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Rauner Special Collections Library6065 Webster Hall, Hanover, NH 03755-3519 USATelephone: 603-646-0538, Fax:

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Quayle, JacquelineOral history interview with Jacqueline Quayle2008 February 1 Call No: DOH-106

Ramadan, Ayda T.Oral history interview with Ayda T. Ramadan2013 May 8. Call No: DOH-355

Ramsey, James NelsonJames Nelson Ramsey in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: ML-76

Rapf, MauriceMaurice Rapf, PapersCirca. 1929 - 2001 Call No: MS-1021

Rasenberger, Raymond J.Oral history interview with Raymond J. Rasenberger2009 June 16 Call No: DOH-166

Rasmussen, Edward J.Edward Rasmussen, Papers2008 - 2009 Call No: MS-1069

Read, JohnJohn Read, Papers1836 - 1878 Call No: MSS-259

Reed, Elizabeth "Betty"Elizabeth "Betty" Reed, Papers1926 - 1929 Call No: MS-932

Reed, SampsonSampson A. Reed lecture notebooks1872 - 1873 Call No: MS-1315

Reed, W. L.Oral history interview with W. L. Reed2008 January 30 Call No: DOH-107

Reeve, Merelyn L.Merelyn Lee Reeve papers1992-1999 Call No: MS-861

Renard, Emile GEmile Renard, Avec les ménapiens: petite souvenirs de la grande guerre, 1917-1918. , Volume1929 Call No: 003205

Richardson, Charles (Charles Francis)Charles F. Richardson letters1876-1878 Call No: MS-1351

Richardson, Elliot L.Elliot L. Richardson, Washington, D.C., to Allan R. Zenowitz, Framingham, MA, Letter1970 Oct. 5 Call No: MSS-970555

Richardson, WilliamWilliam L. Richardson journalscirca 1904 - 1928 Call No: MS-1314

Rieser, Leonard M.Oral history interview with Leonard M. Rieser1996 August 15 - 1996 October 22 Call No: DOH-16

Rieser, Leonard M.Leonard Rieser, Papers1960 - 1966 Call No: MS-640

Risley familyRisley Family papers1804-1864 Call No: MS-235

Roberts, Kenneth LKenneth Roberts, Papers1890 - 1972 Call No: ML-25

Roberts, Palmer W.Palmer W. Roberts in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-140

Robinson, RobinRobin Robinson, Papers1888 - 2000 Call No: MS-1151

Robinson/Lambuth FamilyRobinson/Lambuth Family, Papers1592 - 1993 Call No: MS-1098

Roman, Stanford A.Oral history interview with Stanford A. Roman2008 April 8. Call No: DOH-302

Romig, Edna DavisEdna Davis Romig, Papers1931 - 1947 Call No: MS-1215

Rooke, Robert C.Oral history interview with Robert Rooke2008 June 19 Call No: DOH-155

Roos, ThomasThomas Roos, Papers1964 - 1986 Call No: MS-1154

Roos, Thomas B.Oral history interview with Thomas B. Roos2003 January 21 - 2003 Feb. 17 Call No: DOH-46

Roosevelt, Franklin D.Franklin D. Roosevelt, The White House, Washington, [DC], to Robert St. John, Concord, NH, Letter1936 Oct. 20 Call No: MSS-936570

Roosevelt, Franklin D.Franklin D. Roosevelt, [New York], New York, to J. W. Young, Hanover, NH, Letter1928 Oct. 31 Call No: MSS-928581

Roosevelt, Franklin D.Franklin D. Roosevelt, to J.W. Young, Hanover, NH, Letter1928 Oct. 24 Call No: MSS-928574

Roosevelt, TheodoreTheodore Roosevelt, The White House, Washington [DC], to Norman Hapgood, New York, New York, Letter1907 Dec. 10 Call No: MSS-907660

Rosenstock-Huessy, EugenEugen Rosenstock-Huessy, Papers1870 - 2001 Call No: MS-522

Rosenwald, E. J.Oral history interview with E. J. Rosenwald2008 January 15 Call No: DOH-303

Ross, Frances A.Frances A. Ross, Paperscirca 1880 - 1990 Call No: MSS-254

Rowan, Dana C.Dana C. Rowan, Papers1977 - 1981 Call No: MS-1126

Rowan, Joan S.Oral history interview with Joan S. Rowan2009 October 17 Call No: DOH-177

Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceRoyal Canadian Mounted Police at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: MSS-19

Royal Templars of Temperance of New EnglandRoyal Templars of Temperance of New England, Record Book1883 - 1888 Call No: 003204

Rublee, Juliet (Barrett)Juliet Rublee papers1915-1992 Call No: MS-731

Rugg, Harold G.Harold G. Rugg, Papers1755 - 1957 Call No: MS-1133

Russell, ElihuElihu Russell, Mechanics, Shelburne, Vermont, November 10, 1838. To Henry N. Bickford, to Sidney [illegible]., Volume1838 - 1854 Call No: 003173

Ruzicka, Rudolph, 1883-1978Bert C. Chambers letters with Rudolph Ruzicka1931-1976 Call No: MS-1363

Ruzicka, TatianaTatiana Ruzicka, Paperscirca 1938 - 1990 Call No: MS-1145

Ruzicka, VeronicaVeronica Ruzicka, Paperscirca 1940 - 1981 Call No: MS-1125

Ryce, Drew M.Oral history interview with Drew M. Ryce2013 Feb. 4 Call No: DOH-356