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Earnheart-Gold, SashaSasha Earnheart-Gold, Collection2004 - 2005 Call No: MS-1008

Eastman, Frances Smith, 1917-2008Frances S. Eastman Collection on Frances Duncan Manningcirca 1947-1976 Call No: MS-603

Eberhart, RichardRichard Eberhart, Letter1986 Oct. 15 Call No: MSS-986565

Eberhart, RichardRichard Eberhart papers1904 - 2011 Call No: MS-1082

Eberhart, Richard G.Richard G. Eberhart, Letter1987 Oct. 09 Call No: MSS-987559

Ederer, BenBen Ederer, [Steffansson was a very poor example of American manhood], Memono date Call No: MSS-000940.14

Edgerly, Mary AMary Edgerly, Diaries1880, 1882 Call No: 003195

Eggleston, WillardWillard W. Eggleston transcriptions of Alphonso Wood journalscirca 1925 - 1926 Call No: MS-1304

Ehinger, RobertOral history interview with Robert Ehinger2008 September 26 Call No: DOH-141

Eisberg, HarryHarry B. Eisberg Jr. papers; MSS-2811928 - 1960 Call No: MSS-281

Eisenhower, Dwight D.Dwight D. Eisenhower, Washington to Mr. [Russell] Larmon, Letter1954 Aug 5 Call No: MSS-954455

Eldredge, Edward F.Edward F. Eldredge, Post Cardscirca 1900 Call No: MSS-000940.3

Elliott, BurtonBurton Elliott, Collection 1701 - 1847 Call No: MS-1023

Elliott, BurtonOral history interview with Burton Elliott2007 November 14 Call No: DOH-77

Ellsworth, LincolnLincoln Ellsworth in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-63

Emerson, Benjamin D.Account books of Benjamin D. Emerson1833 - 1866 Call No: MS-1087

Emerson, Charles FCharles F. Emerson, Papers1865 - 1922 Call No: MS-998

Emerson, Martha F.Martha F. Emerson, Papers1927 - 1928 Call No: MSS-003179

Emerson, Samuel MSamuel Emerson, Diary1865 Call No: 003177

Emmons, LewisLewis Emmons medical notebooks1827 - 1830 Call No: MS-1309

Encyclopedia Arctica ManuscriptEncyclopedia Arctica Manuscript in the Dartmouth College Library Call No: MSS-96

English, JohnJohn English letter1878-08-08 Call No: MSS-878458

Epply, WilliamOral history interview with William Epply2008 September 8 Call No: DOH-142

Epstein, AlanOral history interview with Alan Epstein2007 November 30 Call No: DOH-78

Erme (schooner)Erme (schooner) at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: MSS-33

Erskine, Charles L.Erskine's Panorama Lecture: Around the World in Search of the Antarctic Continent Under Capt. WilkesCirca 1859 Call No: MSS-257

Evans, Robert J.Oral history interview with Robert J. Evans2008 March 5 Call No: DOH-79

Faiella, Elizabeth M.Oral history interview with Elizabeth M. Faiella2012 January 22 Call No: DOH-328

Fanelli, Alex A.Oral history interview with Alex A. Fanelli1996 June 23 - 1996 July 9 Call No: DOH-10

Fanelli, Arnaldo AlexanderAlex Fanelli, Papers1939 - 2001 Call No: MS-1187

Farnsworth, SamuelSamuel Farnsworth, Dartmouth College - Medical School manuscript notebook for lectures on surgery belonging to Dartmouth medical student Samuel Farnsworth, Jr., Volume[1813] - 1816 Call No: 003185

Fay, S. PrescottS. Prescott Fay in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-38

Ferguson, John (Logan)John Ferguson papers1911-1964 Call No: MS-801

Ferry, Wilbur HughWilbur Hugh Ferry at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-21

Field, RobertOral history interview with Robert Field1997 October 13 Call No: DOH-26

Field, Robert EOral history interview with Robert Field2008 March 10 Call No: DOH-80

Fielding, WaldoOral history interview with Waldo Fielding2008 July 17 Call No: DOH-132

Fieldsteel, JoyceOral history interview with Joyce Fieldsteel2007 October 24 Call No: DOH-82

Fieldsteel, RobertOral history interview with Robert Fieldsteel2007 October 24 Call No: DOH-81

Fiering, NormanNorman Fiering, Papers1956 - 1988 Call No: MS-1013

Finnie, Robert SterlingRichard Sterling Finnie at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: MSS-155

First Universalist Society, Hartland, VermontFirst Universalist Society at Hartland, Vermont, Records 1802 - 2002 Call No: MS-947

Fisher, HenryHenry Fisher, Recipes and Cases in the Practice of Physic and Surgery, Notebooks1829 - 1844 Call No: 003194

Fisher, KatharineOral history interview with Katharine Fisher2007 November 26 Call No: DOH-83

Fisher, WalterOral history interview with Walter Fisher2007 November 26 Call No: DOH-84

Fiske, JohnJohn Fiske, Papers1794 - 1846 Call No: MS-1186

Flaccus, William KimballWilliam Kimball Flaccus at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-64

Fletcher, Ingles (Peggy)Ingles (Peggy) Fletcher in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-34

Florman, SamuelOral history interview with Samuel Florman2008 January 16 Call No: DOH-85

Follett, WilsonWilson Follett letters1954 - 1956 Call No: MS-1325

Foote, Don CharlesDon Charles Foote in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-35

Ford K. Sayre Memorial Ski CouncilFord K. Sayre Memorial Ski Council, Records circa 1936 - 1997 Call No: MS-1171

Ford, CoreyCorey Ford at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-30

Forsch, Frederick D.Frederick D. Forsch '37 Collection of Winston S. Churchill in the Dartmouth College Library Call No: MS-788

Foss, Jr., ErnestErnest Foss, Jr. Photographic albumcirca 1935 Call No: MS-1243

Foster, Andrew B.Andrew B. Foster at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-40

Foster, CharlesCharles H. Foster letters1961 - 1970 Call No: MS-1313

Foster, DwightDwight Foster, Letters 1797 - 1802 Call No: MS-1206

Foster, GeorgeOral history interview with George Foster2009 September 11 - 2009 October 5 Call No: DOH-172

Foster, Herbert (Darling)Herbert Foster papers1908-1954 Call No: MS-936

Foster, JohnJohn Foster papers1870-1919 Call No: MS-808

Foster, PeterOral history interview with Peter Foster2007 October 12 Call No: DOH-86

Fox, Michelle MOral history interview with Michelle M Fox2013 June 5 Call No: DOH-338

Fox, Simeon MosesSimeon Moses Fox papers1890-1924 Call No: MS-1358

Frank, HaroldOral history interview with Harold Frank2008 August 12 Call No: DOH-143

Franklin, Lady Jane GriffinLady Jane Griffin Franklin in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-180

Freedman, Bathsheba F.Oral history interview with Bathsheba F. Freedman2007 Nov. 13 Call No: DOH-285

Freeman , JonathanJonathan Freeman , Papers1772 - 1811 Call No: MS-454

French, David G.David G. French, Account Bookcirca 1842 - 1844 Call No: 003227

French, JohnJohn French, Papers1937 - 1972 Call No: MS-692

French, MaudeMaude French papers1923, 1942-1943 Call No: MS-1342

French, MaudeDartmouth World War II narrativescirca, 1939-1947 Call No: MS-460

Frese, Jr., Robert H.Robert H. Frese, Jr., Papers1934 - 1988 Call No: MS-1214

Friends of the Hopkins Center and the Hood Museum of ArtFriends of the Hopkins Center and the Hood Museum of Art, Records 1968 - 2007 Call No: MS-1096

Frisbie, LeviLevi Frisbie, Pittsburgh [PA] to Mr. [Samuel] Kirkland, LetterMay 20, 1773 Call No: MSS-773320.3

Frost, Gilman D.Gilman D. Frost, Papers1926 - 1942 Call No: DH-15

Frost, RobertRobert Frost collection1866-1996 Call No: MS-1178

Fugl, Alfred EerneleyAlfred Eerneley Fugl at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: MSS-37

Furlong, Charles (Wellington)Charles Furlong papers1898-1966 Call No: MSS-197

Furstenberg, KarlOral history interview with Karl Furstenberg2009 December 9. Call No: DOH-286