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Galbraith, Sigrid Halldorson BrynjolfsonSigrid Halldorson Brynjolfson Galbraith in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-43

Gale, AmoryAmory Gale medical notebooks1822 Call No: MS-1259

Gardner, Clinton CClinton Gardner, Papers1942 - 1945 Call No: MS-1109

Gardner, Elizabeth C.Oral history interview with Elizabeth C. Gardner2009 October 14 Call No: DOH-176

Garland, Stephen J.Stephen Garland papers1950 - 2012 Call No: ML-101

Garthwaite, Gene R.Gene R. Garthwaite collection of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company1901-1933 Call No: MS-993

Gaudin, Colette L.Oral history interview with Colette L. Gaudin1996 Sept. 19 Call No: DOH-27

Geisel, Theodor S.Theodor S. Geisel, Collection circa 1929 - 2004 Call No: MS-1100

George, LaverneLaverne George, Papers1938 - 1999 Call No: MS-1072

George, Thomas R.Thomas R. George, Papers1918 - 2009 Call No: ML-95

Gerould, John H.John H. Gerould, Papers1883 - 1956 Call No: MS-1040

Gerrish, TimothyTimothy Gerrish record books1804 - 1816 Call No: MS-1308

Gerstenberger, Harry L.Harry L. Gerstenberger, Papers1949 - 1991 Call No: MS-1198

Gert, BernardBernard Gert, Paperscirca 1960 - 2008 Call No: MS-1094

Gilbert, Peter A.Oral history interview with Peter A. Gilbert2008 Sept. 10. Call No: DOH-287

Gilbert-Smith, AlmaAlma Gilbert-Smith, Papers1979 - 1999 Call No: MS-748

Gilder, William HenryWilliam Henry Gilder in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-45

Gilroy, Frank (Daniel)Frank Gilroy papers1949-2015 Call No: MS-648

Gliddon, Gordon HarknessGordon Harkness Gliddon Papers, 1941-1959 [1947-1957] in the Dartmouth College Library Call No: MS-780

Glover, PaulOral history interview with Paul Glover2007 December 19 Call No: DOH-87

Godding, William W.William W. Godding, Eulogy at the Burial of the Mathematics1852 Call No: MSS-852940.6

Goldstone, James RJames Goldstone, Papers1958 - 1997 Call No: MS-1073

Goodale, EdwardEdward Goodale at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: MSS-217

Goodrich, Nathaniel L.Nathaniel L. Goodrich, Papers1914 - 1931 Call No: MS-1220

Gordienko, Pavel Afanas'evichPavel Afanas'evich Gordienko in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-161

Gordon, Agnes D.Agnes and M. Lafayette Gordon papers1880-1940 Call No: MS-1344

Gordon, Charles G.Charles G. Gordon, State Department, W[ashington] City, Letter1849 Apr. 7 Call No: MSS-849257

Gordon, George A.George A. Gordon, Papers1840 - 1907 Call No: MS-160

Gordon, M. LafayetteAgnes and M. Lafayette Gordon papers1880-1940 Call No: MS-1344

Gould, Laurence M.Laurence M. Gould in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-46

Gove, GeorgeGeorge Gove lecture notes1857 - 1858 Call No: MS-1256

Greene, J. AlonzoJ. Alonzo Greene, to [voters], Letter1900 June 27 Call No: MSS-900377

Greenleaf, BenjaminBenjamin Greenleaf, Papers1807 - 1865 Call No: MS-1108

Greer, Jason S.unpublished manuscript "Salmon Running" by Jason S. Greercirca 1995 Call No: MS-1166

Greist, Henry W.Henry W. Greist in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-44

Grenville Clark FundGrenville Clark Fund at Dartmouth College, Records Call No: ML-37

Gritti, AndreasBrief In the hand of Arrighi1536-04-16 Call No: 52

Grover, Edwin (Osgood)Edwin Grover papers1897-1948 Call No: MS-859

Guest, Robert H.Robert H. Guest at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-42

Gurley, RoyalRoyal Gurley, A System of Trigonometry Compiled by Beza. Woodward, Prof. Math & Phil., Dartmouth College1798 Call No: 003201

Gustafson , John AOral history interview with John Gustafson2008 June 30 Call No: DOH-133

Gustafson, John A.John A. Gustafson, Papers1943 - 2004 Call No: MS-1061

Guthrie, PhilippaInterview Recordings on the Implementation of Coeducation at Dartmouth, conducted by Philippa Guthrie1982 Call No: MS-1203

Guthrie, RamonRamon Guthrie at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-45

Gutiérrez, MarianOral history interview with Marian Gutiérrez2013 March 11 Call No: DOH-329

Guy, Donald C.Donald C. Guy, Papers1906 - 2000 Call No: ML-110

Haak, VailOral history interview with Vail Haak2008 June 3 Call No: DOH-88

Hackett, Ann F.Oral history interview with Ann F. Hackett2008 January 24. Call No: DOH-288

Haddock, Charles C.Charles C. Haddock, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, to John D. Willard, Troy, NY., Letter1830 Aug. 10 Call No: MSS-830460

Hall, Alan N.Oral history interview with Alan Hall2008 February 20 Call No: DOH-89

Hall, Asaph H.Asaph H. Hall, Letters 1951 - 1956 Call No: MS-1022

Hall, Edward K.Edward K. Hall Letter1931 September 18 Call No: MSS-931518

Hall, Edward KimballEdward Kimball Hall at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-33

Hall, Raymond L.Oral history interview with Raymond L. Hall2008 May 5. Call No: DOH-289

Hallman, FrankFrank Hallman letters on the printing of D'Aulnoy's "Fortunia"1973-1974 Call No: MS-1352

Hamel, Charles D.Charles D. Hamel in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-110

Hamlin, Jean M.Jean Hamlin, Papers2005 - 2006 Call No: MS-982

Hammond, George W.Minutes of lectures on the theory and practice of physic delivered at Dartmouth College by Daniel Oliver, MD taken by G.W. Hammond.1822 Call No: 003237

Hampton, HarryOral history interview with Harry Hampton2007 November 13 Call No: DOH-90

Hancock, Francis Ann JohnsonFrances Ann Johnson Hancock at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-36

Hanover (N.H.)Hanover (N.H.), Records 1761 - 1995 Call No: DH-1

Hanover (N.H.) Historical SocietyHanover (N.H.) Historical Society records1772-2008 Call No: MS-1207

Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society, Inc.Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society, Inc. records1936-2016 Call No: MS-840

Hanover PressHanover Press in the Dartmouth College Library, Records Call No: ML-15

Hanover Water Works CompanyHanover Water Works Company records1840-2008 Call No: DH-26

Hanover, NH School District 12Hanover, NH School District 12, School Record of District No.12 [Hanover, NH], Record Book1826 - 1868 Call No: 003193

Hanson, Earl ParkerEarl Parker Hanson in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-152

Hardigg, James S.Oral history interview with James S. Hardigg2009 February 17 Call No: DOH-165

Harkort, Carl P.Carl P. Harkort, Papers1755 - 1930 Call No: MS-1135

Harold, FredaFreda Harold at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: MSS-168

Harp , ElmerElmer Harp , Papers1947 - 2001 Call No: MSS-177

Harris, Cynthia O.Cynthia O. Harris, Paperscirca 1938 - 2010 Call No: MS-1143

Harris, JohnJohn Harris, Papers1811 - 1830 Call No: MS-923

Harris, LeanderLeander Harris, Papers1861 - 1865 Call No: MS-922

Harris, William W.William W. Harris, Papers1906 - 1980 Call No: MS-1079

Hart, Jeffrey P.Oral history interview with Jeffrey P. Hart1997 July 15 - 1997 July 18 Call No: DOH-11

Hart, Jeffrey P.Jeffrey P. Hart, Papers1982 - 2005 Call No: MS-941

Hart, Jeffrey P.Oral history interview with Jeffrey P. Hart2009 Feb. 18. Call No: DOH-290

Hartman, Frank A.Frank Hartman, Papers1943 - 1991 Call No: MS-1162

Harvard, StephenStephen Harvard, Paperscirca 1950 - 1998 Call No: MS-1101

Haslam, GreenvilleGreenville Haslam in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-48

Hastings, AndrewNew Hampshire Wolf Bounty Receipt12 December 1778 Call No: MSS-778662

Hastings, VirginiaVirginia Hastings in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-119

Hatch, Eric KOral history interview with Eric K Hatch2013 June 15 Call No: DOH-330

Hathaway, Fernando C.Fernando C. Hathaway, Wentworth Hall, Hanover, New Hampshire, to Mr. & Mrs. Bell, Letter1865 Nov. 4 Call No: MSS-865604

Haverlee, ArnoldArnold Haverlee in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-111

Hayes, John MichaelJohn Michael Hayes in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MS-711

Haynes, MurielMuriel Haynes in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-157

Hayward, Mary AnnMary Ann Hayward, Papers1954 - 1981 Call No: MS-1047

Heiskanen , Christel and PilttiChristel and Piltti Heiskanen collection of Carl Zuckmayercirca 1950 - 2001 Call No: MS-1217

Hemingway, ErnestErnest Hemingway postcard1956 October 5 Call No: MSS-956555

Henderson, Lucas S.Oral history interview with Lucas S. Henderson2012 Oct. 25 Call No: DOH-331

Heneage, Jacqueline P.Oral history interview with Jacqueline P. Heneage2010 May 9 Call No: DOH-267

Heneage, PeterOral history interview with Peter Heneage2010 May 9. Call No: DOH-266

Hennessey, JeanJean Hennessey, Papers1962 - 2002 Call No: MS-1089

Hennessey, John WJohn Hennessey, Papers1965 - 1986 Call No: MS-1081

Hennessey, John W.Oral history interview with John W. Hennessey1996 Sept. 26 - 1996 Nov. 21 Call No: DOH-28

Hennessey, Martha SOral history interview with Martha S Hennessey2012 October 15 Call No: DOH-332

Henty, (George Alfred) G.A.of (George Alfred) G.A. Henty, Papers1887 - 1953 Call No: MS-1060

Herman, Thomas J.Oral history interview with Thomas J. Herman2013 April 8 Call No: DOH-333

Herning, Orville G.Orville G. Herning in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-136

Herrera, Francisco J.Oral history interview with Francisco J. Herrera2013 January 29 Call No: DOH-334

Hess, John D.John D. Hess, Papers1935 - 1995 Call No: ML-103

Heussler, RobertRobert Heussler, Papers1939 - 1981 Call No: MS-1222

Hewitt, AlanAlan Hewitt at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-66

Heyman, Ira M.Oral history interview with Ira M. Heyman2008 January 23 Call No: DOH-291

Hickmott, Allerton (Cushman)Allerton Hickmott collection of Modern Calligraphy1923-1950 Call No: MS-874

Hickmott, Allerton C.Allerton C. Hickmott, Paperscirca 1870 - 1988 Call No: MS-1148

Hickson, Jacob I.Oral history interview with Jacob I. Hickson2013 May 16 Call No: DOH-375

Hill, EdwinEdwin B. Hill letters1939 - 1949 Call No: MS-1282

Hill, Errol G.Errol G. Hill, Papers1800 - 2003 Call No: ML-77

Hill, Errol G.Oral history interview with Errol G. Hill1996 September 20 Call No: DOH-12

Hill, EvanEvan Hill papers1954-1967 Call No: MS-991

Hill, Herbert WellsHerbert Wells Hill at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-80

Hill, Richard D.Oral history interview with Richard D. Hill1998 May 15 - 2000 Oct. 17 Call No: DOH-29

Hill, Robert C.Robert C. Hill at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-38

Hillman, WilliamWilliam Hillman Collection1897-1930 Call No: MSS-241

Hinckley, Bushrod W.Bushrod W. Hinckley, Montpelier [VT] to Arthur Latham, Jr, Lyme, N.H., Letter1826 March 25 Call No: MSS-826225.1

Hinckley, HarrisOral history interview with Harris Hinckley2010 Sept. 30 Call No: DOH-271

Hines, Lawrence GregoryLawrence Gregory Hines in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-230

Hinman, A. B.Oral history interview with A. B. Hinman2008 October 17 Call No: DOH-135

Hinman, Barbara D.Oral history interview with Barbara D. Hinman2007 November 20 Call No: DOH-134

Hinman, Jeffrey H.Vietnam Conflict photographs and slides1968-1972 Call No: 1668

Hinman, RichardOral history interview with Richard Hinman2007 November 20 Call No: DOH-91

Hirsch, MarianneOral history interview with Marianne Hirsch2008 August 13 - 2008 October 7. Call No: DOH-292

Hirschman, JackJack Hirschman Collection1959 Call No: MS-1227

Hitchcock, Charles (Henry)Charles Hitchcock papers1875-1904 Call No: MS-1160

Hitchcock, HiramHiram Hitchcock, PapersCirca 1856 - 1900 Call No: MS-242

Hobbs, William HerbertWilliam Herbert Hobbs in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-112

Hodes, PaulPaul Hodes, Papers2002 - 2010 Call No: MS-1252

Hoefnagel, DickDick Hoefnagel papers1921-2004 Call No: MS-929

Hoeh, David C.David C. Hoeh at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-56

Holland, PhilipPhilip Holland, Papers1971 - 1973 Call No: MS-1048

Hollstrom, Gunnar E.Gunnar E. Hollstrom, Collection 1927 - 1964 Call No: MS-1083

Holmes, Oliver W.Oliver W. Holmes, Boston to [Dr.] Chadwick, LetterOct 16 1902 Call No: MSS-902562

Holmes, Oliver W.Oliver W. Holmes, Paris to Robert W. Hooper [London], Letters1835 July 3 Call No: MSS-835403.1

Hood, Vernon A.Vernon Hood collection on Plainfield, NH1852-1971 Call No: MS-56

Hopkins, ErnestOral history interview with Ernest M. Hopkins1958 - 1964 Call No: DOH-245

Hopkins, Ernest (Martin)Ernest Martin Hopkins papers1866-1971 Call No: MS-1359

Hopkins, Ernest M.Ernest M. Hopkins, Draft of foreword., Letter1964 June 25 Call No: MSS-964375

Hopkins, GeorgeGeorge Hopkins notebookscirca 1890 Call No: MS-1260

Hopkins, SamuelSamuel Hopkins paperscirca 1834 - 1863 Call No: MS-1261

Hornblow, ArthurArthur Hornblow, Papers1916 - 1952 Call No: MS-1205

Hovey, Harriette a.Harriette Farnham Hovey, Letters 1891 - 1912 Call No: MS-1234

Hovey, RichardRichard Hovey collection1880-1961 Call No: ML-48

Howard, John W.Oral history interview with John Howard2008 October 18 Call No: DOH-144

Howard, RuthOral history interview with Ruth Howard2008 October 18 Call No: DOH-145

Howe, AsaAsa Howe, Diary1839 July 26 - 1840 June 21 Call No: 003200

Howell, Llewelyn PLlewelyn P. Howell, Letters 1969 - 1990 Call No: MS-1224

Hoyler, ClementClement Hoyler in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-151

Hoyt, OliverOliver Hoyt Letter1877 October 5 Call No: MSS-877555

Hubbard, HenryHenry Hubbard, Charlestown, NH, to Peter D. Vroom, Letter1857 Jan. 12 Call No: MSS-857112

Hubbard, Jared P.Jared P. Hubbard, Papers1861 - 1868 Call No: MS-1157

Hubbard, JonathanJonathan Hubbard court docket books1792 - 1831 Call No: MS-1258

Hubbard, Oliver P.Oliver P. Hubbard, to Mr. [Joseph M.] Wightman, [Boston], Letter Call No: MSS-000940.13

Hudson, W. H.W. H. Hudson in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MS-107

Hull, Gordon (Ferrie)Gordon Hull papers1879-1955 Call No: ML-47

Hull, Gordon FerrieGordon Ferrie Hull at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-47

Hume, MackenzieMacKenzie Hume Letter1949 September 6 Call No: MSS-949506

Huneker, James G.James G. Huneker, Papers1867 - 1972 Call No: MS-299

Hunt FamilyHunt Family, Papers1754 - 1941 Call No: MS-1173

Hunt, Charles W.Charles Hunt, Papers1854 - 1863 Call No: MS-1020

Hunt, Wesley A.Wesley A. Hunt in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MS-778

Hunt, WilliamWilliam Hunt in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-50

Hunter, Ralph W.Ralph W. Hunter, Papers1951 - 1980 Call No: MS-1156

Huppe, AlexOral history interview with Alex Huppe2008 October 20. Call No: DOH-293

Hurd, JohnJohn Hurd, Papers1913 - 1977 Call No: MS-1049

Huse, Hiram A.Hiram A. Huse, Hanover, N.H. to "Will", LetterNov. 4, 1864 Call No: MSS-864604.2

Huse, Hiram A.Hiram A. Huse, Hanover, N.H. to E.K. Burnham, LetterSept. 23, 1863 Call No: MSS-863523.1

Hutchins, EdwardEdward W. Hutchins transcription of Henry C. Hutchins' letters from Europeundated Call No: MS-1307

Hutchins, FrankOral history interview with Frank Hutchins2008 June 6 Call No: DOH-92

Hutchinson Family SingersHutchinson Family Singers Collection1840 - 1988 Call No: MS-1241

Hutchinson, Charles E.Oral history interview with Charles E. Hutchinson2003 July 7 Call No: DOH-30

Hutchinson, TitusTitus Hutchinson Letter1830 September 8 Call No: MSS-830508.1

Hutton, LynOral history interview with Lyn Hutton2008 July 21 Call No: DOH-294