Guide to the Papers of Arthur Kantrowitz, 1937 - 2007Manuscript MS-1097


Arthur R. Kantrowitz (1913-2008). Professor of Physics and Engineering at Cornell and Dartmouth and visiting professor at M.I.T.. Founder, president and chairman of defense contractor AVCO Everett Research Labs from 1955-1978. BS, MA and Ph.D (1947), Columbia University.

Dr. Kantrowitz's scientific involvement was wide ranging and included developing atmospheric reentry resistant nose cones for ICBMs through his use of 'shock tubes'. The tubes were able to simulate the heat and resistance of reentry conditions facing missiles in a laboratory environment. This work was also instrumental in allowing manned space flights to reenter the atmosphere. Dr. Kantrowitz was also a major proponent of and scientific contributor to the use of laser technology in space propulsion. In addition to his research related to war and space Dr. Kantrowitz, along with his brother Adrian Kantrowitz, MD, developed the intraaortic balloon pump used in cardiac patients.

Beyond applied science Kantrowitz was also concerned about the politicization of scientific data and lobbied for the development of a 'Science Court' which he hoped would establish a consensus of facts about controversial scientific arguments.

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