidon, Edward S.Edward S. Amidon Civil War papers1863-1864 Call No: MS-910

Amory, Copley, Jr.Copley Amory Jr. in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-174

Andersen, KarstenKarsten Andersen in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-73

Anderson, Chandler P.Chandler P. Anderson Behring Sea Claims Commission Photographic Album1896 - 1897 Call No: MSS-261

Anderson, Frank MFrank Anderson, Papers1792 - 1943 Call No: ML-52

Andres, Frederick W.Oral history interview with Frederick W. Andres1984 September 21 - 1984 October 30 Call No: DOH-56

Andrews, Clarence (Leroy)Clarence L. Andrews papersUnknown date Call No: MSS-4

Appleton, Jon H.Jon Appleton papers1942 - 2013 Call No: MS-727

Arctic SeminarArctic Seminar at Dartmouth College in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-28

Armitage, FloraFlora Armitage in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MS-805

Arndt, Walter W.Walter Arndt, Paperscirca 1920 - 2006 Call No: MS-1195

Arnold, Edwin T.Edwin T. Arnold, Papers1985 - 1991 Call No: MS-1167

Atkinson, EdwardEdward Atkinson, Papers1870 - 1905 Call No: MS-1177

Atkinson, Frank H. D.Frank H. Atkinson papers1919-1922 Call No: MSS-6

Atkinson, SamuelSamuel Atkinson, Jr. Letter1811 October 26 Call No: MSS-811576

Atwood, Marion B.Marion B. Atwood collection of lottery tickets1779 - 1964 Call No: MS-1254

Audubon, John J.John J. Audubon, Charleston, S.C., to Robt. Havell, London, England1833 Nov. 4 Call No: MSS-833604

Austin, Frank E.Frank E. Austin, Paperscirca 1895 - 1940 Call No: MS-186

Austin, MarilynOral history interview with Marilyn Austin2002 Sept. 18 - 2002 Sept. 26 Call No: DOH-19

Averill, RobertRobert Averill Collection of Research Materials on Mount Moosilauke in the Dartmouth College Library Call No: MS-818

Ayres, Ruby M.Ruby M. Ayres, Letters 1921 - 1923 Call No: MS-919

Backofen, WalterWalter Backofen, Paperscirca 1991 - 2002 Call No: MS-1172

Baker, DeWittOral history interview with DeWitt Baker2008 January 14 Call No: DOH-63

Bales, JackJack Bales in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MS-762

Bannon, Robert E.Robert E. Bannon, Paperscirca 1930 - 1994 Call No: MS-1192

Barnes, Swift COral history interview with Swift Barnes2008 April 21 Call No: DOH-67

Barnes, VirginiaOral history interview with Virginia Barnes2008 April 21 Call No: DOH-68

Barnham, JohnJohn A. Barnham diarycirca 1834 Call No: 003244

Barnstable County (Mass.)Barnstable County (Mass.), Town Clerk, Arrest warrant1721 Dec. 29 Call No: MSS-721679

Barnum, Robert C.Oral history interview with Robert C. Barnum2009 October 3 Call No: DOH-174

Barr, DonaldOral history interview with Donald Barr2007 December 10 Call No: DOH-64

Barr, StanleyOral history interview with Stanley Barr2008 October 8 Call No: DOH-136

Barradale, EricOral history interview with Eric Barradale2008 June 11 Call No: DOH-69

Barradale, JoanOral history interview with Joan Barradale2008 June 11 Call No: DOH-70

Barrett, FrankFrank Barrett, Collection 1890 - 2007 Call No: MS-1028

Barros, PatriciaOral history interview with Patricia Barros2013 May 20 Call No: DOH-325

Bartlett FamilyBartlett Family papers1790-1930 Call No: MS-1219

Bartlett, Agnes (Vernon)Agnes Bartlett papers1924-1981 Call No: ML-43

Bartlett, IchabodIchabod Bartlett, Papers1806 - 1844 Call No: MS-908

Bartlett, JosiahJosiah Bartlett papers1774-1888 Call No: MS-181

Bartlett, Robert Abram (Bob)Robert Abram (Bob) Bartlett in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-193

Bartlett, Samuel Colcord, Jr.Samuel Colcord Bartlett, Jr. at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-75

Bartlett, William A.William Bartlett, Natick, MA, to Leon Burr Richardson, Hanover, NH, Letter1932 July 9 Call No: MSS-932409

Barton, IraIra Barton, Papers1840 - 1868 Call No: MS-100

Bass, Robert P.Robert P. Bass, Papers1849 - 1954 Call No: ML-31

Batchelder, JacobJacob Batchelder, Dartmouth College to Lydia Batchelder, Boxford, Mass., Letter1827 Jul 27 Call No: MSS-827427

Beaufoy, HenryHenry Beaufoy, Goreland - Near Beaconsfield,[England], to My Lord, Letter1788 July 14 Call No: MSS-788414.3

Beazley, Sir Charles RaymondSir Charles Raymond Beazley in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-9

Beck, PeterOral history interview with Peter Beck2010 Sept. 25 Call No: DOH-272

Becker, Ralph E. and William W.Ralph E. and William W. Becker Collection of American Political Campaign Materials1840 - 1972 Call No: MS-1147

Beetle, Charles D.Charles D. Beetle at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: MSS-178

Bekavac, Nancy Y.Oral history interview with Nancy Y. Bekavac2008 October 5 Call No: DOH-274

Belcher, EdwardEdward Belcher, Papers1860 Call No: MSS-245

Bell, Charles H.Charles H. Bell, Papers1842 - 1893 Call No: MS-619

Bell, Ernest L.Ernest L. Bell, Papers1935 - 1945 Call No: MS-955

Bell, RobertRobert Bell at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: MSS-173

Below, Clifton C.Clifton Below, Papers1999 - 2001 Call No: MS-950

Bemis, StephenStephen Bemis, Papers1795 - 1800 Call No: MS-1163

Bendy, William R.William R. Bendy in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-10

Bentley, Warner (James)Warner Bentley paperscirca 1928-1969 Call No: MS-1170

Benton, MortonMorton Benton in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-39

Berkowitz, George H.Oral history interview with George H. Berkowitz2008 August 12 Call No: DOH-128

Berry, RutheOral history interview with Ruthe Berry2008 April 21 Call No: DOH-71

Berthold, FredOral history interview with Fred Berthold2008 August 8 Call No: DOH-129

Berthold, FredOral history interview with Fred Berthold1998 May 12 - 1998 May 26 Call No: DOH-3

Bielschowsky, AlfredAlfred Bielschowsky, Papers1891 - 1998 Call No: MS-1068

Bildner, Alan I.Oral history interview with Alan I. Bildner2008 June 7 Call No: DOH-275

Bildner, AllenOral history interview with Allen Bildner2008 June 7 Call No: DOH-72

Billo, Charles G.Charles G. Billo papers1967-1970 Call No: MS-1341

Bingham, James H.James H. Bingham, Extract from the Records of Alstead [NH]1834 Feb. 24 Call No: MSS-834174

Bird, Harry H.Oral history interview with Harry Bird2002 December 17 Call No: DOH-20

Bisno, David C.David C. Bisno, Papers1994 Call No: MS-1169

Blackfoot Indian Anthropological NotesBlackfoot Indian Anthropological Notes Call No: MSS-11

Blackjack, AdaAda Blackjack papers1923-1983 Call No: MSS-8

Blanpied, Benjamin T.Benjamin T. Blanpied, Hanover, NH, to Charles B. Fuller, Letter1873 Sept. 22 Call No: MSS-873522

Blood, SylvesterSylvester Blood, Papers1819 - 1865 Call No: MS-974

Bloom, Arthur W.Arthur W. Bloom in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: ML-84

Bock, EdwinOral history interview with Edwin Bock2008 September 26 Call No: DOH-137

Bogue, Roswell (Cutler)Roswell Bogue letters1897-1899 Call No: MS-863

Bollinger, Lee COral history interview with Lee C. Bollinger2008 October 7 Call No: DOH-276

Bonga, David C.Oral history interview with David C. Bonga2013 Feb. 4 Call No: DOH-311

Bonz, Margaret H.Oral history interview with Margaret H. Bonz2002 October 21 - 2002 October 31 Call No: DOH-4

Booth, EdmundEdmund Booth at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: MS-706

Booth, PhilipPhilip Booth, Papers1857 - 2001 Call No: MS-426

Borup, GeorgeGeorge Borup North Polar Expedition Photographic Album1908 - 1909 Call No: MSS-258

Bovey, WilfredWilfred Bovey in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-41

Brace, Lloyd D.Oral history interview with Lloyd D. Brace1977 March 2 Call No: DOH-57

Brackett, Adino Nye, Jr.Adino Brackett Jr. papers1837-1876 Call No: MS-928

Brackett, JamesJames Brackett, Papers1800 - 1805 Call No: MS-1158

Bradley, DavidDavid Bradley, Ski Jumping1957 Call No: MSS-957940

Bradley, David JDavid J. Bradley, Paperscirca 1944 - 1994 Call No: MS-1002

Bradley, Edward M.Oral history interview with Edward M. Bradley2009 February 12 - 2009 February 24. Call No: DOH-277

Brainard, David L.David L. Brainard in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-189

Breeden, James P.James P. Breeden at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-59

Brentwood (N.H.)Brentwood (N.H.), Records 1715 - 1870 Call No: MS-30

Bretton Woods Boy SingersBretton Woods Boy Singers at Dartmouth College, Records Call No: ML-23

Brice, Norman E.Norman E. Brice in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-40

Briffault, HermaHerma Briffault in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-109

Brigham, LincolnLincoln F. Brigham Letter1839 December 22 Call No: MSS-839672

Brinckerhoff, Constance EOral history interview with Constance E Brinckerhoff2013 Jan. 23 Call No: DOH-312

Broehl, Wayne G.Wayne Broehl Collection of Indian Postal Stamps1803 - 1983 Call No: MS-1118

Broehl, Wayne G.Oral history interview with Wayne Broehl1998 August 18 Call No: DOH-21

Broga, William W.William W. Broga, Abstracts in General History, Dartmouth College Scientific Department, First Term1875 - 1876 Call No: 003214

Bromer BooksellersBromer Booksellers Publishing Records 1977-1991 in the Dartmouth College Library Call No: ML-90

Brooks, PhilipOral history interview with Philip Brooks2008 September 26 Call No: DOH-138

Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen, Merrimac LodgeLedger Books of the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen, Merrimac Lodge1888 - 1902 Call No: MS-1093

Brower, BrockBrock Brower, Papers1951 - 2004 Call No: MS-1071

Brower, Charles D.Charles D. Brower at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: MSS-13

Brown, Albert OscarAlbert Oscar Brown at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-26

Brown, AlonzoAlonzo Brown, Dartmouth College [Hanover, NH] to Charles and George Merriam, Springfield, MA, Letter29 March, 1849 Call No: MSS-849229

Brown, AlonzoAlonzo Brown, Dartmouth College [Hanover, NH] to Charles and George Merriam, Springfield, MA, Letter12 March, 1849 Call No: MSS-849212.1

Brown, AlonzoAlonzo Brown, Dartmouth College [Hanover, NH] to Charles and George Merriam, Springfield, MA, Letter30 August, 1849 Call No: MSS-849480

Brown, ChipChip Brown collection on "Good Morning Midnight-Life and Death in the Wild"1994-2005 Call No: MS-1349

Brown, Dennis L.Oral history interview with Dennis L. Brown2013 May 1 Call No: DOH-321

Brown, FrancisFrancis Brown collection on the whaler 'Canada'1856-1955 Call No: MS-6

Brown, FrancisFrancis Brown, Papers1806 - 1815 Call No: MS-1248

Brown, Francis (Ernest Francis)Francis Brown papers1921-1973 Call No: MS-233

Brown, J. W.J. W. Brown, Papers1884 - 2005 Call No: MS-1011

Brown, Nelson P.Nelson P. Brown, Papers1894 - 1945 Call No: MS-189

Brown, Rochele W.Oral history interview with Rochele W. Brown2013 April 19 Call No: DOH-374

Brown, Sanborn C.Sanborn C. Brown, Paperscirca 1818 - circa 1982 Call No: MS-1064

Browne, BelmoreBelmore Browne, Papers1906 - 1980 Call No: MSS-190

Brumsted, EvelynOral history interview with Evelyn Brumsted2008 June 30 Call No: DOH-131

Brumsted, HarlanOral history interview with Harlan Brumsted2008 June 30 Call No: DOH-130

Bruner, Blanche (Marshall McLane)Blanche McLane Bruner papers1946-1956 Call No: MS-768

Brush, Merle E.Merle E. Brush, Papers1925 Call No: MS-1182

Bryant, NelsonOral history interview with Nelson Bryant2008 April 22 Call No: DOH-73

Bryant, William JuniorWilliam Junior Bryant and the Bryant Family in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: ML-88

Buck, PeterPeter Buck, Diary1965 Call No: 003232

Buell, JohnNote related to John Buell (Junsonequin) Last Will and Testament1746-06-11 Call No: MSS-746411.1

Buell, JohnJohn Buell (Junsonequin) Last Will and Testament2015-06-12 Call No: MSS-745362

Bull, Alfred S.Alfred S. Bull Diary1908 - 1909 Call No: MSS-272

Bullock, Matthew W.Matthew W. Bullock Collection1904 - 1945 Call No: MS-1153

Burke, WalterOral history interview with Walter Burke1996 August 9 - 1996 August 27 Call No: DOH-22

Burnett, Frances H.Frances H. Burnett, The plain Miss Burnie1911 Call No: 003180

Burpee, Lawrence JohnstoneLawrence Johnstone Burpee in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-14

Burroughs, EdenEden Burroughs Letter1777 January 23 Call No: MSS-777126

Burroughs, Sherman E.Sherman E. Burroughs, Letters 1914 - 1916 Call No: MS-1085

Burwash, Lachlan TaylorLachlan Taylor Burwash in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-12

Butler, DavidDavid Butler at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-73

Butterfield FamilyButterfield Family letterscirca 1861 - 1987 Call No: MS-1244

Butterfield, JosephFree Drawing, Agricultural Department, Dartmouth College, Fall Term1873 Call No: 003242

Byrd, Richard EvelynRichard Evelyn Byrd at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: MSS-181