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Rauner Special Collections Library6065 Webster Hall, Hanover, NH 03755-3519 USATelephone: 603-646-0538, Fax:

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Sacariasen, Carl J.Carl J. Sacariasen in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-95

Safford, TheodoreOral history interview with Theodore Safford2007 December 11 Call No: DOH-108

Saint-Gaudens MemorialSaint-Gaudens Memorial, Records 1919 - 1984 Call No: MS-1209

Saint-Gaudens, AugustusAugustus Saint-Gaudens, Papers1848 - 1985 Call No: ML-4

Saltonstall, LeverettLeverett Saltonstall, Salem [Mass], to James H. Bingham [Claremont, NH], Letter1838 Aug. 7 Call No: MSS-838457.2

Samek, Paul H.Oral history interview with Paul H. Samek2010 Sept. 25 Call No: DOH-269

Sample, PaulPaul Sample, Papers1931 - 1975 Call No: MS-458

Sanborn, RalphRalph Sanborn in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MS-465

Sandburg, CarlCarl Sandburg Collection1923 - 1940 Call No: MS-1201

Sanger, Eugene F.Eugene F. Sanger, Dartmouth College (Hanover, NH) To Edward C. Mitchell Waterville, ME, Letter1848 Sep 18 Call No: MSS-848518.1

Sargeant, Moses M.Moses M. Sargeant, Papers1895 - 1897 Call No: MS-963

Sarkisian, HarryOral history interview with Harry Sarkisian2008 October 12 Call No: DOH-156

Sawyer, MoodyMoody C. Sawyer poetry scrapbookcirca 1849 Call No: MS-1301

Scheu, EdwardOral history interview with Edward Scheu2007 November 7 Call No: DOH-109

Schulberg, Benjamin P.Benjamin P. Schulberg, Papers1933 - 1950 Call No: MS-1031

Schulberg, BuddBudd Schulberg papers1913-2014 Call No: MS-978

Scobie, RichardFilm of the Richard Scobie1952 - 1956 Call No: MS-1113

Sears, Dorothy W., Jr. (Wingett)Dorothy W. Sears Jr. collection on Lyme, New Hampshirecirca 1817-2009 Call No: MS-1338

Sears, Francis W.Francis W. Sears, Papers1945 - 1971 Call No: MS-1180

Seitz, Charles L.Polar Diaries of the Charles L. Seitz1901 - 1905 Call No: MSS-244

Sereen, AmeliaOral history interview with Amelia A. Sereen2013 March 21. Call No: DOH-357

Severson, Stephen D.Stephen D. Severson, Oral history interview with Stephen D. Severson.2012 Dec. 5 Call No: DOH-358

Shanahan, Edward J.Oral history interview with Edward Shanahan2002 March 27 Call No: DOH-47

Shaw, BernardGilbert Murray letter1909-08-18 Call No: MSS-909159

Shelburne Lead Mining Co.Shelburne Lead Mining Company records1846 - 1854 Call No: MS-1269

Shepard, SamuelSamuel Shepard letters1820 - 1834 Call No: MS-1245

Sherburne, HenryHenry Sherburne, Portsmouth, [NH], To Eleazar Wheelock, Lebanon, [CT]., Letter1763 Feb. 15 Call No: MSS-763165

Shertz, Robert H.Robert H. Shertz letter and postcard1938, 1941 Call No: MSS-003269

Shipler, David K.David K. Shipler, Oral history interview with David K. Shipler.2007 October 19 - 2008 Jan. 22. Call No: DOH-304

Shipler, David K.David K. Shipler papers1959-2014 Call No: MS-1121

Shipman, Genevieve NolanGenevieve Nolan Shipman in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-108

Shirley, JohnJohn M. Shirley papers1866 - 1881 Call No: MS-1312

Shorkley, GeorgeGeorge Shorkley in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-207

Shribman, David M.Oral history interview with David M. Shribman2009 Jun 13 Call No: DOH-305

Shrubsall, Dennis C.Dennis C. Shrubsall, Paperscirca 1972 - 2000 Call No: MS-1104

Shurtleff, RoswellRoswell Shurtleff sermons1803 - 1874 Call No: MS-1297

Sices, DavidOral history interview with David Sices2002 April 15. Call No: DOH-48

Siegel, Daniel I.Oral history interview with Daniel I. Siegel2008 Sept. 18. Call No: DOH-306

Sigler, Andrew C.Oral history interview with Andrew C. Sigler2007 October 31. Call No: DOH-307

Sills, David L.Oral history interview with David Sills2008 October 8. Call No: DOH-157

Simon, Louis MLouis M. Simon, Paperscirca 1925 - 1991 Call No: MS-1142

Sincerbeaux, Elizabeth M.Elizabeth M. Sincerbeaux, Collection circa 1870's - circa 1920 Call No: MS-1086

Sine, Edward P.Edward P. Sine papers1976 - 1992 Call No: MS-1294

Singer, George (Chapman)George C. Singer collection on Thomas J. Wise1851-1999 Call No: MS-1111

Sisson, DonaldOral history interview with Donald Sisson2008 February 1 Call No: DOH-110

Sisson, RuthOral history interview with Ruth Sisson2008 February 1 Call No: DOH-111

Sithavady, PaphanhOral history interview with Paphanh Sithavady2012 April 1. Call No: DOH-359

Skewes, John G.Oral history interview with John G. Skewes2003 May 24 - 2003 June 4 Call No: DOH-49

Slade, Mary B.Mary B. Slade collection on South Strafford, Vermont, cemeteriesundated Call No: MS-1267

Slade, WilliamWilliam Slade, Middlebury, VT to Corresponding Committee of the Abolition Society, Dartmouth College [Hanover, NH], Letter1842 Sept. 26 Call No: MSS-842526.2

Smallwood, FranklinOral history interview with Franklin Smallwood2003 March 11 - 2003 April 22 Call No: DOH-50

Smead, James L. (Lawton)James L. Smead diary and account book1918-01-1918-05 Call No: 003259

Smith FamilySmith Family , Paperscirca 1839 - 1961 Call No: MS-1164

Smith, Clifford H.Clifford Hayes Smith, Papers1875 - 1948 Call No: MS-1233

Smith, Deering G.Deering G. Smith papers1912 - 1918 Call No: MS-1265

Smith, EdwinNotes on the history of Hanover, NHundated Call No: MS-1299

Smith, FrederickOral history interview with Frederick Smith2008 August 18 Call No: DOH-158

Smith, Gordon W.Gordon W. Smith in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-166

Smith, HowardHoward Smith, Howard Smith. Gravel Train Northumberland.1860 Jan. 31 - 1862 Aug. 9 Call No: 860131

Smith, IsaacIsaac Smith, Papers1889 - 1898 Call No: MS-878

Smith, JohnOral history interview with John Peter Smith2012 Nov. 5 Call No: DOH-360

Smith, JohnJohn Smith papers1774 - 1824 Call No: MS-1266

Smith, Peter D.Oral history interview with Peter D. Smith2003 February 26 - 2003 May 14 Call No: DOH-53

Smith, Robinson V.Oral history interview with Robinson Smith2008 September 16 Call No: DOH-159

Smith, SamuelSamuel Smith, Paperscirca 1982 Call No: MS-1110

Smith, WilliamWilliam Smith papers1822 - 1853 Call No: MS-1270

Smyth, Anne Morrison GentryAnne Morrison Gentry Smyth, Papers1939 - 1963 Call No: MS-1213

Snelling, Frederick G.Frederick G. Snelling papers1862 - 1864 Call No: MS-1232

Snow, Conrad (Edwin)Conrad Snow papers1877-1991 Call No: MS-942

Snow, Ice and Permafrost Research Establishment (SIPRE)US Army Snow, Ice and Permafrost Research Establishment (SIPRE) recordscirca 1953-1979 Call No: MSS-282

Snow, Leslie W.Leslie W. Snow, Papers1916 - 1993 Call No: MS-966

Snowdrop (ship) and Eclipse (ship)snowdrop and Eclipse (Ships), Logbooks in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-32

Snyder, BradleyBradley Snyder, Papers1970 - 2006 Call No: MS-1179

Sokol, Robert, 1926-2016Robert Sokol papers1940-2011 Call No: MS-1366

Sowande, FelaFela Sowande, Papers1932 - 1978 Call No: MS-78

Spang, MarissaTapes of Marissa Spang2005 Call No: MS-1018

Spiral Press and Joseph BlumenthalSpiral Press and Joseph Blumenthal at Dartmouth College, Records Call No: ML-29

Stanley, Justin A.Justin A. Stanley at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-74

Stanton, Henry B.Henry Stanton, to Capt. Joseph Morrill, Boscowen, NH, Letter1838 June Call No: MSS-838350

Stark, HenryHenry Stark letter1829 March 24 Call No: MSS-829224

Stearns, JohnJohn B. Stearns letters1945 - 1946 Call No: MS-1320

Stearns, JohnOral history interview with John Stearns2007 December 13 Call No: DOH-112

Steele, Benjamin H.Benjamin H. Steele collection of speeches1863 - 1872 Call No: MS-1276

Stefansson CollectionStefansson Collection in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-169

Stefansson Library TranslationsStefansson Library Translations at Dartmouth College Call No: MSS-171

Stefansson, VilhjalmurStefansson Collection of Arctic Photographs Call No: MSS-225

Stefansson, VilhjalmurVilhjalmur Stefansson collection vertical files1683 - 2004 Call No: MSS-242

Stefansson, VilhjalmurCorrespondence of the Vilhjalmur Stefansson1895 - 1962 Call No: MSS-196

Stefansson, VilhjalmurStefansson Arctic Photographs Call No: MSS-226

Stefansson, VilhjalmurVilhjalmur Stefansson, Papers1902 - 1962 Call No: MSS-98

Stefansson, VilhjalmurStefansson Collection of Arctic Photographs Call No: MSS-229

Steffensen, James L.James L. Stefenssen , Paperscirca 1980 - 1992 Call No: MS-1136

Stein, RobertRobert Stein at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: MSS-163

Steiner, Robert L.Oral history interview with Robert L. Steiner2010 Sept. 25 Call No: DOH-268

Steingrímur, ArasonArason Steingrimur papersUnknown date Call No: MSS-5

Stevens, Abraham G.Abraham G. Stevens, Accounts1829 - 1835 Call No: MSS-003176

Stevens, Abraham G.Abraham G. Stevens, Franklin, [NH], to Daniel Webster, [Washington, DC], Letter1835 Oct. 7 Call No: MSS-835557

Stevens, ThaddeusThaddeus Stevens, Lancaster to Howard M. Jenkins., Letter1865 Sep 17 Call No: MSS-865517

Stevenson, Robert L.Robert L. Stevenson, Edinburgh [Scotland] to John, LetterOct 10 Call No: MSS-000560.1

Stibitz, George R.George R. Stibitz, Papers1937 - 1979 Call No: ML-27

Stickney, WilliamWilliam Stickney in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-159

Stilwell, Lewis DaytonLewis Dayton Stilwell at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-46

Stimson, Cooper S.Oral history interview with Cooper S. Stimson2013 May 15 Call No: DOH-362

Stith-Cabranes, KateOral history interview with Kate Stith-Cabranes2007 Nov. 10 Call No: DOH-308

Stockbridge, Ira LDiaries of the Ira Stockbridge1862 - 1865 Call No: MS-979

Stockmayer, Walter H.Walter Stockmayer, Papers1901 - 2004 Call No: ML-108

Stoiber, Richard E.Richard E. Stoiber, Papers1911 - 2001 Call No: ML-98

Stone Family, circa 1570-1933Stone Family papers1571-1933 Call No: MS-1339

Stone, ShepardShepard Stone, Papers1925 - 1990 Call No: ML-99

Storkerson, Storker TheodorStorker Theodor Storkerson in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-160

Storrs, AugustusAugustus Storrs, Letters 1813 - 1839 Call No: MS-1200

Streeter, ThomasThomas W. Streeter Letters1921 - 1931 Call No: MS-1251

Strickler, James C.Oral history interview with James C. Strickler2002 Sept. 17 - 2002 Sept. 24 Call No: DOH-51

Stuart, John G.John G. Stuart, Papers1923 - 2003 Call No: MS-1188

Students Stand With StaffStudents Stand With Staff, Records 2008 - 2011 Call No: MS-1239

Sullivan, John LJohn Sullivan, Papers1954 - 1975 Call No: MS-1084

Sumner, BenjaminBenjamin Sumner, Papers1759 - 1809 Call No: MS-968

Sverdrupin, Harald UlrichHarald Ulrich Sverdrupin the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-164

Swan, CharlesCharles A. L. Swan journals1852 - 1854 Call No: MS-1305

Swartz, Thomas J.Oral history interview with Thomas J. Swartz2009 October 2 Call No: DOH-173

Swett, Charles E.Charles E. Swett, Travel Diary, Volume1881 July 6 - 1881 July 22 Call No: 003186

Sykes, James A.James A. Sykes, Papers1955 - 1971 Call No: MS-1007

Sylvester, Charles (Bradford)Charles B. Sylvester student letters1901-09-1904-09 Call No: MS-853

Taggard, GenevieveGenevieve Taggard at Dartmouth College, Papers Call No: ML-60

Tallmer, JerryOral history interview with Jerry Tallmer2010 February 26 Call No: DOH-265

Tanzer, Radford C.Radford C. Tanzer, Paperscirca 1921 - 2004 Call No: ML-102

Tate, StephenOral history interview with Stephen Tate2008 October 15 Call No: DOH-160

Taylor, IsaacIsaac Taylor papers1942-1957 Call No: MSS-219

Teal, John JeromeJohn Teal papers1947-1982 Call No: MSS-176

Tenney, Charles D.Charles D. Tenney, Paperscirca 1919 - 1986 Call No: MS-794

Tenney, Stephen M.Stephen M. Tenney, Papers1923 - 2006 Call No: MS-901

Tenney, Ulysses D.Ulysses D. Tenney, Collection 1866 - 1907 Call No: MS-1185

Thayer School of Engineering, DeanThayer School of Engineering, Dean records1867 - 1996 Call No: DA-4

The Dartmouth (newspaper)Dartmouth (newspaper), Records 1842 - 2005 Call No: MS-1004

The Magnolian"The Magnolian," newspaper1849-1852 Call No: MS-1288

The TribunalTribunal, Papers1919 - 1975 Call No: MS-931

Theatre Guild, Inc.Theatre Guild, Inc. records on the production of "The Fifth Column"; MS-13301938 - 1940 Call No: MS-1330

Theriault, George F.George F. Theriault, Papers1931 - 1982 Call No: MS-1074

Theriault, RayOral history interview with Ray .. Theriault2013 May 31 Call No: DOH-363

Thomas, EdwardEdward Thomas, Papers1896 - 1994 Call No: MS-958

Thomas, GordonOral history interview with Gordon Thomas2007 October 16 Call No: DOH-114

Thompson, Charles H.Charles H. Thompson in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MS-872

Thompson, LawranceLawrance Thompson in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MS-590

Thomson, DouglasOral history interview with Douglas Thomson2007 October 25 Call No: DOH-115

Thomson, HughHugh Thomson, West Kensington (England) To My Dear Consoler, Letterundated Call No: MSS-003172

Ticknor, AnnaAnna Ticknor Papers1835 - 1837 Call No: MS-1249

Ticknor, GeorgeGeorge Ticknor Letter1868 January 20 Call No: MSS-868120.3

Ticknor, GeorgeGeorge Ticknor Papers1773 - 1870 Call No: MS-983

Ticknor, GeorgeGeorge Ticknor Letter1876 October 15 Call No: MSS-867565.1

Tillinger, Werner H.Oral history interview with Werner H. Tillinger Call No: DOH-364

Timbers, William H.William Timbers, Papers1933 - 1937 Call No: MS-1055

Tirrell, RobertOral history interview with Robert Tirrell2008 February 12 Call No: DOH-113

Tobey, Charles (William)Charles W. Tobey papers1917-1953 Call No: ML-3

Todd, AldenAlden Todd in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-192

Tom, DanielOral history interview with Daniel Tom2013 June 14 Call No: DOH-377

Tout, Alfred R.Alfred R. Tout, Papers1917 - 1973 Call No: MS-1196

Towne, SolonSolon R. Towne paperscirca 1868 - 1872 Call No: MS-1279

Trethaway, JohnOral history interview with John Trethaway2008 April 30 Call No: DOH-116

Triller, WendellWendell Triller papers1937-1949 Call No: MS-779

Truncellito, BarbaraOral history interview with Barbara Truncellito2008 April 23 Call No: DOH-118

Truncellito, RayOral history interview with Ray Truncellito2008 April 23 Call No: DOH-117

Tuck familyTuck Family Papers1832 - 1938 Call No: MS-442

Tuck, John, Jr.John Tuck papers1832-1893 Call No: MS-802

Tuck, John, Jr.John Tuck, Jr. in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Call No: MSS-158

Tucker, WilliamWilliam Tucker commonplace book and diary1830 - 1839 Call No: MS-1275

Tucker, William J.William J. Tucker, Dartmouth College [Hanover, NH] to Mr. Frederick T. Wood, Letter1897 Dec. 29 Call No: MSS-897679

Tucker, William J.William J. Tucker, Papers1839 - 1939 Call No: MS-1235

Tucker, William J.William J. Tucker, Hanover, N.H. to Charles F. Leggett, Brooklyn, N.Y., Letter1896 Feb. 13 Call No: MSS-896163

Tupper, William H.William H. Tupper, Letters 1859 - 1882 Call No: MS-1181

Turner, AnnOral history interview with Ann Turner2008 January 9 Call No: DOH-119

Turner, Benjamin W.Oral history interview with Benjamin W. Turner2013 April 13 Call No: DOH-365

Turner, GeorgeOral history interview with George Turner2008 January 9 Call No: DOH-120

Tyler, BennetDaniel Dana letter1847-06-02,1848-12-18 Call No: MSS-847352