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Rauner Special Collections Library6065 Webster Hall, Hanover, NH 03755-3519 USATelephone: 603-646-0538, Fax:

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Finding Aids listed By Call No

Call No: 52Gritti, AndreasBrief In the hand of Arrighi1536-04-16

Call No: 181Unspecified[Hartland General Store], Account book1854 - 1856

Call No: 1665Wasserman, NancyNancy Wasserman photographic collection1978-1988

Call No: 1714UnspecifiedFinal project photographs from #BlackLivesMatter course

Call No: 003173Russell, ElihuElihu Russell, Mechanics, Shelburne, Vermont, November 10, 1838. To Henry N. Bickford, to Sidney [illegible]., Volume1838 - 1854

Call No: 003177Emerson, Samuel MSamuel Emerson, Diary1865

Call No: 003178Whittier, Andrew HAndrew Whittier, Diary1862 Aug. 26 - 1862 Sept. 30

Call No: 003180Burnett, Frances H.Frances H. Burnett, The plain Miss Burnie1911

Call No: 003185Farnsworth, SamuelSamuel Farnsworth, Dartmouth College - Medical School manuscript notebook for lectures on surgery belonging to Dartmouth medical student Samuel Farnsworth, Jr., Volume[1813] - 1816

Call No: 003186Swett, Charles E.Charles E. Swett, Travel Diary, Volume1881 July 6 - 1881 July 22

Call No: 003189Wells, A.Copies of Private Memoranda and Sundry Documents Connected with the Boundary Treaty concluded between Great Britain and the United States of America on the 9th August1842.

Call No: 003191Cross, WilliamWilliam Cross, William Cross - Franklin/Salisbury, NH, Account book1830 - 1858

Call No: 003192Walker, IsaacIsaac Walker, Diary19 July 1862 - 20 September 1862

Call No: 003193Hanover, NH School District 12Hanover, NH School District 12, School Record of District No.12 [Hanover, NH], Record Book1826 - 1868

Call No: 003194Fisher, HenryHenry Fisher, Recipes and Cases in the Practice of Physic and Surgery, Notebooks1829 - 1844

Call No: 003195Edgerly, Mary AMary Edgerly, Diaries1880, 1882

Call No: 003198Wilkins, RussellRussell Wilkins, DiaryJanuary 1, 1918 - December 31, 1918

Call No: 003200Howe, AsaAsa Howe, Diary1839 July 26 - 1840 June 21

Call No: 003201Gurley, RoyalRoyal Gurley, A System of Trigonometry Compiled by Beza. Woodward, Prof. Math & Phil., Dartmouth College1798

Call No: 003204Royal Templars of Temperance of New EnglandRoyal Templars of Temperance of New England, Record Book1883 - 1888

Call No: 003205Renard, Emile GEmile Renard, Avec les ménapiens: petite souvenirs de la grande guerre, 1917-1918. , Volume1929

Call No: 003210Allen, Edwin H.Edwin H. Allen, Autobiography of Edwin Howard Allencirca 1930 - 1959

Call No: 003211Vilas, Lucy M.Lucy M. Vilas, Diary1827 - 1833

Call No: 003214Broga, William W.William W. Broga, Abstracts in General History, Dartmouth College Scientific Department, First Term1875 - 1876

Call No: 003215UnspecifiedFlowers of 19151915 - 1938

Call No: 003216UnspecifiedDover, New Hampshire Wharf Log1824 - 1834

Call No: 003227French, David G.David G. French, Account Bookcirca 1842 - 1844

Call No: 003228UnspecifiedRevolution de Russie en 1762 et autres remarques sur cet empire... Sur le royaume et les roix de Pologne, grands ducs de Lithwanie.

Call No: 003230Vilas, Lucy M.Lucy M. Vilas Diary1828

Call No: 003232Buck, PeterPeter Buck, Diary1965

Call No: 003233Vilas, Lucy M.Lucy M. Vilas Diary1825 - 1827

Call No: 003236Ladd, Samuel T.Samuel T. Ladd, coursebookcirca 1900

Call No: 003237Hammond, George W.Minutes of lectures on the theory and practice of physic delivered at Dartmouth College by Daniel Oliver, MD taken by G.W. Hammond.1822

Call No: 003239UnspecifiedHobo Diarycirca 1933

Call No: 003241Langenbucher, JacobBeschreibung einer Electrischen Maschine so nach besondern Grunds zen gebaut ist von dern Anfertiger Jacob Langenbucher in Augsburg 17791779

Call No: 003242Butterfield, JosephFree Drawing, Agricultural Department, Dartmouth College, Fall Term1873

Call No: 003243Callahan, Cornelius F.Cornelius Callahan Diary1945

Call No: 003244Barnham, JohnJohn A. Barnham diarycirca 1834

Call No: 003259Smead, James L. (Lawton)James L. Smead diary and account book1918-01-1918-05

Call No: 003271UnspecifiedWindsor County Vermont account book1907-04-29-1912-10-01

Call No: 860131Smith, HowardHoward Smith, Howard Smith. Gravel Train Northumberland.1860 Jan. 31 - 1862 Aug. 9

Call No: DA-1Dartmouth College. Board of TrusteesDartmouth College, Board of Trustees records1770-2004

Call No: DA-2Dartmouth College. Vice President and TreasurerVice President and Treasurer of Dartmouth College records1770-2006

Call No: DA-4Thayer School of Engineering, DeanThayer School of Engineering, Dean records1867 - 1996

Call No: DA-9Dartmouth College Shattuck ObservatoryDartmouth College Shattuck Observatory Meteorological Records 1827-present [1853-1966] in the Dartmouth College Library

Call No: DA-11United States , Naval Training School (Dartmouth College )United States , Naval Training School (Dartmouth College ) , Records 1942 - 1945

Call No: DA-12Dartmouth College, Public Affairs, Great Issues CourseDartmouth College, Public Affairs, Great Issues Course, Records 1946 - 1967

Call No: DA-26Dartmouth College, Alumni CouncilDartmouth College, Alumni Council, Records 1917 - 2003

Call No: DA-27Dartmouth College, Alumni FundDartmouth College, Alumni Fund, Records 1879 - 1986

Call No: DA-33Dartmouth College, Alumni CollegeDartmouth College, Alumni College, Records 1964 - 2000

Call No: DA-35Dartmouth Medical School, Dartmouth Eye InstituteDartmouth Medical School, Dartmouth Eye Institute, Records 1928 - 1952

Call No: DA-40Dartmouth College. Dartmouth College Case Anniversary CelebrationDartmouth College Case Anniversary Celebration records1968-1969

Call No: DA-44Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital. School of NursingMary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital, School of Nursing records1893-1980

Call No: DA-52Dartmouth College, Dept. of AnthropologyDartmouth College, Dept. of Anthropology, Records 1960 - 2000

Call No: DA-106Dartmouth College, Humanities InstituteDartmouth College, Humanities Institute, Records 1978 - 1983

Call No: DA-121Dartmouth College, American Defense Dartmouth GroupDartmouth College, American Defense Dartmouth Group, Records 1940 - 1943

Call No: DA-131Dartmouth College, Association of Alumni of Dartmouth CollegeDartmouth College, Association of Alumni of Dartmouth College, Records 1852 - 2003

Call No: DA-168Dartmouth College, Office of Tests and Educational ResearchDartmouth College Office of Test and Educational Research, Records 1943 - 1964

Call No: DA-169Dartmouth College Athletic DepartmentDartmouth College Athletic Department Records, 1924-1960 in the Dartmouth College Library

Call No: DA-194Dartmouth College, Senior Officers' CouncilDartmouth College, Senior Officers' Council, Records 1982 - 1985

Call No: DA-199Pond, Bremer h.Bremer h. Pond, Records 1912 - 1914

Call No: DA-212Dartmouth College, Alumni RelationsDartmouth College, Alumni Relations, Records 1821 - 2006

Call No: DA-223Dartmouth College FilmsDartmouth College Films records1902-1995

Call No: DA-265Dartmouth College, Committee on Student ResidenceDartmouth College, Committee on Student Residence, Records 1933 - 1955

Call No: DA-268Dartmouth College, Class of 1954Dartmouth College, Class of 1954, Papers1950 - 2005

Call No: DA-328Dartmouth College, Advisory Committee on Investor ResponsibilityDartmouth College, Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility records1971 - 1986

Call No: DA-403Moor's Indian Charity SchoolMoor's Indian Charity School, Records 1760 - 1915

Call No: DA-643Dartmouth College, Planning, Design and ConstructionOffice of Planning, Design and Construction, Records circa 1870 - 2005

Call No: DA-680Dartmouth College, Center for Women and GenderDartmouth College, Center for Women and Gender , Records 1970 - 2009

Call No: DA-685Dartmouth College, Department of MusicDartmouth College, Department of Music, Records 1939 - 1994

Call No: DA-710Dartmouth College, Native American StudiesDartmouth College, Native American Studies, Records 1968 - 1997

Call No: DA-836Dartmouth CollegePrograms for On-Campus Eventscirca 1940-1970

Call No: DH-1Hanover (N.H.)Hanover (N.H.), Records 1761 - 1995

Call No: DH-15Frost, Gilman D.Gilman D. Frost, Papers1926 - 1942

Call No: DH-26Hanover Water Works CompanyHanover Water Works Company records1840-2008

Call No: DH-29Mary Hitchcock Memorial HospitalMary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital records1893-1985

Call No: DH-38New Hampshire and Vermont CemeteriesRecords and Research Materials Relating to Cemeteries in Vermont and New Hampshire, Collection 1845 - 2007

Call No: DH-41Dartmouth Religious SocietyDartmouth Religious Society, Records 1830 - 1919

Call No: DL-4Dartmouth College Library, Baker Library Planning FilesBaker Library Planning Files 1903-1929 in the Dartmouth College Library

Call No: DL-8Dartmouth College, Dartmouth College Library Staff AssociationDartmouth College, Dartmouth College Library Staff Association, Records 1955 - 2010

Call No: DL-34Dartmouth College, Library, Orozco muralsrelating to the work of Jose Clemente Orozco, Collection circa 1920 - 1995

Call No: DO-1Dartmouth College, Dartmouth Outing ClubDartmouth College, Dartmouth Outing Club, Records 1909 - 2007

Call No: DO-32Kappa Kappa Kappa FraternityKappa Kappa Kappa Fraternity, Records 1845 - circa 2000

Call No: DO-87Dartmouth College, Fire and SkoalDartmouth College, Fire and Skoal, Records 1976 - 2008

Call No: DOH-1Dickey, John S.Oral history interview with John S. Dickey1975 - 1978

Call No: DOH-2Kemeny, John G.Oral history interview with John G. Kemeny1984

Call No: DOH-3Berthold, FredOral history interview with Fred Berthold1998 May 12 - 1998 May 26

Call No: DOH-4Bonz, Margaret H.Oral history interview with Margaret H. Bonz2002 October 21 - 2002 October 31

Call No: DOH-5Chamberlain, Ramona M.Oral history interview with Ramona M. Chamberlain2003

Call No: DOH-6Colton, George H.Oral history interview with George H. Colton1997

Call No: DOH-7Copenhaver, John H.Oral history interview with John Copenhaver1996

Call No: DOH-8Dey, Charles F.Oral history interview with Charles F. Dey2002 March 29

Call No: DOH-9Dodds, Reginald H.Oral history interview with Reginald H. Dodds2001 May 19 - 2001 May 20

Call No: DOH-10Fanelli, Alex A.Oral history interview with Alex A. Fanelli1996 June 23 - 1996 July 9

Call No: DOH-11Hart, Jeffrey P.Oral history interview with Jeffrey P. Hart1997 July 15 - 1997 July 18

Call No: DOH-12Hill, Errol G.Oral history interview with Errol G. Hill1996 September 20

Call No: DOH-13Kurtz, Agnes B.Oral history interview with Agnes B. Kurtz1997 July 24

Call No: DOH-14Kurtz, Thomas E.Oral history interview with Thomas E. Kurtz2002 June 20 - 2002 July 2

Call No: DOH-15Martin, Lucretia L.Oral history interview with Lucretia L. Martin2005 January 10 - 2005 February 4

Call No: DOH-16Rieser, Leonard M.Oral history interview with Leonard M. Rieser1996 August 15 - 1996 October 22

Call No: DOH-17Wood, Charles T.Oral history interview with Charles T. Wood2001 January 16 - 2001 February 20

Call No: DOH-18Adams, Ruth M.Oral history interview with Ruth M. Adams1996 May 29

Call No: DOH-19Austin, MarilynOral history interview with Marilyn Austin2002 Sept. 18 - 2002 Sept. 26

Call No: DOH-20Bird, Harry H.Oral history interview with Harry Bird2002 December 17

Call No: DOH-21Broehl, Wayne G.Oral history interview with Wayne Broehl1998 August 18

Call No: DOH-22Burke, WalterOral history interview with Walter Burke1996 August 9 - 1996 August 27

Call No: DOH-23Choukas, Michael E.Oral history interview with Michael E. Choukas1996 September 4 - 1996 September 11

Call No: DOH-24Davis, William P.Oral history interview with William P. Davis1997 February 19

Call No: DOH-25Dinan, Dennis A.Oral history interview with Dennis A. Dinan2003 February 10 - 2003 Feb. 11

Call No: DOH-26Field, RobertOral history interview with Robert Field1997 October 13

Call No: DOH-27Gaudin, Colette L.Oral history interview with Colette L. Gaudin1996 Sept. 19

Call No: DOH-28Hennessey, John W.Oral history interview with John W. Hennessey1996 Sept. 26 - 1996 Nov. 21

Call No: DOH-29Hill, Richard D.Oral history interview with Richard D. Hill1998 May 15 - 2000 Oct. 17

Call No: DOH-30Hutchinson, Charles E.Oral history interview with Charles E. Hutchinson2003 July 7

Call No: DOH-31Joseph, Richard A.Oral history interview with Richard A. Joseph2003 Sept. 27 - 2003 Nov. 22

Call No: DOH-32Kemeny, Jean A.Oral history interview with Jean A. Kemeny1996 June 14 - 2000 Nov. 28

Call No: DOH-33Kilmarx, Robert D.Oral history interview with Robert D. Kilmarx2001 January 10 - 2001 Feb. 27

Call No: DOH-34Kreider, Donald L.Oral history interview with Donald L. Kreider2002 April 10 - 2003 Feb. 25

Call No: DOH-35Long, Carl F.Oral history interview with Carl F. Long2001 February 22

Call No: DOH-36Manuel, Ralph N.Oral history interview with Ralph N. Manuel2002 June 26 - 2002 July 24

Call No: DOH-37Maynard, Priscilla F.Oral history interview with Priscilla F. Maynard1997 Oct. 9

Call No: DOH-38McCollum, Robert W.Oral history interview with Robert W. McCollum2002 June 19 - 2002 July 3

Call No: DOH-39McCulloch, Norman E.Oral history interview with Norman McCulloch1997 March 21 - 2000 Dec. 8

Call No: DOH-40McEwen, Robert G.Oral history interview with Robert McEwen2004 March 1 - 2004 March 22

Call No: DOH-41McLaughlin, David T.Oral history interview with David T. McLaughlin1996 Nov. 8 - 1997 Dec. 10

Call No: DOH-42McLaughlin, Judith L.Oral history interview with Judith L. McLaughlin2003 August 20

Call No: DOH-43Paganucci, Paul D.Oral history interview with Paul D. Paganucci1996 Oct. 24 - 1996 Nov. 22

Call No: DOH-44Peters, SeaverOral history interview with Seaver Peters2001 May 23

Call No: DOH-45Pytte, AgnarOral history interview with Agnar Pytte2002 May 15

Call No: DOH-46Roos, Thomas B.Oral history interview with Thomas B. Roos2003 January 21 - 2003 Feb. 17

Call No: DOH-47Shanahan, Edward J.Oral history interview with Edward Shanahan2002 March 27

Call No: DOH-48Sices, DavidOral history interview with David Sices2002 April 15.

Call No: DOH-49Skewes, John G.Oral history interview with John G. Skewes2003 May 24 - 2003 June 4

Call No: DOH-50Smallwood, FranklinOral history interview with Franklin Smallwood2003 March 11 - 2003 April 22

Call No: DOH-51Strickler, James C.Oral history interview with James C. Strickler2002 Sept. 17 - 2002 Sept. 24

Call No: DOH-52Wallace, Andrew G.Oral history interview with Andrew G. Wallace2002 Sept. 23

Call No: DOH-53Smith, Peter D.Oral history interview with Peter D. Smith2003 February 26 - 2003 May 14

Call No: DOH-54Adams, Ruth M.Oral history interview with Ruth M. Adams1980 April 11

Call No: DOH-56Andres, Frederick W.Oral history interview with Frederick W. Andres1984 September 21 - 1984 October 30

Call No: DOH-57Brace, Lloyd D.Oral history interview with Lloyd D. Brace1977 March 2

Call No: DOH-61Allen, CarolOral history interview with Carol Allen2007 November 19

Call No: DOH-62Allison, HuntlyOral history interview with Huntly Allison2008 March 13

Call No: DOH-63Baker, DeWittOral history interview with DeWitt Baker2008 January 14

Call No: DOH-64Barr, DonaldOral history interview with Donald Barr2007 December 10

Call No: DOH-65Caravatt, PaulOral history interview with Paul Caravatt2007 December 11

Call No: DOH-66Daniell, WarrenOral history interview with Warren Daniell2007 December 4

Call No: DOH-67 Barnes, Swift COral history interview with Swift Barnes2008 April 21

Call No: DOH-68Barnes, VirginiaOral history interview with Virginia Barnes2008 April 21

Call No: DOH-69Barradale, EricOral history interview with Eric Barradale2008 June 11

Call No: DOH-70Barradale, JoanOral history interview with Joan Barradale2008 June 11

Call No: DOH-71Berry, RutheOral history interview with Ruthe Berry2008 April 21

Call No: DOH-72Bildner, AllenOral history interview with Allen Bildner2008 June 7

Call No: DOH-73Bryant, NelsonOral history interview with Nelson Bryant2008 April 22

Call No: DOH-74Caravatt, LauraOral history interview with Laura Caravatt2007 December 11

Call No: DOH-75Carey, Patricia S.Oral history interview with Patricia S. Carey2008 April 21

Call No: DOH-76Drury, Francis R.Oral history interview with Francis R. Drury2008 June 9

Call No: DOH-77Elliott, BurtonOral history interview with Burton Elliott2007 November 14

Call No: DOH-78Epstein, AlanOral history interview with Alan Epstein2007 November 30

Call No: DOH-79Evans, Robert J.Oral history interview with Robert J. Evans2008 March 5

Call No: DOH-80Field, Robert EOral history interview with Robert Field2008 March 10

Call No: DOH-81Fieldsteel, RobertOral history interview with Robert Fieldsteel2007 October 24

Call No: DOH-82Fieldsteel, JoyceOral history interview with Joyce Fieldsteel2007 October 24

Call No: DOH-83Fisher, KatharineOral history interview with Katharine Fisher2007 November 26

Call No: DOH-84Fisher, WalterOral history interview with Walter Fisher2007 November 26

Call No: DOH-85Florman, SamuelOral history interview with Samuel Florman2008 January 16

Call No: DOH-86Foster, PeterOral history interview with Peter Foster2007 October 12

Call No: DOH-87Glover, PaulOral history interview with Paul Glover2007 December 19

Call No: DOH-88Haak, VailOral history interview with Vail Haak2008 June 3

Call No: DOH-89Hall, Alan N.Oral history interview with Alan Hall2008 February 20

Call No: DOH-90Hampton, HarryOral history interview with Harry Hampton2007 November 13

Call No: DOH-91Hinman, RichardOral history interview with Richard Hinman2007 November 20

Call No: DOH-92Hutchins, FrankOral history interview with Frank Hutchins2008 June 6

Call No: DOH-93Jenkins, JohnOral history interview with John Jenkins2007 November 28

Call No: DOH-94Jenkins, Mary M.Oral history interview with Mary M. Jenkins2007 November 28

Call No: DOH-95Jordan, CliffOral history interview with Cliff Jordan2008 February 8

Call No: DOH-96Joy, RobertOral history interview with Robert Joy2008 February 1

Call No: DOH-97Joy, NancyOral history interview with Nancy Joy2008 February 1

Call No: DOH-98McLane, MalcolmOral history interview with Malcolm McLane2008 February 1

Call No: DOH-99Merrill, W. D.Oral history interview with W. D. Merrill2008 February 11

Call No: DOH-100Munroe, GeorgeOral history interview with George Munroe2008 January 14

Call No: DOH-101Nelson, GilbertOral history interview with Gilbert Nelson2008 April 23

Call No: DOH-102Nutt, Robert H.Oral history interview with Robert Nutt2008 February 19

Call No: DOH-103Paulson, RobertOral history interview with Robert Paulson2007 September 17

Call No: DOH-104Paulson, MargeOral history interview with Marge Paulson2007 September 17

Call No: DOH-105Phippen, George ROral history interview with George Phippen2008 January 30

Call No: DOH-106Quayle, JacquelineOral history interview with Jacqueline Quayle2008 February 1

Call No: DOH-107Reed, W. L.Oral history interview with W. L. Reed2008 January 30

Call No: DOH-108Safford, TheodoreOral history interview with Theodore Safford2007 December 11

Call No: DOH-109Scheu, EdwardOral history interview with Edward Scheu2007 November 7

Call No: DOH-110Sisson, DonaldOral history interview with Donald Sisson2008 February 1

Call No: DOH-111Sisson, RuthOral history interview with Ruth Sisson2008 February 1

Call No: DOH-112Stearns, JohnOral history interview with John Stearns2007 December 13

Call No: DOH-113Tirrell, RobertOral history interview with Robert Tirrell2008 February 12

Call No: DOH-114Thomas, GordonOral history interview with Gordon Thomas2007 October 16

Call No: DOH-115Thomson, DouglasOral history interview with Douglas Thomson2007 October 25

Call No: DOH-116Trethaway, JohnOral history interview with John Trethaway2008 April 30

Call No: DOH-117Truncellito, RayOral history interview with Ray Truncellito2008 April 23

Call No: DOH-118Truncellito, BarbaraOral history interview with Barbara Truncellito2008 April 23

Call No: DOH-119Turner, AnnOral history interview with Ann Turner2008 January 9

Call No: DOH-120Turner, GeorgeOral history interview with George Turner2008 January 9

Call No: DOH-121Van Raalte, JohnOral history interview with John Van Raalte2008 June 9

Call No: DOH-122Weeks, John T.Oral history interview with John T. Weeks2008 February 1

Call No: DOH-123Wiederhold, LouisOral history interview with Louis Wiederhold2008 April 30

Call No: DOH-125Woodberry, PaulOral history interview with Paul Woodberry2008 May 27

Call No: DOH-126Young, PaulOral history interview with Paul Young2008 March 11

Call No: DOH-127Young, RuthOral history interview with Ruth Young2008 March 11

Call No: DOH-128Berkowitz, George H.Oral history interview with George H. Berkowitz2008 August 12

Call No: DOH-129Berthold, FredOral history interview with Fred Berthold2008 August 8

Call No: DOH-130Brumsted, HarlanOral history interview with Harlan Brumsted2008 June 30

Call No: DOH-131Brumsted, EvelynOral history interview with Evelyn Brumsted2008 June 30

Call No: DOH-132Fielding, WaldoOral history interview with Waldo Fielding2008 July 17

Call No: DOH-133Gustafson , John AOral history interview with John Gustafson2008 June 30

Call No: DOH-134Hinman, Barbara D.Oral history interview with Barbara D. Hinman2007 November 20

Call No: DOH-135Hinman, A. B.Oral history interview with A. B. Hinman2008 October 17

Call No: DOH-136Barr, StanleyOral history interview with Stanley Barr2008 October 8

Call No: DOH-137Bock, EdwinOral history interview with Edwin Bock2008 September 26

Call No: DOH-138Brooks, PhilipOral history interview with Philip Brooks2008 September 26

Call No: DOH-139Coleman, JamesOral history interview with James Coleman2008 October 17

Call No: DOH-140Donaldson, David C.Oral history interview with David Donaldson2008 September 26

Call No: DOH-141Ehinger, RobertOral history interview with Robert Ehinger2008 September 26

Call No: DOH-142Epply, WilliamOral history interview with William Epply2008 September 8

Call No: DOH-143Frank, HaroldOral history interview with Harold Frank2008 August 12

Call No: DOH-144Howard, John W.Oral history interview with John Howard2008 October 18

Call No: DOH-145Howard, RuthOral history interview with Ruth Howard2008 October 18

Call No: DOH-146Jones, Benjamin K.Oral history interview with Benjamin Jones2008 October 10.

Call No: DOH-147Jouett, John KOral history interview with John Jouett2008 September 20

Call No: DOH-150Krug, C. T.Oral history interview with C. T. Krug2008 June 26

Call No: DOH-151Leavitt, Howard B.Oral history interview with Howard Leavitt2008 August 18.

Call No: DOH-152Mallary, RichardOral history interview with Richard Mallary2008 July 9

Call No: DOH-153McLaughry, Robert D.Oral history interview with Robert McLaughry2008 September 8

Call No: DOH-154Morse, Harry R.Oral history interview with Harry Morse2008 October 23

Call No: DOH-155Rooke, Robert C.Oral history interview with Robert Rooke2008 June 19

Call No: DOH-156Sarkisian, HarryOral history interview with Harry Sarkisian2008 October 12

Call No: DOH-157Sills, David L.Oral history interview with David Sills2008 October 8.

Call No: DOH-158Smith, FrederickOral history interview with Frederick Smith2008 August 18

Call No: DOH-159Smith, Robinson V.Oral history interview with Robinson Smith2008 September 16

Call No: DOH-160Tate, StephenOral history interview with Stephen Tate2008 October 15

Call No: DOH-161Vancisin, Joseph R.Oral history interview with Joseph Vancisin2008 October 10

Call No: DOH-162Wildman, John POral history interview with John Wildman2008 April 9

Call No: DOH-163Wolff, Richard A.Oral history interview with Richard Wolff2008 September 19

Call No: DOH-164Youngman, Frank N.Oral history interview with Frank Youngman2008 September 19

Call No: DOH-165Hardigg, James S.Oral history interview with James S. Hardigg2009 February 17

Call No: DOH-166Rasenberger, Raymond J.Oral history interview with Raymond J. Rasenberger2009 June 16

Call No: DOH-167Kopp, Quentin L.Oral history interview with Quentin L. Kopp2009 June 18

Call No: DOH-169Day, George FOral history interview with George Day2009 August 4

Call No: DOH-170Waterman, Sibyl D.Oral history interview with Sibyl D. Waterman2009 September 8

Call No: DOH-171Medlicott, Alexander G.Oral history interview with Alexander Medlicott2009 September 14

Call No: DOH-172Foster, GeorgeOral history interview with George Foster2009 September 11 - 2009 October 5

Call No: DOH-173Swartz, Thomas J.Oral history interview with Thomas J. Swartz2009 October 2

Call No: DOH-174Barnum, Robert C.Oral history interview with Robert C. Barnum2009 October 3

Call No: DOH-176Gardner, Elizabeth C.Oral history interview with Elizabeth C. Gardner2009 October 14

Call No: DOH-177Rowan, Joan S.Oral history interview with Joan S. Rowan2009 October 17

Call No: DOH-196Peterson, Walter R.Oral history interview with Walter R. Peterson2009 December 14

Call No: DOH-213Zimmerman, Charles J.Oral history interview with Charles J. Zimmerman1977 July 29 - 1977 August 12

Call No: DOH-243Jacoby, Ned L.Oral history interview with Ned L. Jacoby2011 Jan. 11

Call No: DOH-245Hopkins, ErnestOral history interview with Ernest M. Hopkins1958 - 1964

Call No: DOH-263Levinson, Robert A.Oral history interview with Robert A. Levinson2010 February 25

Call No: DOH-264Caproni, Leo F.Oral history interview with Leo F. Caproni2010 February 26

Call No: DOH-265Tallmer, JerryOral history interview with Jerry Tallmer2010 February 26

Call No: DOH-266Heneage, PeterOral history interview with Peter Heneage2010 May 9.

Call No: DOH-267Heneage, Jacqueline P.Oral history interview with Jacqueline P. Heneage2010 May 9

Call No: DOH-268Steiner, Robert L.Oral history interview with Robert L. Steiner2010 Sept. 25

Call No: DOH-269Samek, Paul H.Oral history interview with Paul H. Samek2010 Sept. 25

Call No: DOH-270Pontecorvo, GiulioOral history interview with Giulio Pontecorvo2010 Sept. 25

Call No: DOH-271Hinckley, HarrisOral history interview with Harris Hinckley2010 Sept. 30

Call No: DOH-272Beck, PeterOral history interview with Peter Beck2010 Sept. 25

Call No: DOH-273Weed, Walker T.Oral history interview with Walker T. Weed2011 January 17

Call No: DOH-274Bekavac, Nancy Y.Oral history interview with Nancy Y. Bekavac2008 October 5

Call No: DOH-275Bildner, Alan I.Oral history interview with Alan I. Bildner2008 June 7

Call No: DOH-276Bollinger, Lee COral history interview with Lee C. Bollinger2008 October 7

Call No: DOH-277Bradley, Edward M.Oral history interview with Edward M. Bradley2009 February 12 - 2009 February 24.

Call No: DOH-278Clark, Cary P.Oral history interview with Cary P. Clark2008 December 3 - 2009 April 28

Call No: DOH-279Colla, Stanley A.Oral history interview with Stanley A. Colla2009 May 3

Call No: DOH-280Collis, Charles A.Oral history interview with Charles A. Collis2009 September 29

Call No: DOH-281Crickard, Lewis A.Lewis A. Crickard, Oral History interview with Lewis A. Crickard.2008 December 26

Call No: DOH-282Danziger, Robert A.Oral history interview with Robert A. Danziger2007 November 15

Call No: DOH-283Dentzer, Susan G.Oral history interview with Susan G. Dentzer2008 February 28.

Call No: DOH-284Dyer-Chamberlain, MargaretOral history interview with Margaret Dyer-Chamberlain2008 October 4

Call No: DOH-285Freedman, Bathsheba F.Oral history interview with Bathsheba F. Freedman2007 Nov. 13

Call No: DOH-286Furstenberg, KarlOral history interview with Karl Furstenberg2009 December 9.

Call No: DOH-287Gilbert, Peter A.Oral history interview with Peter A. Gilbert2008 Sept. 10.

Call No: DOH-288Hackett, Ann F.Oral history interview with Ann F. Hackett2008 January 24.

Call No: DOH-289Hall, Raymond L.Oral history interview with Raymond L. Hall2008 May 5.

Call No: DOH-290Hart, Jeffrey P.Oral history interview with Jeffrey P. Hart2009 Feb. 18.

Call No: DOH-291Heyman, Ira M.Oral history interview with Ira M. Heyman2008 January 23

Call No: DOH-292Hirsch, MarianneOral history interview with Marianne Hirsch2008 August 13 - 2008 October 7.

Call No: DOH-293Huppe, AlexOral history interview with Alex Huppe2008 October 20.

Call No: DOH-294Hutton, LynOral history interview with Lyn Hutton2008 July 21

Call No: DOH-295Jaeger, Richard G.Oral history interview with Richard G. Jaeger2009 March 4

Call No: DOH-296Kelley, Mary C.Oral history interview with Mary C. Kelley2008 July 28 - 2008 August 7.

Call No: DOH-297LaFrance, Arthur B.Oral history interview with Arthur B. LaFrance2008 Sept. 20

Call No: DOH-298Langford, George M.Oral history interview with George M. Langford2008 July 15

Call No: DOH-299Munroe, George B.Oral history interview with George B. Munroe2008 January 14.

Call No: DOH-300Page, Richard M.Oral history interview with Richard M. Page2009 June 15.

Call No: DOH-301Pelton, M. L.Oral history interview with M. L. Pelton2008 Sept. 22

Call No: DOH-302Roman, Stanford A.Oral history interview with Stanford A. Roman2008 April 8.

Call No: DOH-303Rosenwald, E. J.Oral history interview with E. J. Rosenwald2008 January 15

Call No: DOH-304Shipler, David K.David K. Shipler, Oral history interview with David K. Shipler.2007 October 19 - 2008 Jan. 22.

Call No: DOH-305Shribman, David M.Oral history interview with David M. Shribman2009 Jun 13

Call No: DOH-306Siegel, Daniel I.Oral history interview with Daniel I. Siegel2008 Sept. 18.

Call No: DOH-307Sigler, Andrew C.Oral history interview with Andrew C. Sigler2007 October 31.

Call No: DOH-308Stith-Cabranes, KateOral history interview with Kate Stith-Cabranes2007 Nov. 10

Call No: DOH-309White, Judith S.Oral history interview with Judith S. White2008 July 18.

Call No: DOH-310Amico, Michael J.Oral history interview with Michael J. Amico2012 Sep. 21

Call No: DOH-311Bonga, David C.Oral history interview with David C. Bonga2013 Feb. 4

Call No: DOH-312Brinckerhoff, Constance EOral history interview with Constance E Brinckerhoff2013 Jan. 23

Call No: DOH-315Johnson, Raymond BRaymond B Johnson, Oral history interview with Dr. Raymond B. Johnson2012 November 26

Call No: DOH-316Chau, LisaOral history interview with Lisa Chau2013 Jan. 16

Call No: DOH-317Crane, John G.Oral history interview with John G. Crane2012 Nov. 19

Call No: DOH-318Dooley, Christopher (Kip) T.Oral history interview with Christopher (Kip) T. Dooley2012 June 7

Call No: DOH-319Afre, Karen GOral history interview with Karen G Afre2013 April 17

Call No: DOH-320Altomerianos, Damaris AOral history interview with Damaris A Altomerianos2013 April 16

Call No: DOH-321Brown, Dennis L.Oral history interview with Dennis L. Brown2013 May 1

Call No: DOH-322Cohen, Susan L.Oral history interview with Susan G. Cohen2013 April 5

Call No: DOH-325Barros, PatriciaOral history interview with Patricia Barros2013 May 20

Call No: DOH-326Crosby, Raymond EOral history interview with Raymond E Crosby2013 March 25

Call No: DOH-327Duthu, N.Oral history interview with N. B. Duthu2012 November 28

Call No: DOH-328Faiella, Elizabeth M.Oral history interview with Elizabeth M. Faiella2012 January 22

Call No: DOH-329Gutiérrez, MarianOral history interview with Marian Gutiérrez2013 March 11

Call No: DOH-330Hatch, Eric KOral history interview with Eric K Hatch2013 June 15

Call No: DOH-331Henderson, Lucas S.Oral history interview with Lucas S. Henderson2012 Oct. 25

Call No: DOH-332Hennessey, Martha SOral history interview with Martha S Hennessey2012 October 15

Call No: DOH-333Herman, Thomas J.Oral history interview with Thomas J. Herman2013 April 8

Call No: DOH-334Herrera, Francisco J.Oral history interview with Francisco J. Herrera2013 January 29

Call No: DOH-335Kearl, Timothy ROral history interview with Timothy R Kearl2012 April 13

Call No: DOH-336Kini, Shloka ROral history interview with Shloka R Kini2013 May 17

Call No: DOH-337Leddy-Cecere, Meagan AOral history interview with Meagan A Leddy-Cecere2012 March 20

Call No: DOH-338Fox, Michelle MOral history interview with Michelle M Fox2013 June 5

Call No: DOH-339Johnson, MahmudOral history interview with Mahmud Johnson2013 May 14

Call No: DOH-340Liou, Alice MOral history interview with Alice M Liou2013 February 28

Call No: DOH-341MacDonell, R. ParkerR. Parker MacDonell, Oral History Interview with R. Parker MacDonell2012 November 17

Call No: DOH-342Markin, Linda EOral history interview with Linda E Markin2013 April 25

Call No: DOH-344McConnell, Steven EOral history interview with Steven E McConnell2013 April 9

Call No: DOH-345McGrew, Jennifer DOral history interview with Jennifer D McGrew2013 August 29

Call No: DOH-346McPherson, Nikkita KOral history interview with Nikkita K McPherson2013 May 3

Call No: DOH-347Miller, Maritza M.Oral history interview with Maritza M. Miller2013 March 8

Call No: DOH-348Montour, Rita-Louise WRita-Louise W Montour, Oral history interview with Rita-Louise W. Montour2013 February 5

Call No: DOH-349Muharemovic, SanelaOral history interview with Sanela Muharemovic2012 April 20

Call No: DOH-351Neill, Elizabeth JOral history interview with Elizabeth J Neill2013 March 4

Call No: DOH-352Odokara-Okigbo , Michael COral history interview with Michael C Odokara-Okigbo 2012 April 25

Call No: DOH-353Orth, Cameron W.Cameron W. Orth, Oral history interview with Cameron W. Orth.2013 May 7

Call No: DOH-354Pierce, Nell ROral history interview with Nell R Pierce2013 January 13

Call No: DOH-355Ramadan, Ayda T.Oral history interview with Ayda T. Ramadan2013 May 8.

Call No: DOH-356Ryce, Drew M.Oral history interview with Drew M. Ryce2013 Feb. 4

Call No: DOH-357Sereen, AmeliaOral history interview with Amelia A. Sereen2013 March 21.

Call No: DOH-358Severson, Stephen D.Stephen D. Severson, Oral history interview with Stephen D. Severson.2012 Dec. 5

Call No: DOH-359Sithavady, PaphanhOral history interview with Paphanh Sithavady2012 April 1.

Call No: DOH-360Smith, JohnOral history interview with John Peter Smith2012 Nov. 5

Call No: DOH-362Stimson, Cooper S.Oral history interview with Cooper S. Stimson2013 May 15

Call No: DOH-363Theriault, RayOral history interview with Ray .. Theriault2013 May 31

Call No: DOH-364Tillinger, Werner H.Oral history interview with Werner H. Tillinger

Call No: DOH-365Turner, Benjamin W.Oral history interview with Benjamin W. Turner2013 April 13

Call No: DOH-366Valentini, Nicholas JOral history interview with Nicholas J Valentini2013 May 4.

Call No: DOH-367Wang, Rachel R.Oral history interview with Rachel R. Wang2013 May 20

Call No: DOH-368Waugh, Shermaine K.Oral history interview with Shermaine K. Waugh2013 August 9.

Call No: DOH-369Wheelock, Amanda K.Oral history interview with Amanda K. Wheelock2013 May 6

Call No: DOH-370Willey, Teddy K.Oral history interview with Teddy K. Willey2013 Sept. 9

Call No: DOH-371Williams, Crishuana Y.Oral history interview with Crishuana Y. Williams2013 Jan. 28

Call No: DOH-372Womick, Callista R.Oral history interview with Callista R. Womick2013 Sept. 17

Call No: DOH-373Young, Dennis M.Oral history interview with Dennis M. Young2013 September 7

Call No: DOH-374Brown, Rochele W.Oral history interview with Rochele W. Brown2013 April 19

Call No: DOH-375Hickson, Jacob I.Oral history interview with Jacob I. Hickson2013 May 16

Call No: DOH-376Milanese, Mary AnnOral history interview with Mary Ann Milanese2013 August 29

Call No: DOH-377Tom, DanielOral history interview with Daniel Tom2013 June 14

Call No: DOH-378Campbell, Taylor R.Oral history interview with Taylor R. Campbell2013 April 22

Call No: DP-7Dartmouth College , Office of the President , Adminsitration of Asa Dodge SmithDartmouth College, the Office of the President, Adminsitration of Asa Dodge Smith, Records 1845 - 1877

Call No: DP-8Dartmouth College, Office of President , Administration of Samuel Colcord BartlettDartmouth College, Office of the President, Administration of Samuel Colcord Bartlett, Records Circa 1881 - 1910

Call No: DP-11Dartmouth College. Office of the President (1916-1945 : Ernest Martin Hopkins)Dartmouth College Office of the President (1916-1945: Ernest Martin Hopkins) records1916-1945

Call No: ML-1Weeks, John W.John Wingate Weeks, Papers1843 - 1976

Call No: ML-2Weeks, SinclairSinclair Weeks, Papers1897 - 1985

Call No: ML-3Tobey, Charles (William)Charles W. Tobey papers1917-1953

Call No: ML-4Saint-Gaudens, AugustusAugustus Saint-Gaudens, Papers1848 - 1985

Call No: ML-5MacKaye FamilyMacKaye Family papers1751 - 1998

Call No: ML-7Clark, GrenvilleGrenville Clark papers, 1636-1972

Call No: ML-8Adams, Llewellyn (Sherman)Sherman Adams papers1916-1986

Call No: ML-9Monagan, John StephenJohn Stephen Monagan in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: ML-10Washburn, Albert HenryAlbert Henry Washburn in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: ML-11Latham FamilyLatham Family in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: ML-12Mullin, John StanleyJohn Stanley Mullin in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: ML-13Waterville Valley Association and Waterville, New HampshireWaterville Valley Association and Waterville, New Hampshire in the Dartmouth College Library, Records

Call No: ML-14Wade, Hugh MasonHugh Mason Wade in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: ML-15Hanover PressHanover Press in the Dartmouth College Library, Records

Call No: ML-16Churchill, WinstonWinston Churchill in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: ML-18Milne, Lorus and MargeryLorus and Margery Milne in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: ML-19UnspecifiedNellie Pierce collection on the town of Enfield, NH1782 - 1975

Call No: ML-20Johnson FamilyJohnson Family of Enfield, New Hampshire at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-21Ferry, Wilbur HughWilbur Hugh Ferry at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-22Carr, Clarence EdgarClarence Edgar Carr at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-23Bretton Woods Boy SingersBretton Woods Boy Singers at Dartmouth College, Records

Call No: ML-24Denoeu, FrancoisFrancois Denoeu at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-25Roberts, Kenneth LKenneth Roberts, Papers1890 - 1972

Call No: ML-26Brown, Albert OscarAlbert Oscar Brown at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-27Stibitz, George R.George R. Stibitz, Papers1937 - 1979

Call No: ML-28Mecklin, John M.John M. Mecklin, Papers1918 - 1986

Call No: ML-29Spiral Press and Joseph BlumenthalSpiral Press and Joseph Blumenthal at Dartmouth College, Records

Call No: ML-30Ford, CoreyCorey Ford at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-31Bass, Robert P.Robert P. Bass, Papers1849 - 1954

Call No: ML-32Williams, Ben AmesBen Ames Williams at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-33Hall, Edward KimballEdward Kimball Hall at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-35Lougee, Richard Jewett and Clara RomRichard Jewett Lougee and Clara Rom Lougee at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-36Hancock, Francis Ann JohnsonFrances Ann Johnson Hancock at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-37Grenville Clark FundGrenville Clark Fund at Dartmouth College, Records

Call No: ML-38Hill, Robert C.Robert C. Hill at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-39Moser, BarryBarry Moser, Papers1932 - 2000

Call No: ML-40Foster, Andrew B.Andrew B. Foster at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-41Meigs, Cornelia L.Cornelia Meigs, Papers1915 - 1973

Call No: ML-42Guest, Robert H.Robert H. Guest at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-43Bartlett, Agnes (Vernon)Agnes Bartlett papers1924-1981

Call No: ML-44Dean, AbnerAbner Dean papers1926 - 1981

Call No: ML-45Guthrie, RamonRamon Guthrie at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-46Stilwell, Lewis DaytonLewis Dayton Stilwell at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-47Hull, Gordon (Ferrie)Gordon Hull papers1879-1955

Call No: ML-48Hovey, RichardRichard Hovey collection1880-1961

Call No: ML-49Young, Charles AugustusCharles Augustus Young at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-50Mckennan, Robert A.Robert A. Mckennan at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-52Anderson, Frank MFrank Anderson, Papers1792 - 1943

Call No: ML-53Laing, Alexander KinnanAlexander Kinnan Laing at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-55Childs, Francis LaneFrancis Lane Childs at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-56Hoeh, David C.David C. Hoeh at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-57Dankert, Clyde E.Clyde E. Dankert at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-58Ames, John Lincoln, Jr.John Lincoln Ames, Jr. at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-59Breeden, James P.James P. Breeden at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-60Taggard, GenevieveGenevieve Taggard at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-62Parrish, MaxfieldMaxfield Parrish, Papers1866 - 1985

Call No: ML-63McLane, John R.John R. McLane at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-64Flaccus, William KimballWilliam Kimball Flaccus at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-65Wilson, Arthur McCandlessArthur McCandless Wilson at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-66Hewitt, AlanAlan Hewitt at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-67Vose, Frederick, JudgeJudge Frederick Vose at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-68Chamberlin, WaldoWaldo Chamberlin at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-69Williams, Henry B.Henry B. Williams at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-70Morin, Richard W.Richard W. Morin at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-72Alexander, RodRod Alexander at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-73Butler, DavidDavid Butler at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-74Stanley, Justin A.Justin A. Stanley at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-75Bartlett, Samuel Colcord, Jr.Samuel Colcord Bartlett, Jr. at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-76Ramsey, James NelsonJames Nelson Ramsey in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: ML-77Hill, Errol G.Errol G. Hill, Papers1800 - 2003

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Call No: ML-80Hill, Herbert WellsHerbert Wells Hill at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: ML-81Ackerman, Harry SHarry Ackerman papers1928-1990

Call No: ML-82Doan, DanielDaniel Doan in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: ML-83Drake, James FrankJames Frank Drake in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: ML-84Bloom, Arthur W.Arthur W. Bloom in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: ML-85Alcorn, Hugh Meade, Jr.Hugh Meade Alcorn, Jr. in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

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Call No: ML-87Kondracke, MortonMorton Kondracke in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: ML-88Bryant, William JuniorWilliam Junior Bryant and the Bryant Family in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: ML-90Bromer BooksellersBromer Booksellers Publishing Records 1977-1991 in the Dartmouth College Library

Call No: ML-91William L. Bryant FoundationWilliam L. Bryant Foundation, Records 1948 - 2000

Call No: ML-95George, Thomas R.Thomas R. George, Papers1918 - 2009

Call No: ML-97Pilobolus Dance TheatrePilobolus Dance Theatre, Records 1971 - 2007

Call No: ML-98Stoiber, Richard E.Richard E. Stoiber, Papers1911 - 2001

Call No: ML-99Stone, ShepardShepard Stone, Papers1925 - 1990

Call No: ML-101Garland, Stephen J.Stephen Garland papers1950 - 2012

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Call No: ML-103Hess, John D.John D. Hess, Papers1935 - 1995

Call No: ML-104MacDougall, Ruth D.Ruth D. MacDougall, Papers1964 - 2003

Call No: ML-106Waterman, Guy and LauraGuy and Laura Waterman, Papers1971 - 2007

Call No: ML-108Stockmayer, Walter H.Walter Stockmayer, Papers1901 - 2004

Call No: ML-110Guy, Donald C.Donald C. Guy, Papers1906 - 2000

Call No: MS-6Brown, FrancisFrancis Brown collection on the whaler 'Canada'1856-1955

Call No: MS-30Brentwood (N.H.)Brentwood (N.H.), Records 1715 - 1870

Call No: MS-56Hood, Vernon A.Vernon Hood collection on Plainfield, NH1852-1971

Call No: MS-63Cutter, Victor (Victor Macomber)Victor Cutter papers1900-1953

Call No: MS-78Sowande, FelaFela Sowande, Papers1932 - 1978

Call No: MS-100Barton, IraIra Barton, Papers1840 - 1868

Call No: MS-107Hudson, W. H.W. H. Hudson in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-113Matthews, Louis B.Louis B. Mathews, Jr. Papers1955 - 1990

Call No: MS-150Morey, SamuelSamuel Morey papers1793 - 1860

Call No: MS-160Gordon, George A.George A. Gordon, Papers1840 - 1907

Call No: MS-169Chapman, Carleton BCarleton Chapman, Papers1945 - 1964

Call No: MS-181Bartlett, JosiahJosiah Bartlett papers1774-1888

Call No: MS-186Austin, Frank E.Frank E. Austin, Paperscirca 1895 - 1940

Call No: MS-189Brown, Nelson P.Nelson P. Brown, Papers1894 - 1945

Call No: MS-194CurtisCurtis Family Papers1870 - 1916

Call No: MS-226De Kruif, PaulPaul de Kruif, Papers1938 - 1948

Call No: MS-233Brown, Francis (Ernest Francis)Francis Brown papers1921-1973

Call No: MS-235Risley familyRisley Family papers1804-1864

Call No: MS-242Hitchcock, HiramHiram Hitchcock, PapersCirca 1856 - 1900

Call No: MS-257Kelly, Eric PhilbrookEric Philbrook Kelly in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-299Huneker, James G.James G. Huneker, Papers1867 - 1972

Call No: MS-348Perrin, Edwin N.Noel Perrin, Papers1932 - 2002

Call No: MS-358Mosher, Thomas BirdThomas Bird Mosher in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-426Booth, PhilipPhilip Booth, Papers1857 - 2001

Call No: MS-429King, Victor LouisVictor Louis King in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-430Morrison, Hugh S.Hugh S. Morrison, Papers1893 - 1970

Call No: MS-439Clarke, John (John McLane)John Clarke papers1931-1950

Call No: MS-442Tuck familyTuck Family Papers1832 - 1938

Call No: MS-454Freeman , JonathanJonathan Freeman , Papers1772 - 1811

Call No: MS-458Sample, PaulPaul Sample, Papers1931 - 1975

Call No: MS-460French, MaudeDartmouth World War II narrativescirca, 1939-1947

Call No: MS-461Lamb, Edward O.Edward O. Lamb, Papers1920 - 1963

Call No: MS-465Sanborn, RalphRalph Sanborn in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-503Lattimore, Richmond (Alexander)Richmond Alexander Lattimore papers1927-1957

Call No: MS-510Lord familyLord Family papers1710-1967

Call No: MS-522Rosenstock-Huessy, EugenEugen Rosenstock-Huessy, Papers1870 - 2001

Call No: MS-523Whitcomb, Rupert (Henry)Rupert H. Whitcomb musical compositions1908-1926

Call No: MS-527Colby, James F.James F. Colby, Papers1870 - 1939

Call No: MS-532Orr, Clifford B.Clifford Orr papers1918-1949

Call No: MS-562Lord, John (King)John Lord papers1864-1926

Call No: MS-565Lane, RichardRichard Emerson Lane diaries; MS-5651837 - 1840

Call No: MS-590Thompson, LawranceLawrance Thompson in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-603Eastman, Frances Smith, 1917-2008Frances S. Eastman Collection on Frances Duncan Manningcirca 1947-1976

Call No: MS-605John McCoy FamilyJohn McCoy Family papers1847 - 1899

Call No: MS-619Bell, Charles H.Charles H. Bell, Papers1842 - 1893

Call No: MS-626Crawford, LucyLucy Crawford in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-630May, RobertRobert May papers1939 - 1954

Call No: MS-640Rieser, Leonard M.Leonard Rieser, Papers1960 - 1966

Call No: MS-648Gilroy, Frank (Daniel)Frank Gilroy papers1949-2015

Call No: MS-661Harvey, Lawrence E.Lawrence E. Harvey papers on Samuel Beckett1933-1975

Call No: MS-674Jaques and Marcus (Firm)Jewelry Design Books of Jaques and Marcus1890-1926

Call No: MS-692French, JohnJohn French, Papers1937 - 1972

Call No: MS-693Mencken, Henry LouisH.L. Mencken Collection1902 - 1956

Call No: MS-706Booth, EdmundEdmund Booth at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: MS-711Hayes, John MichaelJohn Michael Hayes in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-727Appleton, Jon H.Jon Appleton papers1942 - 2013

Call No: MS-731Rublee, Juliet (Barrett)Juliet Rublee papers1915-1992

Call No: MS-740UnspecifiedGeorge H. Richardson Surveying Collection1799 - 1977

Call No: MS-748Gilbert-Smith, AlmaAlma Gilbert-Smith, Papers1979 - 1999

Call No: MS-761Warden, ChristieRelating to the Christie Warden Murder, Papers

Call No: MS-762Bales, JackJack Bales in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-768Bruner, Blanche (Marshall McLane)Blanche McLane Bruner papers1946-1956

Call No: MS-778Hunt, Wesley (Abel)Wesley Hunt papers1865-1980

Call No: MS-779Triller, WendellWendell Triller papers1937-1949

Call No: MS-780Gliddon, Gordon (Harkness)Gordon Gliddon papers1941-1959

Call No: MS-781Denney, RuelReuel Denney in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-788Forsch, FrederickFrederick Forsch collection on Winston Churchill1886-1974

Call No: MS-794Tenney, Charles D.Charles D. Tenney, Paperscirca 1919 - 1986

Call No: MS-796Porter, Eleanor (Hodgman)Eleanor H. Porter papers1889-1928

Call No: MS-797Chambers, William (Nesbit)William Chambers papers1928-1970

Call No: MS-798O'Sullivan, VincentVincent O'Sullivan collection1901-1994

Call No: MS-801Ferguson, John (Logan)John Ferguson papers1911-1964

Call No: MS-802Tuck, John, Jr.John Tuck papers1832-1893

Call No: MS-805Armitage, FloraFlora Armitage in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-807Nossiter, Bernard D.Bernard D. Nossiter in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-808Foster, JohnJohn Foster papers1870-1919

Call No: MS-809Macy, GeorgeGeorge Macy in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-810Cornish (N.H. : Town). School DistrictCornish (N.H. : Town), School District records1829-1879

Call No: MS-811Cutler, CalvinCalvin Cutler sermons1820-1844

Call No: MS-818Averill, RobertRobert Averill Collection of Research Materials on Mount Moosilauke in the Dartmouth College Library

Call No: MS-819Doan, Frank CarletonFrank Carleton Doan in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-820New Hampshire Boundary SurveyNew Hampshire Boundary Survey, Records 1890 - 1917

Call No: MS-821Wright, Walter W.Walter W. Wright in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-822Morrison, Donald H.Donald H. Morrison in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-823Klevar, HarveyHarvey Klevar in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-827Loeb, James I.James I. Loeb in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-828Williamson, HenryHenry Williamson in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-832Williams, John RobertJohn Robert Williams in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-839League of Women Voters of the Upper ValleyLeague of Women Voters of the Upper Valley records1939-2015

Call No: MS-840Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society, Inc.Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society, Inc. records1936-2016

Call No: MS-842Wood, Charles T.Charles T. Wood in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-844Janes, Harriet BurleighHarriet Burleigh Janes in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-845Junkins and Co.Junkins and Co. in the Dartmouth College Library, Records

Call No: MS-853Sylvester, Charles (Bradford)Charles B. Sylvester student letters1901-09-1904-09

Call No: MS-855Leavens, Robert (French)Robert Leavens papers1926-1965

Call No: MS-859Grover, Edwin (Osgood)Edwin Grover papers1897-1948

Call No: MS-861Reeve, Merelyn L.Merelyn Lee Reeve papers1992-1999

Call No: MS-863Bogue, Roswell (Cutler)Roswell Bogue letters1897-1899

Call No: MS-867Kirkland, SamuelSamuel Kirkland in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-868Warren, Augustus A. (Alexander)Augustus Alexander Warren papers1849-1886

Call No: MS-869Chandler, AbielAbiel Chandler, 1806-1873 [1818-1852], Papers

Call No: MS-871Putnam Drug Company, Inc.Putnam Drug Company, Inc., of Hanover, NH, 1795-1926, Records

Call No: MS-872Thompson, Charles H.Charles H. Thompson in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-873Wesbrook, Mary E.Mary E. Wesbrook, Papers1835 - 1992

Call No: MS-874Hickmott, Allerton (Cushman)Allerton Hickmott collection of Modern Calligraphy1923-1950

Call No: MS-878Smith, IsaacIsaac Smith, Papers1889 - 1898

Call No: MS-881Munroe, George B.George B. Munroe in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-882Croasdale, Hannah T.Hannah T. Croasdale in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MS-890Prescott, Benjamin F.Benjamin F. Prescott, Papers1875 - 1900

Call No: MS-895Pearson, Charles (Milton)Charles Pearson papers1920-1944

Call No: MS-901 Tenney, Stephen M.Stephen M. Tenney, Papers1923 - 2006

Call No: MS-905Campbell, WhitneyWhitney Campbell papers1921-1929

Call No: MS-908Bartlett, IchabodIchabod Bartlett, Papers1806 - 1844

Call No: MS-910Amidon, Edward S.Edward S. Amidon Civil War papers1863-1864

Call No: MS-916Allen, WilliamWilliam Allen, Papers1800 - 1856

Call No: MS-917Choate, Robert B.Robert B. Choate, Papers1933 - 1956

Call No: MS-919Ayres, Ruby M.Ruby M. Ayres, Letters 1921 - 1923

Call No: MS-922Harris, LeanderLeander Harris, Papers1861 - 1865

Call No: MS-923Harris, JohnJohn Harris, Papers1811 - 1830

Call No: MS-928Brackett, Adino Nye, Jr.Adino Brackett Jr. papers1837-1876

Call No: MS-929Hoefnagel, DickDick Hoefnagel papers1921-2004

Call No: MS-930Patten, Rufus ERufus Patten, Paperscirca. 1832 - circa. 1869

Call No: MS-931The TribunalTribunal, Papers1919 - 1975

Call No: MS-932Reed, Elizabeth "Betty"Elizabeth "Betty" Reed, Papers1926 - 1929

Call No: MS-934Wheelock, JohnJohn Wheelock papers1772-1827

Call No: MS-935Prouty, Ira F.Ira F. Prouty, Papers1837 - 1874

Call No: MS-936Foster, Herbert (Darling)Herbert Foster papers1908-1954

Call No: MS-937DeGrange, McQuilkenMcQuilken DeGrange, Paperscirca 1931 - 1953

Call No: MS-938Carrillo Gil, AlvarAlvar Carrillo Gil, Papers1910 - 1944

Call No: MS-940Wheelock, EleazarEleazar Wheelock sermons1734-1778

Call No: MS-941Hart, Jeffrey P.Jeffrey P. Hart, Papers1982 - 2005

Call No: MS-942Snow, Conrad (Edwin)Conrad Snow papers1877-1991

Call No: MS-943Colby, IraIra Colby, Papers1865 - 1929

Call No: MS-946Crosby, Albert H.Albert H. Crosby, Papers1884

Call No: MS-947First Universalist Society, Hartland, VermontFirst Universalist Society at Hartland, Vermont, Records 1802 - 2002

Call No: MS-948Martin, HelenHelen Martin, Papers1919 - 1997

Call No: MS-950 Below, Clifton C.Clifton Below, Papers1999 - 2001

Call No: MS-953di Bonaventura, MarioMario di Bonaventura, Papers1962 - 1972

Call No: MS-954Young, E. H.E. H. Young, Collection 1951 - 1954

Call No: MS-955Bell, Ernest L.Ernest L. Bell, Papers1935 - 1945

Call No: MS-956Merrill, DavidDavid Merrill, Papers1819 - 1850

Call No: MS-957Chrysler, Jr., Walter PWalter Chrysler, Jr., Paperscirca 1900 - 1990

Call No: MS-958Thomas, EdwardEdward Thomas, Papers1896 - 1994

Call No: MS-960McLaughlin, David TDavid T. McLaughlin, Papers1981 - 2004

Call No: MS-963Sargeant, Moses M.Moses M. Sargeant, Papers1895 - 1897

Call No: MS-964Perpetua PressPerpetua Press records1980 - 2013

Call No: MS-965Lathem, Edward C.Edward C. Lathem, Papers1913 - 2009

Call No: MS-966 Snow, Leslie W.Leslie W. Snow, Papers1916 - 1993

Call No: MS-967Colby, Oren GOren Colby, Letters 1863 - 1864

Call No: MS-968Sumner, BenjaminBenjamin Sumner, Papers1759 - 1809

Call No: MS-973Close, Virginia L.Virginia Close, Papers1994 - 1998

Call No: MS-974Blood, SylvesterSylvester Blood, Papers1819 - 1865

Call No: MS-976Couture, Lionel J.Lionel Couture papers1941-1943

Call No: MS-977Wiencke, Matthew I.Matthew I. Wiencke, Papers1951 - 1952

Call No: MS-978Schulberg, BuddBudd Schulberg papers1913-2014

Call No: MS-979Stockbridge, Ira LDiaries of the Ira Stockbridge1862 - 1865

Call No: MS-980Dinan, Dennis A.Dennis A. Dinan, Papers1974 - 1983

Call No: MS-982Hamlin, Jean M.Jean Hamlin, Papers2005 - 2006

Call No: MS-983Ticknor, GeorgeGeorge Ticknor Papers1773 - 1870

Call No: MS-984Laing, DilysDilys Laing, Papersca. 1917 - ca. 1960

Call No: MS-985Mosenthal, William (Talbot)William Mosenthal papers1923-2002

Call No: MS-986Woodbury, LeviLevi Woodbury, Papers1811 - 1851

Call No: MS-988Kemeny, John G.John G. Kemeny, Papers1942 - 1992

Call No: MS-990Allen, ChaunceyChauncey Allen papers1924-1983

Call No: MS-991Hill, EvanEvan Hill papers1954-1967

Call No: MS-992Mudge, JohnJohn Mudge papers1974-1979

Call No: MS-993Garthwaite, Gene R.Gene R. Garthwaite collection of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company1901-1933

Call No: MS-994Dartmouth College. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered CoalitionGay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Coalition at Dartmouth College records1992-2000

Call No: MS-995World War II Propaganda MaterialsWorld War II Propaganda Materials, Collection 1935 - 1947

Call No: MS-998Emerson, Charles FCharles F. Emerson, Papers1865 - 1922

Call No: MS-999Crosby, DixiDixi Crosby, Papers1838 - 1873

Call No: MS-1000Nin, AnaisAnais Nin, Papers1934-1977

Call No: MS-1001Mecklin, John M.John M. Mecklin, Papers1905 - 1976

Call No: MS-1002Bradley, David JDavid J. Bradley, Paperscirca 1944 - 1994

Call No: MS-1003Lundquist, Weyman I.Weyman Lundquist papers1910-2009

Call No: MS-1004The Dartmouth (newspaper)Dartmouth (newspaper), Records 1842 - 2005

Call No: MS-1007Sykes, James A.James A. Sykes, Papers1955 - 1971

Call No: MS-1008Earnheart-Gold, SashaSasha Earnheart-Gold, Collection2004 - 2005

Call No: MS-1009McGrath, RobertRobert McGrath, Papers1965 - 1992

Call No: MS-1010McClary, Andrew B.Andrew B. McClary, Papers1916 - 1919

Call No: MS-1011Brown, J. W.J. W. Brown, Papers1884 - 2005

Call No: MS-1012Lathem, Edward C.Robert Frost Lectures of Edward C. Lathem, Collection 1941 - 1962

Call No: MS-1013Fiering, NormanNorman Fiering, Papers1956 - 1988

Call No: MS-1014Lansberg, William R.William Lansberg, Papers1958 - 1960

Call No: MS-1015Unspecified1937 Paris International Exhibition, Collection 1937

Call No: MS-1016Woolworth, Wendell H.Wendell H. Woolworth, Paperscirca 1915 - 1965

Call No: MS-1017Norton, Max A.Max A. Norton, Papers1938 - 1952

Call No: MS-1018Spang, MarissaTapes of Marissa Spang2005

Call No: MS-1019Matson, TimothyPhotographs of Timothy Matson1972 - 1978

Call No: MS-1020Hunt, Charles W.Charles Hunt, Papers1854 - 1863

Call No: MS-1021Rapf, MauriceMaurice Rapf, PapersCirca. 1929 - 2001

Call No: MS-1022Hall, Asaph H.Asaph H. Hall, Letters 1951 - 1956

Call No: MS-1023Elliott, BurtonBurton Elliott, Collection 1701 - 1847

Call No: MS-1024Allenby, Richard J.Richard Allenby, Papers1965 - 1974

Call No: MS-1025Clarke, Garvey E.Photographs of Garvey E. Clarke1972

Call No: MS-1027Morgan, Millett G.Millett Morgan, Papers1937 - 2000

Call No: MS-1028Barrett, FrankFrank Barrett, Collection 1890 - 2007

Call No: MS-1031 Schulberg, Benjamin P.Benjamin P. Schulberg, Papers1933 - 1950

Call No: MS-1032King, Allen L.Allen L. King, Papers1863 - 2003

Call No: MS-1033Washington, GeorgeGeorge Washington Collection1745 - 1866

Call No: MS-1036Norton, Allen S.Allen S. Norton, Papers1918

Call No: MS-1037Latchis, John DJohn Latchis, Paperscirca 1935 - circa 1937

Call No: MS-1038Wise, Morton (E.)Morton E. Wise Collection of Maurice Sendak1966 - 1967

Call No: MS-1039Dunfey, William L.William Dunfey, Papers1952 - 1991

Call No: MS-1040Gerould, John H.John H. Gerould, Papers1883 - 1956

Call No: MS-1041National Ski Patrol. Eastern DivisionNational Ski Patrol, Eastern Division records1938-2011

Call No: MS-1042Caldwell, Virginia (Moffett)Virginia Caldwell papers1919-2006

Call No: MS-1043London, Charmian K.Charmian London, Letters 1924 - 1934

Call No: MS-1044Makepeace, Maurice B.Maurice Makepeace, Papers1924 - 1928

Call No: MS-1045Wren, James (E)James Wren, Papers1942 - 1946

Call No: MS-1046Caldwell, ErskineErskine Caldwell papers1882 - 2000

Call No: MS-1047Hayward, Mary AnnMary Ann Hayward, Papers1954 - 1981

Call No: MS-1048Holland, PhilipPhilip Holland, Papers1971 - 1973

Call No: MS-1049Hurd, JohnJohn Hurd, Papers1913 - 1977

Call No: MS-1050London, JackJack London, Letters 1911 - 1913

Call No: MS-1051McLane, MalcolmMalcolm McLane, Papers1943 - 2008

Call No: MS-1052McLane, Merrill FMerrill McLane, Papers1941 - 2005

Call No: MS-1053Presidential Committee on Civil RightsPresidential Committee on Civil Rights, Papers1946 - 1947

Call No: MS-1054Marshall, SidneySidney Marshall, Paperscirca 1966 - circa 1974

Call No: MS-1055Timbers, William H.William Timbers, Papers1933 - 1937

Call No: MS-1056Martin, Leon ALeon A. Martin, Papers1891 - 1945

Call No: MS-1057Dock, GeorgeGeorge Dock, Papers1913 - 1985

Call No: MS-1058Cohen, William NWilliam Cohen, Papers1879-1958

Call No: MS-1059Conn, Dwighttheatre scrapbooks of Dwight Conn1907 - 1965

Call No: MS-1060Henty, (George Alfred) G.A.of (George Alfred) G.A. Henty, Papers1887 - 1953

Call No: MS-1061Gustafson, John A.John A. Gustafson, Papers1943 - 2004

Call No: MS-1062London, L. J.L. London, Papers1864 - 1956

Call No: MS-1063Masters , RogerRoger Masters, Papers1950 - 2002

Call No: MS-1064Brown, Sanborn C.Sanborn C. Brown, Paperscirca 1818 - circa 1982

Call No: MS-1065Cleland, William G.William G. Cleland, Papers1959 - 1964

Call No: MS-1066Wright (Sly), Gertrude B.Gertrude B. Wright (Sly), Paperscirca 1950 - circa 1975

Call No: MS-1067Perry, Marcelle R.Marcelle R. Perry, Papers1782 - 2008

Call No: MS-1068Bielschowsky, AlfredAlfred Bielschowsky, Papers1891 - 1998

Call No: MS-1069Rasmussen, Edward J.Edward Rasmussen, Papers2008 - 2009

Call No: MS-1070Jackson, Charles R.Charles R. Jackson, Paperscirca 1920 - 1992

Call No: MS-1071Brower, BrockBrock Brower, Papers1951 - 2004

Call No: MS-1072George, LaverneLaverne George, Papers1938 - 1999

Call No: MS-1073Goldstone, James RJames Goldstone, Papers1958 - 1997

Call No: MS-1074Theriault, George F.George F. Theriault, Papers1931 - 1982

Call No: MS-1075Paine, Milton K.Handbills of the Milton K. Painecirca 1870

Call No: MS-1076Nash, RayRay Nash papers1778 - 1980

Call No: MS-1077Uphaus, WillardWillard Uphaus papers1861-1984

Call No: MS-1078Ruzicka, Rudolph, 1883-1978Rudolph Ruzicka papers1834-1980

Call No: MS-1079Harris, William W.William W. Harris, Papers1906 - 1980

Call No: MS-1080Allen, Chauncey NChauncey Allen, Collection 1924 - 1988

Call No: MS-1081Hennessey, John WJohn Hennessey, Papers1965 - 1986

Call No: MS-1082Eberhart, RichardRichard Eberhart papers1904 - 2011

Call No: MS-1083Hollstrom, Gunnar E.Gunnar E. Hollstrom, Collection 1927 - 1964

Call No: MS-1084Sullivan, John LJohn Sullivan, Papers1954 - 1975

Call No: MS-1085Burroughs, Sherman E.Sherman E. Burroughs, Letters 1914 - 1916

Call No: MS-1086Sincerbeaux, Elizabeth M.Elizabeth M. Sincerbeaux, Collection circa 1870's - circa 1920

Call No: MS-1087Emerson, Benjamin D.Account books of Benjamin D. Emerson1833 - 1866

Call No: MS-1088Monahan, Robert S.Robert S. Monahan, Papers1897 - 1991

Call No: MS-1089Hennessey, JeanJean Hennessey, Papers1962 - 2002

Call No: MS-1090Nelson, Gail C.Gail C. Nelson, Papers1976 - 1991

Call No: MS-1091McDavitt, Clarence GScrapbook of Clarence McDavitt1922 - circa 1930

Call No: MS-1092Loos, AnitaAnita Loos Collection1915 - 1979

Call No: MS-1093Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen, Merrimac LodgeLedger Books of the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen, Merrimac Lodge1888 - 1902

Call No: MS-1094Gert, BernardBernard Gert, Paperscirca 1960 - 2008

Call No: MS-1095American Educational Society of New HampshireAmerican Educational Society of New Hampshire, Records 1843 - 1895

Call No: MS-1096Friends of the Hopkins Center and the Hood Museum of ArtFriends of the Hopkins Center and the Hood Museum of Art, Records 1968 - 2007

Call No: MS-1097Kantrowitz, ArthurArthur Kantrowitz, Papers1937 - 2007

Call No: MS-1098Robinson/Lambuth FamilyRobinson/Lambuth Family, Papers1592 - 1993

Call No: MS-1099UnspecifiedGrafton County property deeds, Collection 1810 - 1849

Call No: MS-1100Geisel, Theodor S.Theodor S. Geisel, Collection circa 1929 - 2004

Call No: MS-1101Harvard, StephenStephen Harvard, Paperscirca 1950 - 1998

Call No: MS-1102Wood, Andrew M.Andrew Wood, Papers1937 - 1942

Call No: MS-1103Wood, Theodore N.Theodore N. Wood, Papers1897 - 1909

Call No: MS-1104Shrubsall, Dennis C.Dennis C. Shrubsall, Paperscirca 1972 - 2000

Call No: MS-1105New Hampshire World Fellowship CenterNew Hampshire World Fellowship Center records1919-2013

Call No: MS-1106Jackson, Elizabeth J.Elizabeth J. Jackson, Papers1832 - 1870

Call No: MS-1107Women's Political UnionWomen's Political Union, Collection 1912

Call No: MS-1108Greenleaf, BenjaminBenjamin Greenleaf, Papers1807 - 1865

Call No: MS-1109Gardner, Clinton CClinton Gardner, Papers1942 - 1945

Call No: MS-1110Smith, SamuelSamuel Smith, Paperscirca 1982

Call No: MS-1111Singer, George (Chapman)George C. Singer collection on Thomas J. Wise1851-1999

Call No: MS-1112Phi Delta Alpha FraternityPhi Delta Alpha Fraternity, Records 1903 - 2009

Call No: MS-1113Scobie, RichardFilm of the Richard Scobie1952 - 1956

Call No: MS-1114Dodge, Perley F.Perley F. Dodge, Letters 1855 - 1863

Call No: MS-1115Lankes, Julius J.Julius J. Lankes, Paperscirca 1917 - 1988

Call No: MS-1116Davis, Josiah G.Josiah G. Davis, Letters 1871 - 1872

Call No: MS-1117Day, GordonGordon Day papers1942 - 2012

Call No: MS-1118Broehl, Wayne G.Wayne Broehl Collection of Indian Postal Stamps1803 - 1983

Call No: MS-1119Ponsonby, GeraldGerald Ponsonby Collection of Printed Ephemera1879 - 1911

Call No: MS-1120Landauer, Bella C.Bella C. Landauer Collection of Eugene O'Neillcirca 1915 - 1941

Call No: MS-1121Shipler, David K.David K. Shipler papers1959-2014

Call No: MS-1122Marion, John F.John F. Marion Collection of Count Rumford1814 - 1979

Call No: MS-1123Davis, William P.William P. Davis, Papers1955 - 1967

Call No: MS-1124Dahl, Frederick E.Frederick E. Dahl, Papers1856 - 1969

Call No: MS-1125Ruzicka, VeronicaVeronica Ruzicka, Paperscirca 1940 - 1981

Call No: MS-1126Rowan, Dana C.Dana C. Rowan, Papers1977 - 1981

Call No: MS-1127MacDonald, Kenneth A.Kenneth A. MacDonald, Papers1969 - 1994

Call No: MS-1128Douglas, LesterLester Douglas, Papers1930 - 1948

Call No: MS-1129Zimmerman, CharlesCharles Zimmerman, Papers1911 - 1991

Call No: MS-1130Mitchell, Richard M.Richard M. Mitchell, Papers1896 - 1956

Call No: MS-1132Otis, JohnJohn Otis, Papers1835 - 1851

Call No: MS-1133Rugg, Harold G.Harold G. Rugg, Papers1755 - 1957

Call No: MS-1134Martin, DexterDexter Martin, Paperscirca 1980 - 1995

Call No: MS-1135Harkort, Carl P.Carl P. Harkort, Papers1755 - 1930

Call No: MS-1136Steffensen, James L.James L. Stefenssen , Paperscirca 1980 - 1992

Call No: MS-1137Masten, John E.John E. Masten, Papers1941 - 1948

Call No: MS-1138Lanzetta, John T.John T. Lanzetta, Papers1955 - 1988

Call No: MS-1139Cox, Arthur M.Arthur M. Cox, Paperscirca 1947 - 1990

Call No: MS-1140Miano, LouisLouis Miano, Paperscirca 1951 - 1959

Call No: MS-1141Lathrop, Churchill P.Churchill P. Lathrop, Paperscirca 1920 - 1990

Call No: MS-1142Simon, Louis MLouis M. Simon, Paperscirca 1925 - 1991

Call No: MS-1143Harris, Cynthia O.Cynthia O. Harris, Paperscirca 1938 - 2010

Call No: MS-1144Kurtz , Thomas E.Thomas E. Kurtz , Paperscirca 1950 - 2008

Call No: MS-1145Ruzicka, TatianaTatiana Ruzicka, Paperscirca 1938 - 1990

Call No: MS-1146Dustin, DanielDaniel Dustin, Letters 1850 - 1857

Call No: MS-1147Becker, Ralph E. and William W.Ralph E. and William W. Becker Collection of American Political Campaign Materials1840 - 1972

Call No: MS-1148Hickmott, Allerton C.Allerton C. Hickmott, Paperscirca 1870 - 1988

Call No: MS-1149O'Neill, HesterHester O'Neill, Papers1886 - 1991

Call No: MS-1150Chase, CarltonCarlton Chase, Papers1805 - 1871

Call No: MS-1151Robinson, RobinRobin Robinson, Papers1888 - 2000

Call No: MS-1152Meadows, Donella H.Donella H. Meadows, Papers1941 - 2007

Call No: MS-1153Bullock, Matthew W.Matthew W. Bullock Collection1904 - 1945

Call No: MS-1154Roos, ThomasThomas Roos, Papers1964 - 1986

Call No: MS-1156Hunter, Ralph W.Ralph W. Hunter, Papers1951 - 1980

Call No: MS-1157Hubbard, Jared P.Jared P. Hubbard, Papers1861 - 1868

Call No: MS-1158Brackett, JamesJames Brackett, Papers1800 - 1805

Call No: MS-1159Lillard, Walter H.Walter H. Lillard, Paperscirca 1880 - 1945

Call No: MS-1160Hitchcock, Charles (Henry)Charles Hitchcock papers1875-1904

Call No: MS-1161Parkhurst, LewisLewis Parkhurst papers1872-1961

Call No: MS-1162Hartman, Frank A.Frank Hartman, Papers1943 - 1991

Call No: MS-1163Bemis, StephenStephen Bemis, Papers1795 - 1800

Call No: MS-1164Smith FamilySmith Family , Paperscirca 1839 - 1961

Call No: MS-1166Greer, Jason S.unpublished manuscript "Salmon Running" by Jason S. Greercirca 1995

Call No: MS-1167Arnold, Edwin T.Edwin T. Arnold, Papers1985 - 1991

Call No: MS-1168Cox, Edward HydeEdward Hyde Cox, Papers1840 - 1998

Call No: MS-1169Bisno, David C.David C. Bisno, Papers1994

Call No: MS-1170Bentley, Warner (James)Warner Bentley paperscirca 1928-1969

Call No: MS-1171Ford K. Sayre Memorial Ski CouncilFord K. Sayre Memorial Ski Council, Records circa 1936 - 1997

Call No: MS-1172Backofen, WalterWalter Backofen, Paperscirca 1991 - 2002

Call No: MS-1173Hunt FamilyHunt Family, Papers1754 - 1941

Call No: MS-1174Navarro, MarysaMarysa Navarro papers1933-2009

Call No: MS-1175Murphy, PatrickPatrick Murphy, Collection 1977-1978

Call No: MS-1176Dorris, MichaelMichael Dorris papers1971-1994

Call No: MS-1177Atkinson, EdwardEdward Atkinson, Papers1870 - 1905

Call No: MS-1178Frost, RobertRobert Frost collection1866-1996

Call No: MS-1179Snyder, BradleyBradley Snyder, Papers1970 - 2006

Call No: MS-1180Sears, Francis W.Francis W. Sears, Papers1945 - 1971

Call No: MS-1181Tupper, William H.William H. Tupper, Letters 1859 - 1882

Call No: MS-1182Brush, Merle E.Merle E. Brush, Papers1925

Call No: MS-1183Coggeshall Family,Coggeshall Family, Paperscirca 1888 - 1959

Call No: MS-1184Larmon, RussellRussell Larmon, Papers1958 - 1962

Call No: MS-1185Tenney, Ulysses D.Ulysses D. Tenney, Collection 1866 - 1907

Call No: MS-1186Fiske, JohnJohn Fiske, Papers1794 - 1846

Call No: MS-1187Fanelli, Arnaldo AlexanderAlex Fanelli, Papers1939 - 2001

Call No: MS-1188Stuart, John G.John G. Stuart, Papers1923 - 2003

Call No: MS-1190Dartmouth CollegeAutograph Collection of New Hampshire Politicians1853 - circa 1900

Call No: MS-1191Campions StoreCampions Store Records1910 - 1988

Call No: MS-1192Bannon, Robert E.Robert E. Bannon, Paperscirca 1930 - 1994

Call No: MS-1193Walsh, John EJohn E. Walsh, Papers1959 - 2000

Call No: MS-1194Whitcomb, MerleMerle Whitcomb, Papers1937 - 1982

Call No: MS-1195Arndt, Walter W.Walter Arndt, Paperscirca 1920 - 2006

Call No: MS-1196Tout, Alfred R.Alfred R. Tout, Papers1917 - 1973

Call No: MS-1197Murray, Warren E.Warren E. Murray collection of Dartmouth Players ephemera1924 - 1926

Call No: MS-1198Gerstenberger, Harry L.Harry L. Gerstenberger, Papers1949 - 1991

Call No: MS-1199Kendall, AmosAmos Kendall Collection1831 - 1859

Call No: MS-1200Storrs, AugustusAugustus Storrs, Letters 1813 - 1839

Call No: MS-1201Sandburg, CarlCarl Sandburg Collection1923 - 1940

Call No: MS-1202Lord, Arthur H.Diaries of Arthur H. Lord1908-1912

Call No: MS-1203Guthrie, PhilippaInterview Recordings on the Implementation of Coeducation at Dartmouth, conducted by Philippa Guthrie1982

Call No: MS-1204Occupy DartmouthOccupy Dartmouth, Collection 2011

Call No: MS-1205Hornblow, ArthurArthur Hornblow, Papers1916 - 1952

Call No: MS-1206Foster, DwightDwight Foster, Letters 1797 - 1802

Call No: MS-1207Hanover (N.H.) Historical SocietyHanover (N.H.) Historical Society records1772-2008

Call No: MS-1208Wolf , Julius (Jay) R.Jay Wolf, PapersCirca 1900 - 2009

Call No: MS-1209Saint-Gaudens MemorialSaint-Gaudens Memorial, Records 1919 - 1984

Call No: MS-1210Cahill, WilliamWilliam Cahill, Papers1975

Call No: MS-1211Morrison, KathleenKathleen Morrison, Papers1938 - 1985

Call No: MS-1212Campbell, Colin (Dearborn)Colin Campbell papers1956-1987

Call No: MS-1213Smyth, Anne Morrison GentryAnne Morrison Gentry Smyth, Papers1939 - 1963

Call No: MS-1214Frese, Jr., Robert H.Robert H. Frese, Jr., Papers1934 - 1988

Call No: MS-1215Romig, Edna DavisEdna Davis Romig, Papers1931 - 1947

Call No: MS-1216Clark, SylviaSylvia Clark, Papers1865 - 1961

Call No: MS-1217Heiskanen , Christel and PilttiChristel and Piltti Heiskanen collection of Carl Zuckmayercirca 1950 - 2001

Call No: MS-1218Dartmouth College, Special Collections LibraryAccount Book Collection of Rauner Special Collections Library at Dartmouth College1762 - 1957

Call No: MS-1219Bartlett FamilyBartlett Family papers1790-1930

Call No: MS-1220Goodrich, Nathaniel L.Nathaniel L. Goodrich, Papers1914 - 1931

Call No: MS-1221Judd, Siegel W.Siegel W. Judd, Collection 1915 - 1919

Call No: MS-1222Heussler, RobertRobert Heussler, Papers1939 - 1981

Call No: MS-1223Chamberlain, Warren M.Warren Chamberlain, Papers1945 - 1974

Call No: MS-1224Howell, Llewelyn PLlewelyn P. Howell, Letters 1969 - 1990

Call No: MS-1225Doney, WillisWillis Doney, Papers1968 - 2003

Call No: MS-1226William P. Kelly Family PapersWilliam P. Kelly Family Papers1851 - 1940

Call No: MS-1227Hirschman, JackJack Hirschman Collection1959

Call No: MS-1228Kadin, ElizabethElizabeth Kadin, Papers1975 - 1979

Call No: MS-1229Chipman, John H.John H. Chipman, Papers1917 - 1919

Call No: MS-1232Snelling, Frederick G.Frederick G. Snelling papers1862 - 1864

Call No: MS-1233Smith, Clifford H.Clifford Hayes Smith, Papers1875 - 1948

Call No: MS-1234Hovey, Harriette a.Harriette Farnham Hovey, Letters 1891 - 1912

Call No: MS-1235Tucker, William J.William J. Tucker, Papers1839 - 1939

Call No: MS-1236Melville, HenryHenry Melville papers1925-1926

Call No: MS-1237Occom, SamsonSamson Occom collectioncirca 1743 - 1790

Call No: MS-1238Landauer, Bella C.Scrapbooks of Bella C. Landauer1862 - 1930

Call No: MS-1239Students Stand With StaffStudents Stand With Staff, Records 2008 - 2011

Call No: MS-1241Hutchinson Family SingersHutchinson Family Singers Collection1840 - 1988

Call No: MS-1243Foss, Jr., ErnestErnest Foss, Jr. Photographic albumcirca 1935

Call No: MS-1244Butterfield FamilyButterfield Family letterscirca 1861 - 1987

Call No: MS-1245Shepard, SamuelSamuel Shepard letters1820 - 1834

Call No: MS-1246Wallace, ClaytonClayton Wallace Papers1915 - 1924

Call No: MS-1247Page, FrederickFrederick S. Page, Papers1914 - 1957

Call No: MS-1248Brown, FrancisFrancis Brown, Papers1806 - 1815

Call No: MS-1249Ticknor, AnnaAnna Ticknor Papers1835 - 1837

Call No: MS-1250Lee, Jr., Forrester A.Forrester A. Lee, Jr., Papers1967-2007

Call No: MS-1251Streeter, ThomasThomas W. Streeter Letters1921 - 1931

Call No: MS-1252Hodes, PaulPaul Hodes, Papers2002 - 2010

Call No: MS-1253Webster FarmWebster Farm recordscirca 1900 - 1950

Call No: MS-1254Atwood, Marion B.Marion B. Atwood collection of lottery tickets1779 - 1964

Call No: MS-1255Merrill, MosesMoses Merrill letters1853 - 1860

Call No: MS-1256Gove, GeorgeGeorge Gove lecture notes1857 - 1858

Call No: MS-1257Jesup, Henry G.Henry G. Jesup papers1890 - 1891

Call No: MS-1258Hubbard, JonathanJonathan Hubbard court docket books1792 - 1831

Call No: MS-1259Gale, AmoryAmory Gale medical notebooks1822

Call No: MS-1260Hopkins, GeorgeGeorge Hopkins notebookscirca 1890

Call No: MS-1261Hopkins, SamuelSamuel Hopkins paperscirca 1834 - 1863

Call No: MS-1262Lord, JohnJohn Lord papers1825 - 1894

Call No: MS-1263Viertel, PeterPeter Viertel screenplays1941 - 1942

Call No: MS-1264Dewey, WilliamWilliam W. Dewey notebooks and sketchescirca 1860 - 1883

Call No: MS-1265Smith, Deering G.Deering G. Smith papers1912 - 1918

Call No: MS-1266Smith, JohnJohn Smith papers1774 - 1824

Call No: MS-1267Slade, Mary B.Mary B. Slade collection on South Strafford, Vermont, cemeteriesundated

Call No: MS-1268Knoche, ErnestErnest J. Knoche collection on the SS Eleazar Wheelock and SS Dartmouth Victory1964 - 1967

Call No: MS-1269Shelburne Lead Mining Co.Shelburne Lead Mining Company records1846 - 1854

Call No: MS-1270Smith, WilliamWilliam Smith papers1822 - 1853

Call No: MS-1271Pike, JamesJames Pike ciphering bookscirca 1798

Call No: MS-1272Webster, JosiahJosiah Webster sermons1802 - 1819

Call No: MS-1273Wentworth, LewisLewis R. Wentworth letters1878 - 1879

Call No: MS-1274Washburn, AzelAzel Washburn letter bookscirca 1805 - 1832

Call No: MS-1275Tucker, WilliamWilliam Tucker commonplace book and diary1830 - 1839

Call No: MS-1276Steele, Benjamin H.Benjamin H. Steele collection of speeches1863 - 1872

Call No: MS-1277Middleton, RalphLessons of the War: Its Origin and Import as Viewed by a Confederate Private, manuscriptcirca 1864

Call No: MS-1278Waldron, ThomasThomas W. Waldron astronomical almanack1758 - 1777

Call No: MS-1279Towne, SolonSolon R. Towne paperscirca 1868 - 1872

Call No: MS-1280Office of Price AdministrationOffice of Price Administration Ration Cards collectioncirca 1942 - 1946

Call No: MS-1281Wells, AlbertWells Family genealogical records1867-1910

Call No: MS-1282Hill, EdwinEdwin B. Hill letters1939 - 1949

Call No: MS-1283West, BenjaminBenjamin West paperscirca 1829 - 1831

Call No: MS-1284Wilson, RobertRobert Wilson diaries and account book1791 - 1846

Call No: MS-1285Williston, SethSeth Williston diaries1786 - 1940

Call No: MS-1286Woodward, HenryHenry Woodward sermons and essaycirca 1820 - 1833

Call No: MS-1287White River Falls Bridge CompanyWhite River Falls Bridge Company records1794 - 1864

Call No: MS-1288The Magnolian"The Magnolian," newspaper1849-1852

Call No: MS-1289Parsons, FrankFrank N. Parsons papers1870 - 1892

Call No: MS-1290Dearborn, EdmundEdmund B. Dearborn letterscirca 1826 - 1847

Call No: MS-1291Nash, StephenStephen G. Nash papers1837 - 1859

Call No: MS-1292Peabody, DavidDavid Peabody journals and autobiography1827 - 1859

Call No: MS-1293New Hampshire TreasuryNew Hampshire Treasury account book collection1777 - 1868

Call No: MS-1294Sine, Edward P.Edward P. Sine papers1976 - 1992

Call No: MS-1295Weller, Charles (Frederick)Charles F. Weller papers1895-1957; 2004; 2014

Call No: MS-1296UnspecifiedHanover, NH Mercantile records collection1909 - 1923

Call No: MS-1297Shurtleff, RoswellRoswell Shurtleff sermons1803 - 1874

Call No: MS-1298Wentworth, NH School DistrictWentworth, NH school district register books1850 - 1878

Call No: MS-1299Smith, EdwinNotes on the history of Hanover, NHundated

Call No: MS-1300Williams, StephenStephen Williams diary1797 - 1798

Call No: MS-1301Sawyer, MoodyMoody C. Sawyer poetry scrapbookcirca 1849

Call No: MS-1302Dartmouth Medical SchoolDartmouth Medical School lecture notes collection1842 - 1864

Call No: MS-1303Niles, NathanielAmerican Hero: A Sappick Odecirca 1765 - 1794

Call No: MS-1304Eggleston, WillardWillard W. Eggleston transcriptions of Alphonso Wood journalscirca 1925 - 1926

Call No: MS-1305Swan, CharlesCharles A. L. Swan journals1852 - 1854

Call No: MS-1306Wild, Daniel GDaniel G. Wild diaries1856 - 1857

Call No: MS-1307Hutchins, EdwardEdward W. Hutchins transcription of Henry C. Hutchins' letters from Europeundated

Call No: MS-1308Gerrish, TimothyTimothy Gerrish record books1804 - 1816

Call No: MS-1309Emmons, LewisLewis Emmons medical notebooks1827 - 1830

Call No: MS-1312Shirley, JohnJohn M. Shirley papers1866 - 1881

Call No: MS-1313Foster, CharlesCharles H. Foster letters1961 - 1970

Call No: MS-1314Richardson, WilliamWilliam L. Richardson journalscirca 1904 - 1928

Call No: MS-1315Reed, SampsonSampson A. Reed lecture notebooks1872 - 1873

Call No: MS-1316Phi Beta Kappa Association of ConstantinoplePhi Beta Kappa Association of Constantinople records1900 - 1915

Call No: MS-1317Mascoma Mining CompanyMascoma Mining Company records1881 - 1886

Call No: MS-1318Dunham, Howard FHoward F. Dunham correspondence with Romain Rolland1930 - 1941

Call No: MS-1319Wheelock, ErastusErastus Wheelock scrapbookcirca 1862 - 1878

Call No: MS-1320Stearns, JohnJohn B. Stearns letters1945 - 1946

Call No: MS-1321Markey, GeneSong of the West by Gene Markey & John R. Wallacecirca 1940

Call No: MS-1322Klee, PaulPaul Klee papers on civil rights1961 - 1964

Call No: MS-1323Lord, Frederic (Pomeroy)Frederic Pomeroy Lord papers1893-1970

Call No: MS-1324Cutting, RaymondRaymond Cutting papers1906 - 1915

Call No: MS-1325Follett, WilsonWilson Follett letters1954 - 1956

Call No: MS-1327Claflin, DonaldDonald Claflin collection of jewelry design drawings1965-1991

Call No: MS-1328UnknownJosiah Burnham case collection1803 - 1806

Call No: MS-1329Dawley, DavidDavid Dawley papers1963-2014

Call No: MS-1330Theatre Guild, Inc.Theatre Guild, Inc. records on the production of "The Fifth Column"; MS-13301938 - 1940

Call No: MS-1335Mathews, JohnJohn Mathews collection of political protest drawings and ephemera1968-1969

Call No: MS-1336Langley, Roger F.Roger F. Langley papers; MS-13361904 - 1958

Call No: MS-1337Magenau, William (Stubbs)William and Mary Magenau collection on Woodward family1777-1865

Call No: MS-1338Sears, Dorothy W., Jr. (Wingett)Dorothy W. Sears Jr. collection on Lyme, New Hampshirecirca 1817-2009

Call No: MS-1339Stone Family, circa 1570-1933Stone Family papers1571-1933

Call No: MS-1340Cruikshank, George, 1792-1878George Cruikshank papers1820-1931

Call No: MS-1341Billo, Charles G.Charles G. Billo papers1967-1970

Call No: MS-1342French, MaudeMaude French papers1923, 1942-1943

Call No: MS-1343Parmelee, H. FrancesH. Frances Parmelee papers1867-1927

Call No: MS-1344Gordon, Agnes D.; Gordon, M. LafayetteAgnes and M. Lafayette Gordon papers1880-1940

Call No: MS-1345Nash, RayRay Nash collection of student penmanship1754-1819

Call No: MS-1347Cohon, J. Donald, Jr.Don Cohon papers1964-2015

Call No: MS-1348McCarthy, JackJack McCarthy papers1959-2012

Call No: MS-1349Brown, ChipChip Brown collection on "Good Morning Midnight-Life and Death in the Wild"1994-2005

Call No: MS-1350McIntosh and OtisMcIntosh and Otis records on Erskine Caldwell1978-1988

Call No: MS-1351Richardson, Charles (Charles Francis)Charles F. Richardson letters1876-1878

Call No: MS-1352Hallman, FrankFrank Hallman letters on the printing of D'Aulnoy's "Fortunia"1973-1974

Call No: MS-1353Packard, ArtemasArtemas Packard papers1873-1961

Call No: MS-1354Neidlinger, Lloyd (Kellock)Lloyd K. Neidlinger papers1927-1966

Call No: MS-1356Packard, MarjoryMarjory Lord Packard papers1884-1961

Call No: MS-1358Fox, Simeon MosesSimeon Moses Fox papers1890-1924

Call No: MS-1359Hopkins, Ernest (Martin)Ernest Martin Hopkins papers1866-1971

Call No: MS-1360La Alianza LatinaLa Alianza Latina records1990-2013

Call No: MS-1361Uphaus, Ola (Hawkins Dudley); Dudley (Warren Spencer)Ola Uphaus and Warren S. Dudley papers1897-1971

Call No: MS-1363Chambers, Bert C. (Barnette Coe), 1894-1980; Ruzicka, Rudolph, 1883-1978Bert C. Chambers letters with Rudolph Ruzicka1931-1976

Call No: MS-1365Hebert, Ernest, 1941-Ernest Hebert papers1918; 1963-2006

Call No: MS-1366Sokol, Robert, 1926-2016Robert Sokol papers1940-2011

Call No: MS-1367Dunne, Faith L., 1940-2001Faith Dunne papers1961-2001

Call No: MS-1368Mulliken, Robert A., 1916-2001Robert A. Mulliken World War II diary and news clippings.

Call No: MS-1369Nagle, Warren C., Jr. (Warren Charles)Rowing scrapbooks compiled by Chuck Nagle1982-1984

Call No: MS-1370Hall, Sally DrewNotebook containing a Memorandum of Mr. Hicks' Suggestions Concerning Paints And Lacquers - Dicks House1927-1928

Call No: MS-1372Niles, NathanielNathaniel Niles papers1779-1833

Call No: MS-1373Gilman, NicholasNicholas Gilman correspondence1790-1808

Call No: MS-1374Performance Poetry Preservation ProjectThe Performance Poetry Preservation Project collectioncirca 1977-2015

Call No: MSS-1Adney, Edwin (Tappan)Edwin Adney papers1897-1950

Call No: MSS-2UnknownAlaska photographsUnknown date

Call No: MSS-3"Albert" (Ketch)Logbooks of the ketch "Albert"1914-1920

Call No: MSS-4Andrews, Clarence (Leroy)Clarence L. Andrews papersUnknown date

Call No: MSS-5Steingrímur, ArasonArason Steingrimur papersUnknown date

Call No: MSS-6Atkinson, Frank H. D.Frank H. Atkinson papers1919-1922

Call No: MSS-7Abasand Oils LimitedReport on Athabaska oil sands1942

Call No: MSS-8Blackjack, AdaAda Blackjack papers1923-1983

Call No: MSS-9Beazley, Sir Charles RaymondSir Charles Raymond Beazley in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-10Bendy, William R.William R. Bendy in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-11Blackfoot Indian Anthropological NotesBlackfoot Indian Anthropological Notes

Call No: MSS-12Burwash, Lachlan TaylorLachlan Taylor Burwash in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-13Brower, Charles D.Charles D. Brower at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: MSS-14Burpee, Lawrence JohnstoneLawrence Johnstone Burpee in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-15Cabot, PeterPeter Cabot in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-16Churchill, Frank CarrollFrank Carroll Churchill at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: MSS-17Cooke, AlanAlan Cooke in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-19Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceRoyal Canadian Mounted Police at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: MSS-20Canadian Ice Distribution SurveyCanadian Ice Distribution Survey in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-21Campbell, RobertRobert Campbell at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: MSS-23Mason, BeatriceBeatrice Mason in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-24Dey, Robert L.Robert L. Dey in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-25Diubaldo, Richard J.Richard J. Diubaldo in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-26Innes-Taylor, AlanAlan Innes-Taylor in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-27Dartmouth College, Office of the PresidentDartmouth College President's Office, Papers

Call No: MSS-28Arctic SeminarArctic Seminar at Dartmouth College in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-30Clapp, Mary BrennanMary Breennan Clapp in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-31Deming FamilyDeming Family in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-32Snowdrop (ship) and Eclipse (ship)snowdrop and Eclipse (Ships), Logbooks in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-33Erme (schooner)Erme (schooner) at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: MSS-34Fletcher, Ingles (Peggy)Ingles (Peggy) Fletcher in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-35Foote, Don CharlesDon Charles Foote in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-37Fugl, Alfred EerneleyAlfred Eerneley Fugl at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: MSS-38Fay, S. PrescottS. Prescott Fay in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-39Benton, MortonMorton Benton in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-40Brice, Norman E.Norman E. Brice in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-41Bovey, WilfredWilfred Bovey in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-42Dunn, Robert (Steed)Robert (Steed) Dunn in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-43Galbraith, Sigrid Halldorson BrynjolfsonSigrid Halldorson Brynjolfson Galbraith in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-44Greist, Henry W.Henry W. Greist in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-45Gilder, William HenryWilliam Henry Gilder in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-46Gould, Laurence M.Laurence M. Gould in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-48Haslam, GreenvilleGreenville Haslam in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-50Hunt, WilliamWilliam Hunt in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-52Kartsens, Henry P.Henry P. Karstens in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-58Lappo, S. D.S. D. Lappo in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-60Laws, JamesJames Laws in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-63Ellsworth, LincolnLincoln Ellsworth in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-69Leffingwell, Ernest deKovenErnest deKoven Leffingwell in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-71Nutt, David C.David C. Nutt, Papers1867 - 2008

Call No: MSS-73Andersen, KarstenKarsten Andersen in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-91Noice, HaroldHarold Noice in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-92Munro, JohnJohn Munro in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-95Sacariasen, Carl J.Carl J. Sacariasen in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-96Encyclopedia Arctica ManuscriptEncyclopedia Arctica Manuscript in the Dartmouth College Library

Call No: MSS-98Stefansson, VilhjalmurVilhjalmur Stefansson, Papers1902 - 1962

Call No: MSS-99Nef, Eveleyn StefanssonEvelyn Stefansson Nef in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-100Weems, John EdwardJohn Edward Weems in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-101Whitley, William H.William H. Whitley in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-102Wiegand, W. B.W. B. Wiegand at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: MSS-104Wyman, Edward E.Edward E. Wyman in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-105Zagoskin, Lavrentii AlekseevichLavrentii Alekseevich Zagoskin in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-106Zubov, Nikolai NikolaevichNikolai Nikolaevich Zubov in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-107McConnell, Burt MortonBurt Morton McConnell in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-108Shipman, Genevieve NolanGenevieve Nolan Shipman in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-109Briffault, HermaHerma Briffault in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-110Hamel, Charles D.Charles D. Hamel in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-111Haverlee, ArnoldArnold Haverlee in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-112Hobbs, William HerbertWilliam Herbert Hobbs in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-113Nobile, UmbertoUmberto Nobile in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-114Peacock, F. W., ReverendRev. F. W. Peacock at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: MSS-115Pitchforth, HectorHector Pitchforth in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-116Popini, Eloise McCaskillEloise McCaskill Popini in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-117Prowse, George Robert FarrarGeorge Robert Farrar Prowse at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: MSS-118Porter, Russell W.Russell W. Porter at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: MSS-119Hastings, VirginiaVirginia Hastings in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-127Cook, Frederick AlbertFrederick Albert Cook in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-128Crawford, James R.James R. Crawford n the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-136Herning, Orville G.Orville G. Herning in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-137United States Army Air ForcesUnited States Army Air Forces in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-138Washburn, Albert LincolnAlbert Lincoln Washburn in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-139White, Gavin DavidGavin David White in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-140Roberts, Palmer W.Palmer W. Roberts in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-141Irwin, VioletViolet Irwin in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-142Vasiliev-Shishmarev ExpeditionThree Accounts of the Vasiliev-Shishmarev Expedition of 1819-1822

Call No: MSS-145Pinkham, Jean A.Jean A. Pinkham at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: MSS-148Viereck, Eleanor NortonEleanor Norton Viereck in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-149Washburn, Elizabeth P.Elizabeth P. Washburn in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-150Oldenburg, MargaretMargaret Oldenburg at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: MSS-151Hoyler, ClementClement Hoyler in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-152Hanson, Earl ParkerEarl Parker Hanson in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-153Dartmouth Polar ConferenceDartmouth Polar Conference in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-154Levine, Victor E.Victor E. Levine in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-155Finnie, Robert SterlingRichard Sterling Finnie at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: MSS-156Nansen, FridtjofFridtjof Nansen in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-157Haynes, MurielMuriel Haynes in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-158Tuck, John, Jr.John Tuck, Jr. in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-159Stickney, WilliamWilliam Stickney in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-160Storkerson, Storker TheodorStorker Theodor Storkerson in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-161Gordienko, Pavel Afanas'evichPavel Afanas'evich Gordienko in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-163Stein, RobertRobert Stein at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: MSS-164Sverdrupin, Harald UlrichHarald Ulrich Sverdrupin the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-165Operti, Albert JAlbert Operti, Papers1886 - 1926

Call No: MSS-166Smith, Gordon W.Gordon W. Smith in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-168Harold, FredaFreda Harold at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: MSS-169Stefansson CollectionStefansson Collection in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-170Polar NotesPolar Notes in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-171Stefansson Library TranslationsStefansson Library Translations at Dartmouth College

Call No: MSS-172United States Works Projects AdministrationUnited States Work Projects Administration in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-173Bell, RobertRobert Bell at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: MSS-174Amory, Copley, Jr.Copley Amory Jr. in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-176Teal, John JeromeJohn Teal papers1947-1982

Call No: MSS-177Harp , ElmerElmer Harp , Papers1947 - 2001

Call No: MSS-178Beetle, Charles D.Charles D. Beetle at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: MSS-180Franklin, Lady Jane GriffinLady Jane Griffin Franklin in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-181Byrd, Richard EvelynRichard Evelyn Byrd at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: MSS-189Brainard, David L.David L. Brainard in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-190Browne, BelmoreBelmore Browne, Papers1906 - 1980

Call No: MSS-192Todd, AldenAlden Todd in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-193Bartlett, Robert Abram (Bob)Robert Abram (Bob) Bartlett in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-194Lloyd, TrevorTrevor Lloyd in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-195Mount, M. FrederickM. Frederick Mount in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-196Stefansson, VilhjalmurCorrespondence of the Vilhjalmur Stefansson1895 - 1962

Call No: MSS-197Furlong, Charles (Wellington)Charles Furlong papers1898-1966

Call No: MSS-198Peary, RobertRobert Peary Collection1889 - 1970

Call No: MSS-199Dodge, Arthur MalcolmArthur Malcolm Dodge in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-202Dijmphna ExpeditionDijmphna Expedition Photographsin the Dartmouth College Library

Call No: MSS-203Dartmouth College, History 11, "Northward Ho!"of “Northward Ho!” in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-204Comer, GeorgeGeorge Comer in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-207Shorkley, GeorgeGeorge Shorkley in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-208Miranda (ship)Miranda Expedition Photographs in the Dartmouth College Library

Call No: MSS-212United States Antarctic Projects Office Official Observer ReportsUnited States Antartic Projects Officer Official observer Reports in the Dartmouth College Library

Call No: MSS-217Goodale, EdwardEdward Goodale at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: MSS-218McKee, AlexanderAlexander McKee at Dartmouth College, Papers

Call No: MSS-219Taylor, IsaacIsaac Taylor papers1942-1957

Call No: MSS-221Miller, Erwin C.Erwin C. Miller in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-222Dietrich, Albert GeorgeAlbert George Dietrich in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-223Larson, Conrad SextonConrad Sexton Larson in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-224Operation Deep FreezeOperation Deepfreeze in the Dartmouth College Library

Call No: MSS-225Stefansson, VilhjalmurStefansson Collection of Arctic Photographs

Call No: MSS-226Stefansson, VilhjalmurStefansson Arctic Photographs

Call No: MSS-229Stefansson, VilhjalmurStefansson Collection of Arctic Photographs

Call No: MSS-230Hines, Lawrence GregoryLawrence Gregory Hines in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers

Call No: MSS-238Vilhjalmur Stefansson Photographic FilesVilhjalmur Stefansson Photographic Filescirca 1890 - 2002

Call No: MSS-241Hillman, WilliamWilliam Hillman Collection1897-1930

Call No: MSS-242Stefansson, VilhjalmurVilhjalmur Stefansson collection vertical files1683 - 2004

Call No: MSS-244Seitz, Charles L.Polar Diaries of the Charles L. Seitz1901 - 1905

Call No: MSS-245Belcher, EdwardEdward Belcher, Papers1860

Call No: MSS-246Karanikas, AlexanderAlexander Karanikas, Letters1943 - 2006

Call No: MSS-247Owen, Leander, CaptainLeander Owen papers1856-1888

Call No: MSS-252Charters, JohnJohn Charters, PapersApril 29, 1848 - November 9, 1849

Call No: MSS-253Culmer, Charles UCharles Culmer, Papers1941 - 1944

Call No: MSS-254Ross, Frances A.Frances A. Ross, Paperscirca 1880 - 1990

Call No: MSS-255UnspecifiedArctic Missionary Postcards, Collection circa 1915 - 1955

Call No: MSS-256Dekin, Albert A.Albert A. Dekin, Papers1983 - 1987

Call No: MSS-257Erskine, Charles L.Erskine's Panorama Lecture: Around the World in Search of the Antarctic Continent Under Capt. WilkesCirca 1859

Call No: MSS-258Borup, GeorgeGeorge Borup North Polar Expedition Photographic Album1908 - 1909

Call No: MSS-259Read, JohnJohn Read, Papers1836 - 1878

Call No: MSS-261Anderson, Chandler P.Chandler P. Anderson Behring Sea Claims Commission Photographic Album1896 - 1897

Call No: MSS-262Canada, Department of Mines and ResourcesCanadian Department of Mines and Resource's Factual Record Supporting Canadian Sovereignty in the Arctic, typescript1949 June 28

Call No: MSS-270Dingman, Stanley L.Photographs of Stanley L. Dingman1959 - 1973

Call No: MSS-272Bull, Alfred S.Alfred S. Bull Diary1908 - 1909

Call No: MSS-273Putnam, George R.George R. Putnam, Papers1896-1898, 2013

Call No: MSS-274Markham, Clements R.Proposal for an Antarctic manual1900

Call No: MSS-000274.1Webster, DanielDaniel Webster, Baltimore [Maryland], to [Charles] Porter Wright [Marshfield, Massachusetts], Letter[18--] Apr. 24

Call No: MSS-275UnspecifiedPribilof Islands Seal Trade Collection1885

Call No: MSS-276Osherenko, GailGail Osherenko Papers1971 - 2000

Call No: MSS-277UnspecifiedKlondike Gold Rush photo albumscirca 1898-1920

Call No: MSS-281Eisberg, Harry B., Jr. (Belleville), 1915-1993Harry B. Eisberg Jr. papers1928-1960

Call No: MSS-282Snow, Ice and Permafrost Research Establishment (SIPRE)US Army Snow, Ice and Permafrost Research Establishment (SIPRE) recordscirca 1953-1979

Call No: MSS-285Wiseman, J.M.Personal Diary of J.M. Wiseman fireman of S.S. Roosevelt1908-06-09-1909-10-02

Call No: MSS-000365.1Legge, WilliamWilliam Legge, [Lord Dartmouth, St. James' Square to unknown,] June 15, LetterJune 15

Call No: MSS-000431.1Chase, Salmon P.Salmon P. Chase, Wakefield, RI to W.R. Grott and Co., LetterJul. 31

Call No: MSS-000560.1Stevenson, Robert L.Robert L. Stevenson, Edinburgh [Scotland] to John, LetterOct 10

Call No: MSS-000719Lord, George DanaGeorge D. Lord letterundated

Call No: MSS-000940.10Webster, DanielDaniel Webster, to Mr. Hall, Letter

Call No: MSS-000940.11Chase, Salmon P.Salmon P. Chase, [Silver Springs, MD] to Mr. Harrington or Mr. Gaallagher [sic] or Mr. Simkins, Letter

Call No: MSS-000940.12Webster, DanielDaniel Webster, to Samuel P. Lyman, New York1846 April 11 - 1848 April 23

Call No: MSS-000940.13Hubbard, Oliver P.Oliver P. Hubbard, to Mr. [Joseph M.] Wightman, [Boston], Letter

Call No: MSS-000940.14Ederer, BenBen Ederer, [Steffansson was a very poor example of American manhood], Memono date

Call No: MSS-000940.15Webster, DanielDaniel Webster, to Judge [Joseph] Story, Letter

Call No: MSS-000940.3Eldredge, Edward F.Edward F. Eldredge, Post Cardscirca 1900

Call No: MSS-000940.5Webster, DanielDaniel Webster, Fletcher Webster; correspondence related to D. Webster's clerk Henry Sargent.Circa 1849 - Circa 1850

Call No: MSS-000940.7Webster, DanielDaniel Webster, For the Dartmouth Gazette, Letter

Call No: MSS-000940.9Webster, DanielDaniel Webster, to George Ticknor, esq., Letter

Call No: MSS-001173Dewey, Israel O.Israel O. Dewey, to the Honorable, the Trustees of Dartmouth College, Petition

Call No: MSS-003172Thomson, HughHugh Thomson, West Kensington (England) To My Dear Consoler, Letterundated

Call No: MSS-003176Stevens, Abraham G.Abraham G. Stevens, Accounts1829 - 1835

Call No: MSS-003179Emerson, Martha F.Martha F. Emerson, Papers1927 - 1928

Call No: MSS-003268Webster, DanielDaniel Webster letterundated

Call No: MSS-003269Shertz, Robert H.Robert H. Shertz letter and postcard1938, 1941

Call No: MSS-003270Leavitt, Dorothy HallDorothy Hall Leavitt noteundated

Call No: MSS-003272UnspecifiedCatalogus eorum qui in Collegio Dartmuthensicirca 1777

Call No: MSS-003275Macy, E. Mc C.Detail Map of Lands of the Champlain Realty Co. Hanover, NH

Call No: MSS-470940.2UnspecifiedMissal Leafcirca 1470

Call No: MSS-705409UnspecifiedGeorge Cutler deposition1705-07-09

Call No: MSS-715940Pope, AlexanderAlexander Pope, Received of his Grace ye D. of Argyle, Two Guineas, being the first Payment to the Subscription, for the Translations of Homer's Iliads..., Receiptcirca 1715

Call No: MSS-721679 Barnstable County (Mass.)Barnstable County (Mass.), Town Clerk, Arrest warrant1721 Dec. 29

Call No: MSS-740940UnspecifiedBoston, New Township Granted to John Simpson and Otherscirca 1740

Call No: MSS-743658McClery, AndrewAndrew McClery, McClery deed to Bennet1743 Dec. 8

Call No: MSS-745362Buell, JohnJohn Buell (Junsonequin) Last Will and Testament2015-06-12

Call No: MSS-746411.1Buell, JohnNote related to John Buell (Junsonequin) Last Will and Testament1746-06-11

Call No: MSS-752416UnspecifiedAnnuities, 3700 l. per week.1752 July 16

Call No: MSS-753316Council of New YorkExtracts of Minutes of Council of New York Relating to the Eastern Boundaries of the Government North of the Western Bounds of Connecticut1753-05-16

Call No: MSS-756103UnspecifiedBerlin, to the Saturgus brothers in Konigsberg., Letter1756 Jan 3

Call No: MSS-763165Sherburne, HenryHenry Sherburne, Portsmouth, [NH], To Eleazar Wheelock, Lebanon, [CT]., Letter1763 Feb. 15

Call No: MSS-763380Wheelock, EleazarEleazar Wheelock, Ordination., At an Ecclesiastical Council convened, in the Second Society in Lebanon, in Connecticut, for the Ordination of Mr. Charles Jeffery Smith to the Gospel Ministry; with a special View to his mission to remote Tribes of Indians in this Land. June 30th, 17631763 June 30

Call No: MSS-766177.1Williams, SolomonSolomon Williams, Letter1766 February 27

Call No: MSS-767628.4Wheelock, EleazarEleazar Wheelock, Letter1767 November 28

Call No: MSS-773320.3Frisbie, LeviLevi Frisbie, Pittsburgh [PA] to Mr. [Samuel] Kirkland, LetterMay 20, 1773

Call No: MSS-775411.1Wheelock, EleazarEleazar Wheelock, Certificate of Dr. Pomeroy's Degree1775 July 11

Call No: MSS-777126Burroughs, EdenEden Burroughs Letter1777 January 23

Call No: MSS-777576.1Wheelock, EleazarEleazar Wheelock, Dartmouth College [Hanover, NH] to Reverend David Hall, Letter1777 Oct. 26

Call No: MSS-778662Hastings, AndrewNew Hampshire Wolf Bounty Receipt12 December 1778

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Call No: MSS-801900.4Webster, DanielDaniel Webster, On the Goodness of God as Manifested in his Works1801

Call No: MSS-802302UnspecifiedPartial transcription of May 1802 letter to James H. Bingham, Transcriptioncirca 1950

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Call No: MSS-808576Webster, DanielDaniel Webster, to Stephen Moody, Gilmanton [NH], Letter1808 Oct. 26

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Call No: MSS-808900.5Unspecified1808 New Hampshire Court Docket1808

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Call No: MSS-815453Allegany County (M.D.)Allegany County (M.D.), Justice of the Peace, Deed of indentures of apprentice. James Beacham to William Magruder. Filed August 3rd, 1815, Recorded in folios 133 & 134 and examined by Geo. Bruce, regs [superscrips].1815 August 3

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Call No: MSS-829224Stark, HenryHenry Stark letter1829 March 24

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Call No: MSS-849229Brown, AlonzoAlonzo Brown, Dartmouth College [Hanover, NH] to Charles and George Merriam, Springfield, MA, Letter29 March, 1849

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Call No: MSS-850520Wilde, SamuelSamuel Wilde Letter1850 September 20

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Call No: MSS-850626Webster, DanielDaniel Webster, to Genl. Sumner, Letter[1850 Nov 26]

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Call No: MSS-851305.2Webster, DanielDaniel Webster, Letter1851 May 5

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Call No: MSS-851420Webster, DanielDaniel Webster, [Boston] to Richard M. Blatchford [New York], Letter1851 July 20

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Call No: MSS-975258UnspecifiedSpace War computer game session log1975-05-08

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Call No: REALIA-535Dartmouth College, Rauner Special Collections LibraryCanes of the Dartmouth College, Rauner Special Collections Librarycirca 1800 - 2008