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Innes-Taylor, AlanAlan Innes-Taylor in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-26

Irwin, VioletViolet Irwin in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-141

Jackson, Charles R.Charles R. Jackson, Paperscirca 1920 - 1992 Call No: MS-1070

Jackson, Elizabeth J.Elizabeth J. Jackson, Papers1832 - 1870 Call No: MS-1106

Jacoby, Ned L.Oral history interview with Ned L. Jacoby2011 Jan. 11 Call No: DOH-243

Jaeger, Richard G.Oral history interview with Richard G. Jaeger2009 March 4 Call No: DOH-295

Janes, Harriet BurleighHarriet Burleigh Janes in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MS-844

Jaques and Marcus (Firm)Jewelry Design Books of Jaques and Marcus1890-1926 Call No: MS-674

Jaques and Marcus (Firm)Jaques and Marcus letter1889-11-29 Call No: MSS-889629

Jenkins, JohnOral history interview with John Jenkins2007 November 28 Call No: DOH-93

Jenkins, Mary M.Oral history interview with Mary M. Jenkins2007 November 28 Call No: DOH-94

Jesup, Henry G.Henry G. Jesup papers1890 - 1891 Call No: MS-1257

John McCoy FamilyJohn McCoy Family papers1847 - 1899 Call No: MS-605

Johnson FamilyJohnson Family of Enfield, New Hampshire at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-20

Johnson, MahmudOral history interview with Mahmud Johnson2013 May 14 Call No: DOH-339

Johnson, Raymond BRaymond B Johnson, Oral history interview with Dr. Raymond B. Johnson2012 November 26 Call No: DOH-315

Jones, Benjamin K.Oral history interview with Benjamin Jones2008 October 10. Call No: DOH-146

Jordan, CliffOral history interview with Cliff Jordan2008 February 8 Call No: DOH-95

Joseph, Richard A.Oral history interview with Richard A. Joseph2003 Sept. 27 - 2003 Nov. 22 Call No: DOH-31

Jouett, John KOral history interview with John Jouett2008 September 20 Call No: DOH-147

Joy, NancyOral history interview with Nancy Joy2008 February 1 Call No: DOH-97

Joy, RobertOral history interview with Robert Joy2008 February 1 Call No: DOH-96

Judd, Siegel W.Siegel W. Judd, Collection 1915 - 1919 Call No: MS-1221

Junkins and Co.Junkins and Co. in the Dartmouth College Library, Records Call No: MS-845