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MacDonald, Kenneth A.Kenneth A. MacDonald, Papers1969 - 1994 Call No: MS-1127

MacDonell, R. ParkerR. Parker MacDonell, Oral History Interview with R. Parker MacDonell2012 November 17 Call No: DOH-341

MacDougall, Ruth D.Ruth D. MacDougall, Papers1964 - 2003 Call No: ML-104

MacKaye FamilyMacKaye Family papers1751 - 1998 Call No: ML-5

Macy, GeorgeGeorge Macy in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MS-809

Magenau, William (Stubbs)William and Mary Magenau collection on Woodward family1777-1865 Call No: MS-1337

Makepeace, Maurice B.Maurice Makepeace, Papers1924 - 1928 Call No: MS-1044

Mallary, RichardOral history interview with Richard Mallary2008 July 9 Call No: DOH-152

Manuel, Ralph N.Oral history interview with Ralph N. Manuel2002 June 26 - 2002 July 24 Call No: DOH-36

Marion, John F.John F. Marion Collection of Count Rumford1814 - 1979 Call No: MS-1122

Markey, GeneSong of the West by Gene Markey & John R. Wallacecirca 1940 Call No: MS-1321

Markham, Clements R.Proposal for an Antarctic manual1900 Call No: MSS-274

Markin, Linda EOral history interview with Linda E Markin2013 April 25 Call No: DOH-342

Marshall, SidneySidney Marshall, Paperscirca 1966 - circa 1974 Call No: MS-1054

Marston, GilmanGilman Marston, Washington D.C., to M. Lovering, Letter1863 July 1 Call No: MSS-863401.1

Martin, DexterDexter Martin, Paperscirca 1980 - 1995 Call No: MS-1134

Martin, HelenHelen Martin, Papers1919 - 1997 Call No: MS-948

Martin, Leon ALeon A. Martin, Papers1891 - 1945 Call No: MS-1056

Martin, Lucretia L.Oral history interview with Lucretia L. Martin2005 January 10 - 2005 February 4 Call No: DOH-15

Mary Hitchcock Memorial HospitalMary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital records1893-1985 Call No: DH-29

Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital. School of NursingMary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital, School of Nursing records1893-1980 Call No: DA-44

Mascoma Mining CompanyMascoma Mining Company records1881 - 1886 Call No: MS-1317

Mason, BeatriceBeatrice Mason in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-23

Masten, John E.John E. Masten, Papers1941 - 1948 Call No: MS-1137

Masters , RogerRoger Masters, Papers1950 - 2002 Call No: MS-1063

Mathews, JohnJohn Mathews collection of political protest drawings and ephemera1968-1969 Call No: MS-1335

Matson, TimothyPhotographs of Timothy Matson1972 - 1978 Call No: MS-1019

Matthews, Louis B.Louis B. Mathews, Jr. Papers1955 - 1990 Call No: MS-113

May, RobertRobert May papers1939 - 1954 Call No: MS-630

Maynard, Priscilla F.Oral history interview with Priscilla F. Maynard1997 Oct. 9 Call No: DOH-37

McCarthy, JackJack McCarthy papers1959-2012 Call No: MS-1348

McClary, Andrew B.Andrew B. McClary, Papers1916 - 1919 Call No: MS-1010

McClery, AndrewAndrew McClery, McClery deed to Bennet1743 Dec. 8 Call No: MSS-743658

McCollum, Robert W.Oral history interview with Robert W. McCollum2002 June 19 - 2002 July 3 Call No: DOH-38

McConnell, Burt MortonBurt Morton McConnell in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-107

McConnell, Steven EOral history interview with Steven E McConnell2013 April 9 Call No: DOH-344

McCulloch, Norman E.Oral history interview with Norman McCulloch1997 March 21 - 2000 Dec. 8 Call No: DOH-39

McDavitt, Clarence GScrapbook of Clarence McDavitt1922 - circa 1930 Call No: MS-1091

McEwen, Robert G.Oral history interview with Robert McEwen2004 March 1 - 2004 March 22 Call No: DOH-40

McGrath, RobertRobert McGrath, Papers1965 - 1992 Call No: MS-1009

McGrew, Jennifer DOral history interview with Jennifer D McGrew2013 August 29 Call No: DOH-345

McIntosh and OtisMcIntosh and Otis records on Erskine Caldwell1978-1988 Call No: MS-1350

McKee, AlexanderAlexander McKee at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: MSS-218

McLane, John R.John R. McLane at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-63

McLane, MalcolmOral history interview with Malcolm McLane2008 February 1 Call No: DOH-98

McLane, MalcolmMalcolm McLane, Papers1943 - 2008 Call No: MS-1051

McLane, Merrill FMerrill McLane, Papers1941 - 2005 Call No: MS-1052

McLaughlin, David TDavid T. McLaughlin, Papers1981 - 2004 Call No: MS-960

McLaughlin, David T.David T. McLaughlin, Dartmouth College. Hanover, New Hampshire, to Edward [Bradley], Letter1987 June 16 Call No: MSS-987366

McLaughlin, David T.Oral history interview with David T. McLaughlin1996 Nov. 8 - 1997 Dec. 10 Call No: DOH-41

McLaughlin, Judith L.Oral history interview with Judith L. McLaughlin2003 August 20 Call No: DOH-42

McLaughry, Robert D.Oral history interview with Robert McLaughry2008 September 8 Call No: DOH-153

McPherson, Nikkita KOral history interview with Nikkita K McPherson2013 May 3 Call No: DOH-346

Mckennan, Robert A.Robert A. Mckennan at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-50

Meadows, Donella H.Donella H. Meadows, Papers1941 - 2007 Call No: MS-1152

Mecklin, John M.John M. Mecklin, Papers1918 - 1986 Call No: ML-28

Mecklin, John M.John M. Mecklin, Papers1905 - 1976 Call No: MS-1001

Medlicott, Alexander G.Oral history interview with Alexander Medlicott2009 September 14 Call No: DOH-171

Meigs, Cornelia L.Cornelia Meigs, Papers1915 - 1973 Call No: ML-41

Melville, HenryHenry Melville papers1925-1926 Call No: MS-1236

Mencken, Henry LouisH.L. Mencken Collection1902 - 1956 Call No: MS-693

Merrill, DavidDavid Merrill, Papers1819 - 1850 Call No: MS-956

Merrill, MosesMoses Merrill letters1853 - 1860 Call No: MS-1255

Merrill, W. D.Oral history interview with W. D. Merrill2008 February 11 Call No: DOH-99

Miano, LouisLouis Miano, Paperscirca 1951 - 1959 Call No: MS-1140

Middleton, RalphLessons of the War: Its Origin and Import as Viewed by a Confederate Private, manuscriptcirca 1864 Call No: MS-1277

Milanese, Mary AnnOral history interview with Mary Ann Milanese2013 August 29 Call No: DOH-376

Miller, Erwin C.Erwin C. Miller in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-221

Miller, Maritza M.Oral history interview with Maritza M. Miller2013 March 8 Call No: DOH-347

Milne, Lorus and MargeryLorus and Margery Milne in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: ML-18

Miranda (ship)Miranda Expedition Photographs in the Dartmouth College Library Call No: MSS-208

Mitchell, Richard M.Richard M. Mitchell, Papers1896 - 1956 Call No: MS-1130

Monagan, John StephenJohn Stephen Monagan in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: ML-9

Monahan, Robert S.Robert S. Monahan, Papers1897 - 1991 Call No: MS-1088

Montour, Rita-Louise WRita-Louise W Montour, Oral history interview with Rita-Louise W. Montour2013 February 5 Call No: DOH-348

Moor's Indian Charity SchoolMoor's Indian Charity School, Records 1760 - 1915 Call No: DA-403

Moore, George M.George M. Moore, Letter1882 September 3 Call No: MSS-882503

Morey, SamuelSamuel Morey papers1793 - 1860 Call No: MS-150

Morgan, Millett G.Millett Morgan, Papers1937 - 2000 Call No: MS-1027

Morin, Richard W.Richard W. Morin at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-70

Morrison, Donald H.Donald H. Morrison in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MS-822

Morrison, Hugh S.Hugh S. Morrison, Papers1893 - 1970 Call No: MS-430

Morrison, KathleenKathleen Morrison, Papers1938 - 1985 Call No: MS-1211

Morse, Harry R.Oral history interview with Harry Morse2008 October 23 Call No: DOH-154

Mosenthal, William (Talbot)William Mosenthal papers1923-2002 Call No: MS-985

Moser, BarryBarry Moser, Papers1932 - 2000 Call No: ML-39

Mosher, Thomas BirdThomas Bird Mosher in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MS-358

Mount, M. FrederickM. Frederick Mount in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-195

Mudge, JohnJohn Mudge papers1974-1979 Call No: MS-992

Muharemovic, SanelaOral history interview with Sanela Muharemovic2012 April 20 Call No: DOH-349

Mullin, John StanleyJohn Stanley Mullin in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: ML-12

Munro, JohnJohn Munro in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-92

Munroe, GeorgeOral history interview with George Munroe2008 January 14 Call No: DOH-100

Munroe, George B.Oral history interview with George B. Munroe2008 January 14. Call No: DOH-299

Munroe, George B.George B. Munroe in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MS-881

Murphy, PatrickPatrick Murphy, Collection 1977-1978 Call No: MS-1175

Murray, GilbertGilbert Murray letter1909-08-18 Call No: MSS-909159

Murray, Warren E.Warren E. Murray collection of Dartmouth Players ephemera1924 - 1926 Call No: MS-1197

Nansen, FridtjofFridtjof Nansen in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-156

Nash, RayRay Nash papers1778 - 1980 Call No: MS-1076

Nash, RayRay Nash collection of student penmanship1754-1819 Call No: MS-1345

Nash, StephenStephen G. Nash papers1837 - 1859 Call No: MS-1291

National Ski Patrol. Eastern DivisionNational Ski Patrol, Eastern Division records1938-2011 Call No: MS-1041

Navarro, MarysaMarysa Navarro papers1933-2009 Call No: MS-1174

Nef, Eveleyn StefanssonEvelyn Stefansson Nef in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-99

Neidlinger, Lloyd (Kellock)Lloyd K. Neidlinger papers1927-1966 Call No: MS-1354

Neill, Elizabeth JOral history interview with Elizabeth J Neill2013 March 4 Call No: DOH-351

Nelson, Gail C.Gail C. Nelson, Papers1976 - 1991 Call No: MS-1090

Nelson, GilbertOral history interview with Gilbert Nelson2008 April 23 Call No: DOH-101

New Hampshire Boundary SurveyNew Hampshire Boundary Survey, Records 1890 - 1917 Call No: MS-820

New Hampshire TreasuryNew Hampshire Treasury account book collection1777 - 1868 Call No: MS-1293

New Hampshire World Fellowship CenterNew Hampshire World Fellowship Center records1919-2013 Call No: MS-1105

New Hampshire and Vermont CemeteriesRecords and Research Materials Relating to Cemeteries in Vermont and New Hampshire, Collection 1845 - 2007 Call No: DH-38

Niles, NathanielAmerican Hero: A Sappick Odecirca 1765 - 1794 Call No: MS-1303

Nin, AnaisAnais Nin, Papers1934-1977 Call No: MS-1000

Nobile, UmbertoUmberto Nobile in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-113

Noice, HaroldHarold Noice in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-91

Norton, Allen S.Allen S. Norton, Papers1918 Call No: MS-1036

Norton, Max A.Max A. Norton, Papers1938 - 1952 Call No: MS-1017

Nossiter, Bernard D.Bernard D. Nossiter in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MS-807

Nutt, David C.David C. Nutt, Papers1867 - 2008 Call No: MSS-71

Nutt, Robert H.Oral history interview with Robert Nutt2008 February 19 Call No: DOH-102