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O'Neill, HesterHester O'Neill, Papers1886 - 1991 Call No: MS-1149

O'Sullivan, VincentVincent O'Sullivan collection1901-1994 Call No: MS-798

Oberlander, AndrewAndrew Oberlander, All American Football Team, Certificate1925 Dec 1 Call No: MSS-925651

Occom, SamsonSamson Occom collectioncirca 1743 - 1790 Call No: MS-1237

Occupy DartmouthOccupy Dartmouth, Collection 2011 Call No: MS-1204

Odokara-Okigbo , Michael COral history interview with Michael C Odokara-Okigbo 2012 April 25 Call No: DOH-352

Office of Price AdministrationOffice of Price Administration Ration Cards collectioncirca 1942 - 1946 Call No: MS-1280

Oldenburg, MargaretMargaret Oldenburg at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: MSS-150

Operation Deep FreezeOperation Deepfreeze in the Dartmouth College Library Call No: MSS-224

Operti, Albert JAlbert Operti, Papers1886 - 1926 Call No: MSS-165

Orozco, José C.José C. Orozco, to Mr. [Irving] Richards, [New York], Letter1946 Nov. 5 Call No: MSS-946605

Orozco, José C.José C. Orozco, to Mrs. [Irving] Richards, [New York], Letter1945 Dec. 19 Call No: MSS-945669

Orozco, José C.José C. Orozco, to Mr. [Irving] Richards, [New York], Letter1945 Dec. 26 Call No: MSS-945676

Orozco, José C.José C. Orozco, to Mr. [Irving] Richards, [New York], Letter1948 May 27 Call No: MSS-948327

Orr, Clifford B.Clifford Orr papers1918-1949 Call No: MS-532

Orth, Cameron W.Cameron W. Orth, Oral history interview with Cameron W. Orth.2013 May 7 Call No: DOH-353

Osherenko, GailGail Osherenko Papers1971 - 2000 Call No: MSS-276

Otis, JohnJohn Otis, Papers1835 - 1851 Call No: MS-1132

Owen, Leander, CaptainLeander Owen papers1856-1888 Call No: MSS-247

Packard, ArtemasArtemas Packard papers1873-1961 Call No: MS-1353

Packard, MarjoryMarjory Lord Packard papers1884-1961 Call No: MS-1356

Paganucci, Paul D.Oral history interview with Paul D. Paganucci1996 Oct. 24 - 1996 Nov. 22 Call No: DOH-43

Page, FrederickFrederick S. Page, Papers1914 - 1957 Call No: MS-1247

Page, Richard M.Oral history interview with Richard M. Page2009 June 15. Call No: DOH-300

Paine, Milton K.Handbills of the Milton K. Painecirca 1870 Call No: MS-1075

Parkhurst, LewisLewis Parkhurst papers1872-1961 Call No: MS-1161

Parmelee, H. FrancesH. Frances Parmelee papers1867-1927 Call No: MS-1343

Parrish, MaxfieldMaxfield Parrish, Papers1866 - 1985 Call No: ML-62

Parsons, FrankFrank N. Parsons papers1870 - 1892 Call No: MS-1289

Patten, Rufus ERufus Patten, Paperscirca. 1832 - circa. 1869 Call No: MS-930

Patterson, James W.James W. Patterson, to Jonathan Sawyer, Dover, NH, Letter1868 May 16 Call No: MSS-868316.1

Paulson, MargeOral history interview with Marge Paulson2007 September 17 Call No: DOH-104

Paulson, RobertOral history interview with Robert Paulson2007 September 17 Call No: DOH-103

Peabody, DavidDavid Peabody journals and autobiography1827 - 1859 Call No: MS-1292

Peacock, F. W., ReverendRev. F. W. Peacock at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: MSS-114

Pearson, Charles (Milton)Charles Pearson papers1920-1944 Call No: MS-895

Peary, RobertRobert Peary Collection1889 - 1970 Call No: MSS-198

Peary, Robert E.Robert Peary, Robert E. Peary, South Harpswell, ME to Dr. George F. Kunz, [New York], Letter1814 October 11 Call No: MSS-914561

Pelton, M. L.Oral history interview with M. L. Pelton2008 Sept. 22 Call No: DOH-301

Performance Poetry Preservation ProjectThe Performance Poetry Preservation Project collectioncirca 1977-2015 Call No: MS-1374

Perpetua PressPerpetua Press records1980 - 2013 Call No: MS-964

Perrin, Edwin N.Noel Perrin, Papers1932 - 2002 Call No: MS-348

Perry, DavidDavid Perry, Letter1823 February 24 Call No: MSS-823174

Perry, Marcelle R.Marcelle R. Perry, Papers1782 - 2008 Call No: MS-1067

Peters, SeaverOral history interview with Seaver Peters2001 May 23 Call No: DOH-44

Peterson, Walter R.Oral history interview with Walter R. Peterson2009 December 14 Call No: DOH-196

Phi Beta Kappa Association of ConstantinoplePhi Beta Kappa Association of Constantinople records1900 - 1915 Call No: MS-1316

Phi Delta Alpha FraternityPhi Delta Alpha Fraternity, Records 1903 - 2009 Call No: MS-1112

Phippen, George ROral history interview with George Phippen2008 January 30 Call No: DOH-105

Pierce, Nell ROral history interview with Nell R Pierce2013 January 13 Call No: DOH-354

Pike, JamesJames Pike ciphering bookscirca 1798 Call No: MS-1271

Pilobolus Dance TheatrePilobolus Dance Theatre, Records 1971 - 2007 Call No: ML-97

Pinkham, Jean A.Jean A. Pinkham at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: MSS-145

Pitchforth, HectorHector Pitchforth in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-115

Plumer, WilliamWilliam Plumer, Washington, [DC] to Oliver Peabody, Exeter, N.H., Letter1803 Jan. 31 Call No: MSS-803131.2

Polar NotesPolar Notes in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-170

Pond, Bremer h.Bremer h. Pond, Records 1912 - 1914 Call No: DA-199

Ponsonby, GeraldGerald Ponsonby Collection of Printed Ephemera1879 - 1911 Call No: MS-1119

Pontecorvo, GiulioOral history interview with Giulio Pontecorvo2010 Sept. 25 Call No: DOH-270

Pope, AlexanderAlexander Pope, Received of his Grace ye D. of Argyle, Two Guineas, being the first Payment to the Subscription, for the Translations of Homer's Iliads..., Receiptcirca 1715 Call No: MSS-715940

Popini, Eloise McCaskillEloise McCaskill Popini in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-116

Porter, Eleanor (Hodgman)Eleanor H. Porter papers1889-1928 Call No: MS-796

Porter, Russell W.Russell W. Porter at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: MSS-118

Prescott, Benjamin F.Benjamin F. Prescott, Papers1875 - 1900 Call No: MS-890

Presidential Committee on Civil RightsPresidential Committee on Civil Rights, Papers1946 - 1947 Call No: MS-1053

Prouty, Ira F.Ira F. Prouty, Papers1837 - 1874 Call No: MS-935

Prowse, George Robert FarrarGeorge Robert Farrar Prowse at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: MSS-117

Putnam Drug Company, Inc.Putnam Drug Company, Inc., of Hanover, NH, 1795-1926, Records Call No: MS-871

Putnam, George R.George R. Putnam, Papers1896-1898, 2013 Call No: MSS-273

Pytte, AgnarOral history interview with Agnar Pytte2002 May 15 Call No: DOH-45