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Rauner Special Collections Library6065 Webster Hall, Hanover, NH 03755-3519 USATelephone: 603-646-0538, Fax:

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Kadin, ElizabethElizabeth Kadin, Papers1975 - 1979 Call No: MS-1228

Kantrowitz, ArthurArthur Kantrowitz, Papers1937 - 2007 Call No: MS-1097

Kappa Kappa Kappa FraternityKappa Kappa Kappa Fraternity, Records 1845 - circa 2000 Call No: DO-32

Karanikas, AlexanderAlexander Karanikas, Letters1943 - 2006 Call No: MSS-246

Kartsens, Henry P.Henry P. Karstens in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-52

Kearl, Timothy ROral history interview with Timothy R Kearl2012 April 13 Call No: DOH-335

Kelley, Mary C.Oral history interview with Mary C. Kelley2008 July 28 - 2008 August 7. Call No: DOH-296

Kelly, Eric PhilbrookEric Philbrook Kelly in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MS-257

Kemeny, Jean A.Oral history interview with Jean A. Kemeny1996 June 14 - 2000 Nov. 28 Call No: DOH-32

Kemeny, John G.Oral history interview with John G. Kemeny1984 Call No: DOH-2

Kemeny, John G.John G. Kemeny, Papers1942 - 1992 Call No: MS-988

Kendall, AmosAmos Kendall Collection1831 - 1859 Call No: MS-1199

Kilmarx, Robert D.Oral history interview with Robert D. Kilmarx2001 January 10 - 2001 Feb. 27 Call No: DOH-33

King, Allen L.Allen L. King, Papers1863 - 2003 Call No: MS-1032

King, Victor LouisVictor Louis King in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MS-429

Kini, Shloka ROral history interview with Shloka R Kini2013 May 17 Call No: DOH-336

Kirkland, SamuelSamuel Kirkland in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MS-867

Klee, PaulPaul Klee papers on civil rights1961 - 1964 Call No: MS-1322

Klevar, HarveyHarvey Klevar in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MS-823

Knoche, ErnestErnest J. Knoche collection on the SS Eleazar Wheelock and SS Dartmouth Victory1964 - 1967 Call No: MS-1268

Kondracke, MortonMorton Kondracke in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: ML-87

Kopp, Quentin L.Oral history interview with Quentin L. Kopp2009 June 18 Call No: DOH-167

Kreider, Donald L.Oral history interview with Donald L. Kreider2002 April 10 - 2003 Feb. 25 Call No: DOH-34

Krug, C. T.Oral history interview with C. T. Krug2008 June 26 Call No: DOH-150

Kuhn, Robert WRobert Kuhn, to Edwin J. Drechsel, Dayton, Ohio., Letter1949 Jan. 19 Call No: MSS-949119

Kurtz , Thomas E.Thomas E. Kurtz , Paperscirca 1950 - 2008 Call No: MS-1144

Kurtz, Agnes B.Oral history interview with Agnes B. Kurtz1997 July 24 Call No: DOH-13

Kurtz, Thomas E.Oral history interview with Thomas E. Kurtz2002 June 20 - 2002 July 2 Call No: DOH-14

La Alianza LatinaLa Alianza Latina records1990-2013 Call No: MS-1360

LaFrance, Arthur B.Oral history interview with Arthur B. LaFrance2008 Sept. 20 Call No: DOH-297

Ladd, Samuel T.Samuel T. Ladd, coursebookcirca 1900 Call No: 003236

Laing, Alexander KinnanAlexander Kinnan Laing at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-53

Laing, DilysDilys Laing, Papersca. 1917 - ca. 1960 Call No: MS-984

Lamb, Edward O.Edward O. Lamb, Papers1920 - 1963 Call No: MS-461

Landauer, Bella C.Scrapbooks of Bella C. Landauer1862 - 1930 Call No: MS-1238

Landauer, Bella C.Bella C. Landauer Collection of Eugene O'Neillcirca 1915 - 1941 Call No: MS-1120

Lane, RichardRichard Emerson Lane diaries; MS-5651837 - 1840 Call No: MS-565

Langenbucher, JacobBeschreibung einer Electrischen Maschine so nach besondern Grunds zen gebaut ist von dern Anfertiger Jacob Langenbucher in Augsburg 17791779 Call No: 003241

Langford, George M.Oral history interview with George M. Langford2008 July 15 Call No: DOH-298

Langley, Roger F.Roger F. Langley papers; MS-13361904 - 1958 Call No: MS-1336

Lankes, Julius J.Julius J. Lankes, Paperscirca 1917 - 1988 Call No: MS-1115

Lansberg, William R.William Lansberg, Papers1958 - 1960 Call No: MS-1014

Lanzetta, John T.John T. Lanzetta, Papers1955 - 1988 Call No: MS-1138

Lappo, S. D.S. D. Lappo in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-58

Larmon, RussellRussell Larmon, Papers1958 - 1962 Call No: MS-1184

Larson, Conrad SextonConrad Sexton Larson in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-223

Latchis, John DJohn Latchis, Paperscirca 1935 - circa 1937 Call No: MS-1037

Latham FamilyLatham Family in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: ML-11

Lathem, Edward C.Robert Frost Lectures of Edward C. Lathem, Collection 1941 - 1962 Call No: MS-1012

Lathem, Edward C.Edward C. Lathem, Papers1913 - 2009 Call No: MS-965

Lathrop, Churchill P.Churchill P. Lathrop, Paperscirca 1920 - 1990 Call No: MS-1141

Lathrop, George ParsonsJaques and Marcus letter1889-11-29 Call No: MSS-889629

Lattimore, Richmond (Alexander)Richmond Alexander Lattimore papers1927-1957 Call No: MS-503

Laws, JamesJames Laws in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-60

League of Women Voters of the Upper ValleyLeague of Women Voters of the Upper Valley records1939-2015 Call No: MS-839

Leavens, Robert (French)Robert Leavens papers1926-1965 Call No: MS-855

Leavitt, Dorothy HallDorothy Hall Leavitt noteundated Call No: MSS-003270

Leavitt, Howard B.Oral history interview with Howard Leavitt2008 August 18. Call No: DOH-151

Leddy-Cecere, Meagan AOral history interview with Meagan A Leddy-Cecere2012 March 20 Call No: DOH-337

Lee, Jr., Forrester A.Forrester A. Lee, Jr., Papers1967-2007 Call No: MS-1250

Leffingwell, Ernest deKovenErnest deKoven Leffingwell in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-69

Legge, WilliamWilliam Legge, [Lord Dartmouth, St. James' Square to unknown,] June 15, LetterJune 15 Call No: MSS-000365.1

Levine, Victor E.Victor E. Levine in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-154

Levinson, Robert A.Oral history interview with Robert A. Levinson2010 February 25 Call No: DOH-263

Lillard, Walter H.Walter H. Lillard, Paperscirca 1880 - 1945 Call No: MS-1159

Liou, Alice MOral history interview with Alice M Liou2013 February 28 Call No: DOH-340

Little, Brown and Co.Little, Brown and Co. , Boston to Mssrs. Merriam [Springfield, MA], Letter1851 Feb 1 Call No: MSS-851151.1

Lloyd, TrevorTrevor Lloyd in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-194

Loeb, James I.James I. Loeb in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MS-827

London, Charmian K.Charmian London, Letters 1924 - 1934 Call No: MS-1043

London, JackJack London, Letters 1911 - 1913 Call No: MS-1050

London, L. J.L. London, Papers1864 - 1956 Call No: MS-1062

Long, Carl F.Oral history interview with Carl F. Long2001 February 22 Call No: DOH-35

Loos, AnitaAnita Loos Collection1915 - 1979 Call No: MS-1092

Lord familyLord Family papers1710-1967 Call No: MS-510

Lord, Arthur H.Diaries of Arthur H. Lord1908-1912 Call No: MS-1202

Lord, Frederic (Pomeroy)Frederic Pomeroy Lord papers1893-1970 Call No: MS-1323

Lord, George DanaGeorge D. Lord letterundated Call No: MSS-000719

Lord, JohnJohn Lord papers1825 - 1894 Call No: MS-1262

Lord, John (King)John Lord papers1864-1926 Call No: MS-562

Lord, NathanNathan Lord, Hanover, NH, to Edward [Gould], Letter1851 July 17 Call No: MSS-851417

Lord, NathanNathan Lord, Dartmouth College (Hanover, NH) To Rev. Mr. Leavitt Strafford, VT, Letter1832 Dec 6 Call No: MSS-832656.1

Lord, NathanNathan Lord, Nathan Lord, Dartmouth College [Hanover, NH] to Benjamin B. French, Letter1841 Feb. 12 Call No: MSS-841162

Lord, NathanNathan Lord, Hanover [NH], to Rev. Jacob Cummings, Stratham, New Hampshire, Letter1831 May 17 Call No: MSS-831317.1

Lord, NathanNathan Lord, Dartmouth College [Hanover, NH] to George and Charles Merriam [Springfield, MA], Letter19 January, 1860 Call No: MSS-860119

Lougee, Richard Jewett and Clara RomRichard Jewett Lougee and Clara Rom Lougee at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-35

Lundquist, Weyman I.Weyman Lundquist papers1910-2009 Call No: MS-1003