Nancy Wasserman photographic collection, 1978-1988 Rauner Iconography 1665

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Box: 1, circa 1978-1979

Contact Sheets, Negatives and Photographs

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Miscellaneous, circa 1978-1979

    Mary Tyler Moore at Dartmouth and Roberta Kirn and Jamie Hampton and Michelle Ratte; Edgar, janitor; Mrs. Solzhenityn at Dartmouth; Pres. David McLaughlin and Paul Paganucci; Estelle Parsons visit to Dartmouth

  • Folder: 2, Miscellaneous, 1979-03

    Bagles and Campus Police; Bill New and Alan Treffler and miscellaneous faculty or administrators; Wooden Shoe Commune (Jake Guest); Crosby Hall deconstruction/Blunt Alumni Center; New Devise at Dartmouth Medical School (Lafayette Noda); Cows in Mud; Hanover Back Doors; Meriden Game Supper; Bruce and Carol Pacht (Wooden Shoe Feature); Prof. James Wright; Dr. Almy Thomas (?)

  • Folder: 3, Miscellaneous, 1979-04-1979-05

    Anne Brooks (Wooden Shoe Feature); Faculty meeting re. Eaqual Access and Dean Marilyn Baldwin; Prof. Claudia Card and Martha Spiers; Ledyard Connecticut River Trip to Sea and Upper Valley Barns and Prof. Elizabeth Baer; Prof. William Sleznick retirement; Josephina Bosch (negatives only); Health Educator at Dick's House

  • Folder: 4, Rep. Shirley Chisholm at Dartmouth, 1979-05
  • Folder: 5, Graduation, 1979-06
  • Folder: 6, Miscellaneous, 1979-06-1979-07

    Robert Kilmarz, Ralph Lombard, Sandy McCuloch and David McLaughlin; Henry John Brown; Paul Zeller (Glee Club); Clint Gardner; Staff Service Award Presented by John Kemeny

  • Folder: 7, Theater: Summer Repertory , Summer 1979
  • Folder: 8, Miscellaneous, Summer 1979

    Prof. Bill Cole; Women's Festival; Black Alumni Association; Annette Kolodney at Dartmouth with Marysa Navarro and Catherine Simpson; College Switchboard at Hanover Inn; "Valley News" newsroom and "Lena's Lunch," White River Junction and Prof. Robert Oden; Working Feature for DAM; Alumnus; Diane Knappert (Dartmouth Medical School ?); Trustee Priscilla Frechette and Prof. David Kastan; Blunt Building under construction; Ken and Harley Montgomery and Edward Lathem; Dean Ralph Manuel and family

  • Folder: 9, Miscellaneous, Fall 1979

    Josephina Bosch and Claudia Lamperti; Prof. Joyn Kenseth

  • Folder: 10, Convocation (Pres. Kemeny), 1979
  • Folder: 11, Women's Sports at Dartmouth, 1979
  • Folder: 12, Miscellaneous Photographs (Black and White) Around Campus and Sports, undated

Box: 2, 1979-1982

Contact Sheets and Negatives

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Miscellaneous, 1979-09-1979-10

    Victoria Redel; Morton Farm; Hanover Inn feature for DAM; David Bradley; Deborah Jones; Baker Bells; Football Game; Madeleine Dorris (Michael Dorris'daughter); Rowing and cardiovascular health (DAM ?);Mark Larich; Sharon Klarich; Drumming at the Hop

  • Folder: 2, Ice Hockey, 1979-12
  • Folder: 3, Miscellaneous, 1980-01-1980-02

    Rayna Green; Dartmouth Flying Club; Collis Cafe Workers; Mark Frawby; Paul Paganucci, Cary Clark, VP of Investments/Legal Office; Nancy Elliot, Alumni Records; Prof. Al Converse; Prof. Russ Stearns

  • Folder: 4, Josefina Bosch and Jandel Allen, 1980-02
  • Folder: 5, Miscellaneous, 1980-03-1980-04

    Helen Quick and Rayna Green; Barbara Donnelly'77 and Costume Shop; Jamie Angell' 76 and Prof. Bernie Vyzga; Prof. Matthew Wysocki; Nancy Parsinnen Vespoli'77 and Robin Robinson and WDCR; Carriage at Hanover and Andy Rangell and Best Bathroom on Campus (archeology building); Prof. Joy Kenseth, Perk Foss and art historu slide collection and Hop Center prototype garage

  • Folder: 6, Miscellaneous, 1980-05

    Lord Dorm Fire; Hanover Inn; Julie Nixeon Eisenhower; Sherman Adams; Josephina Bosch'79 and Mark (?); Michele Roberts; Presentation of Bequest Office; Rugby

  • Folder: 7, John Kemeny with others, 1980-05
  • Folder: 8, Graduation and Reunions, 1980-06
  • Folder: 9, Miscellaneous, 1980-07

    John Kemeney with Erskine and Virginia Caldwell; Post-Graduation Party; Susan Neidlinger and Dean of Freshman Office; DAM Interns; Prof. Chivers and family; Prof. Marysa Navarro; Staff Awards; Bernard Malamud

  • Folder: 10, Theater: "The Country Wife" at Hopkins Center, 1980-07
  • Folder: 11, Theater: "Sorrows of Stephen" at the Hopkins Center, 1980-07
  • Folder: 12, Miscellaneous, 1980-08-1980-09

    Bones Gate; Margaret Otto and West Lebanon Power Station and Cutting of Elm tree in front of Dartmouth Row; Prof. Roger Masters and Prof. Clifton Below (?); Unidentified person; Peter Parnell; Ford and Betty Wheldon (?) and David Birney and John Updike; Manager of Dartmouth Football Team and JC Stahl Sculpture

  • Folder: 13, Andy Rangell (pianist), 1980-08
  • Folder: 14, Elizabeth Appleton (dancer), 1980-10
  • Folder: 15, Miscellaneous, 1980-11

    Bob Brace (trustee?); Ira, letterpress setter for "The Dartmouth"; Hairdresser/Barber; Robin Morgan at Dartmouth (?)

  • Folder: 16, Pre and Post Production, Company at Hopkins Center, 1980-11
  • Folder: 17, Miscellaneous, 1980-12

    Louise Smith and Elise Boulding and Peter Smith and Prof. Boshosian; Prof. John Wolfenden and Prof. Sarah Castro-Klaren and Elise Boulding; Prof. Bill Cole and Dr. Adler and Smoke Clinic (DHMC?); Carol Brock and Prof. Lawrence Davies and Prof. Wolfenden;

  • Folder: 18, Miscellaneous, 1981-01

    Athletic Trivia; Alumni Council; Dave Roberts and Cancer Conference; Sedition Ensemble

  • Folder: 19, Miscellaneous, 1981-02-1981-03

    Anti-US in El Salvador protest in Boston and on The Green; William Sloan Coffin; Ken Norman; Mary Cleary (DC's 1st female Rhodes Scholar) and Prof. Tamara Northern; Doug McBain (caretaker of President's House)

  • Folder: 20, Martin Luther King III and Pete Seeger, 1981-04
  • Folder: 21, Miscellaneous, 1981-04

    Parkhurst Stained Glass Ceiling; Student Telethon; President McLaughlin; Hopkins Center Front

  • Folder: 22, Spanish Civil War Symposium at Dartmouth, 1981-04

    Carlos Fuentes, Prof. Tony Geist; Prof. Marysa Navarro; Rafael Alberti; Sylvia Fuentes; Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo (Prim Minister of Portugal); Abe Osheroff

  • Folder: 23, Miscellaneous, 1981-05

    Jim Loeb and Prof. Chauncey Loomis; Judy McLaughlin and Townsend's Garage; Townsend's Garage; Dartmouth College Development Office, Grant Healy and Lu Martin and Anne Peyton; Prof. Clement and Prof. Gene Lyons and Randy Forsberg; Lo-Yi Chan (architect and Electric vehicle delivering mail and Panther Players; Various campus scenes; Moorhead Kennedy (one of the American hostages held at the US Embassy in Teheran in 1979); Mike McGean and Greg Prince; Townsend's Garage; Bequest and Estate Office Staff and Lu Martin

  • Folder: 24, Commencement and Reunions, 1981-06
  • Folder: 25, Gloria Steinem at Dartmouth, 1981-07
  • Folder: 26, Miscellaneous, 1980-07

    Teaching French at the Norwich Day Care; Pres. Kemeny Staff and Lu Martin and Alex Fanelli; Enviromental Studies students in the field; Trash Office Stafff

  • Folder: 27, Miscellaneous, 1981-08

    Prof.Mary Kelley; Prof. Largomosino; Prof. Hoyt Alverson; Thayer Dinning Hall and Library; Classes; President McLaughlin

  • Folder: 28, B & G Employees, 1981-10
  • Folder: 29, Miscellaneous, 1981-09-1981-12

    Woman from Alumni Records and unidentfied professor; Hybridoma facility at Dartmouth Medical School; Wood chopping on the Green; Lebanon Airport; Dartmouth Class of 1939; Pres. McLaughlin

  • Folder: 30, Miscellaneous, 1982-01

    Thayer Dining Hall addition; Collis and Hanover Inn; Baker Library (negatives only); David McLaughlin and Bob Brace; Occom Pond; Skaters

  • Folder: 31, Miscellaneous, 1982-02

    Rabbi Marshal Meyer and Barnie Hoisington; Rabbi Marshal Meyer and snow scenes in Upper Valley; Glasblowing at Dartmouth shops; Addison Winship II and Badminton; Addison Winship II and Pres. McLaughlin; Hanover Public Meeting and Prof. Ron Green; Carnical sculpture building; Cross country skiing; Prof. Matthew Wysocki and Cathy Wasserman and Blacksmith Shop; Hockey and Gymnastics; Hockey Game; Card Catalog and Books in Baker Library; McLaughlin in doorway and Baker Library and Classroom; Basketball and Hillell House; Rabbi at the Tucker Foundation; Alcohol Symposium at Dartmouth

  • Folder: 32, Miscellaneous, 1982-03

    Chuck (?) Hopkins Center Print Shop; Dean of Admissions (?); Greenhouse at Bio Building and Prof. Stinson (?); Financial Aid Office and silver teapot; unidentified

  • Folder: 33, Miscellaneous, 1982-04

    Whitewater Rafting on the Mascoma River and Peace March in Hanover; Chinese Kitchen at Dartmouth Medical School; Phone-A-Thon; Amory Lovins; Bernie Waugh; Will Davison; Bakery; Prof. Christian Wolff; Unidentified

  • Folder: 34, Miscellaneous, 1982-05

    DMS Dean McCullum; Amelia Craig and Noah's Ark from Rollins Chapel; Prof. Leo Spitzer and Marianna Hirsch Wedding and Prof. Nancy Vickers; Green-up Day and Pow Wow; Amory and Hunter Lovins at Dartmouth; Dartmouth Medical School Anatomy Professor; Europe, Miscellaneous FSP program; Teacher of Tai Cho; United Way Day Care

  • Folder: 35, Miscellaneous, 1982-06

    Cyclers; Football Practise; Ropes Course; Summer Theater Drag Show; Main Street Business and Campion's; Wendell Badger and Boathouse for Dartmouth Crew; Aerial views of Hanover

  • Folder: 36, Commencement, 1982-06
  • Folder: 37, Reunions, 1982-06
  • Folder: 38, Hanover and Lebanon High School Graduations, 1982-06
  • Folder: 39, Miscellaneous, 1982-07

    Ralph Manuel, Dean of Freshman and Staff; Ria Blaas (puppeteer) and Hanover; Charlie and Judy Geer rowing; Rassias Method; Norwich Houses; Emma Lathen (author) in Warren, NH;

  • Folder: 40, Miscellaneous, Fall 1982

    Rick Fayen (resident of Hartland) and Blair Watson; Gov. Richard Snelling, President McLaughlin, Bruce Bokor and Football Game; Football Game and Madeleine Dorris and Marching Band Reunuin and Fritz Hier; Bonfire and Alumni Council

  • Folder: 41, Miscellaneous, 1982-09

    Alumni Magazine Interns and Prof. Donald Pease; Green Mountain Head Regatta; Rassias Method at Vermont Police Academy; Prof.Christian Wolff and Lane Kirkland; Tunnel Brook Trail

  • Folder: 42, Miscellaneous, 1982-10

    Wood Crew; Wood Crew and Jonathan Brownell (lawyer); Wood Crew, Cathy Wasserman and Dean Ed Shanahan; Prof. Frank Smallwood and Robert McGrath and College Building Details; Jerry (?) Football Coach; Sand Smallwood and New England Board of Higher Education; New England Board of Higher Education; Reception for Gov. Hugh Gallen; Unidentified

  • Folder: 43, Rowing: Head of the Charles, 1982-10

Box: 3, 1983-1986

Contact Sheets and Negatives

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Miscellaneous, Spring 1983

    Louise Erdrich; Alumni Council with Pres. McLaughlin; John Wodehouse; Aggie Kurtz; Walter Mondale at Dartmouth; Prof. Rayna Green; Virginia Close; Mary Sue Glosser

  • Folder: 2, Commencement and Reunions, Spring 1983
  • Folder: 3, Miscellaneous, Summer 1983

    Upper Valley Development and Training Center; ALPS Foreign Language Program, Prof. Rassias; Artist in Lyme; Central American Protest and Dana Cook Grossman; Seaver Peters

  • Folder: 4, Women rowing on Connecticut River, Summer 1983
  • Folder: 5, Miscellaneous, Fall 1983

    Admissions Office; George Hawthorn (College architect); Bob Conn; Unidentified proffesor and Rollins Chapel; Prof. Fred Berthold; Hospital; Protest in Lebanon and Soccer; Rabbi Michael Paley and Prof. Cleopatra Mathis; Dorothy Goodwin Auction; Dean Carl Long; Dartmouth Medical School Convocation; Norris Cotton Cancer Center; Mary Ellen Donovan and Lynn Tschirhatt Sanford

  • Folder: 6, Black Underground Theater and Arts (BUTA), Fall 1983
  • Folder: 7, Miscellaneous, 1983-12

    Admissions Office; Trina Schart Hyman in Lyme

  • Folder: 8, Winter Carnival Skiing, Winter 1983
  • Folder: 9, Photographs for article on Cancer, Winter 1983
  • Folder: 10, Presidential Debates at Dartmouth, 1984-01
  • Folder: 11, Jesse Jackson at Dartmouth, 1984-01
  • Folder: 12, Miscellaneous, 1984-01-1984-02

    Robert Reich; University Press of New England; Winter Carnival; Unidentified; Christa Lesher; Dartmouth Skating Club; "Feast of Song" Cast; Around Campus

  • Folder: 13, Miscellaneous, Spring 1984

    Dean Hutchinson (?); Rowing US Men's 4; Dartmouth Hillell; Prof. Dwight Lahr; Five Retirees (Alumni Magazine); Track practise

  • Folder: 14, Graduation, Spring 1984
  • Folder: 15, Reunions, Spring 1984
  • Folder: 16, John and Jean Kemeny, Summer 1984
  • Folder: 17, Athletic Practices , Summer 1984
  • Folder: 18, Rabbi Marshal Meyer, Fall 1984
  • Folder: 19, Miscellaneous, Fall 1984

    Gail Koziara (Women's Basketball); Bill Smith and Bob Allen; Breeden (Trustee?) ; Poster Studio; Prof. Priscilla Sears; Orton Hicks; Prof. Lawrence Davies; Unidentified; Mac Computers in Dorm; President MacLaughlin; Paul Tsongas (US Rep);Unidentified "Bests"; David Orr; Dartmouth Night; David Hook

  • Folder: 20, Louise Erdrich and Michael Dorris with their children, Fall 1984
  • Folder: 21, Miscellaneous, Winter 1984

    President Mclaughlin; Best of 84 Alumni Magazine; Geology Class Field Trip;

  • Folder: 22, Sandra Day O'Connor at Dartmouth, Winter 1984
  • Folder: 23, Theater: "Bye Bye Birdie" at the Hopkins Center, Winter 1984
  • Folder: 24, Miscellaneous, Spring 1985

    Plainfield School Meetings; Cornish, NH Meeting

  • Folder: 25, Miscellaneous, 1985-03

    Neurology Doctors; Oak Knoll; Tom Fortner (?); Arthur Hall Dance Troop

  • Folder: 26, Miscellaneous, 1985-04

    Mark Johnson; Break Dancing and Alumni Telethon; Cooke, Geo Data Company in Lyme; Freshman Parents Weekend, views from Baker Tower; Sign Language Class

  • Folder: 27, Dr. Alan Rozycki, 1985-04
  • Folder: 28, Miscellaneous, 1985-05

    Yankee Barn Homes; Computers in Dorms; Shots for United Way Campaign; Macintosh Computer; Hop/Hood Friends event

  • Folder: 29, Prof. Tom Kurtz, 1985-05
  • Folder: 30, Prof. John Appleton with synthesizer , 1985-05
  • Folder: 31, Prof. John Kemeny and computers, 1985-05
  • Folder: 32, Commencement and Reunions, 1985-06
  • Folder: 33, Miscellaneous, Summer 1985

    Ellen Meyer Shorb; Michelle Rattee with Ted Arnold; Mary Ellen Donovan; Elizabeth Epstein Kadin and Penny (?)("You Laugh") and Summer on the Green; Cathy Beinhauer; More computers; Woman with baby in crib; Dave Eckles and Jack Turco (?); Upper Valley News Services; Prof. Melinda O'Neal; Freshman Orientation; Lansburgh Artwork (donated artwork?)and Women Business Owners of Vermont; Connie (?)

  • Folder: 34, True Basic Promo Photographs, Summer 1985
  • Folder: 35, Miscellaneous, Fall 1985

    Dartmouth Administrators (Paul Doscher ?); Emma Lathen (?); United Way Campaign; Alumni Council; Cathy Beinhauer (Conference Managment Association of Hanover; Prof. Sterling; Asian Student House; Thayer Dining Hall; Model for 1 Court Street Lebanon (Clifton Below)

  • Folder: 36, Roger Clarkson, Fall 1985
  • Folder: 37, Robert Reich, Fall 1985
  • Folder: 38, Miscellaneous, Spring 1986

    Ralph Gibson; Student Tel-a-thon; Lester Thurow at Dartmouth with Madeleine Kunin (?); Adult Basic Education; Tax Resisters Day Prostest at Dartmouth; Evan Connell (author); Dartmouth Pottery Studio; Class Secretaries at Rollins Channel; Dartmouth Wind Ensemble; Dartmouth Wood Shop and Jewelery Studio; United Way Supported Agencies, Lebanon

  • Folder: 39, Properties around Campus (Banwell and White), Spring 1986
  • Folder: 40, Reunions, 1986-06
  • Folder: 41, New England Review Staff, Summer 1986
  • Folder: 42, Miscellaneous, Summer 1986

    Staff of West Central Services, Claremont; Hopkins Center and Hood Museum; X Plane and new Boathouse; Pottery Studio; Wood Shop;Lynn Goudet and Common Sense; Elm trees on the Green; UDS Groundbreaking; Ben Wise; Terry Boone

  • Folder: 43, Paul Lazarus, 1986-06
  • Folder: 44, Miscellaneous, Fall 1986

    Interns at Dartmouth Alumni Magazine and Thayer School Class; Groundbreaking 1 Court Street Lebanon (negatives only); Prof. Marianne Alvberson and United Way Volunteers; Dartmouth Savings Bank Staff; Arts Outreach; Gretchen Cherington; Thayer Dining Hall

  • Folder: 45, Alice Peck Day, Fall 1986
  • Folder: 46, Aerial views for Carrol Lawes, Fall 1986
  • Folder: 47, Dartmouth Boat House and PowerHouse Mall, Fall 1986
  • Folder: 48, Art Outreach , Fall 1986
  • Folder: 49, Dartmouth Day Care, Fall 1986
  • Folder: 50, Theatrical Performance, Fall 1986

Box: 4, Box: 4, circa 1986-1988

Contact Sheets, Negatives and Slides

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Miscellaneous, Winter 1986

    "I hate Winter" for DAM; Faculty Meeting re. Governance; Trumbell Nelson Building; United Way Mug Shots; New Dorms; Lilla Elizabeth McLane Bradley

  • Folder: 2, Native American Staff, Winter 1986
  • Folder: 3, Anne Watson and Josephina Bosch , Winter 1986
  • Folder: 4, Protest re. Stephen Bilko and South Africa on the Green, Winter 1986
  • Folder: 5, West Central Behavioral Services, Winter 1986
  • Folder: 6, Aerial Views , circa 1986-1987
  • Folder: 7, United Way Board Members, circa 1986-1987
  • Folder: 8, Cardigan Mountain School -Ice Hockey, circa 1986-1987
  • Folder: 9, Pres. James O. Freedman with Kemeny and McLaughlin, Spring 1987
  • Folder: 10, Commencement and Reunions, 1987-06
  • Folder: 11, Teddy Bear Picnic, 1987-06
  • Folder: 12, Miscellaneous, 1987-06

    Unidentified; Peter Smith (Hood Museum); Unidentified Graduate with Parents; Fingerprinting Kids

  • Folder: 13, Miscellaneous, Summer 1987

    Prof. Bob McGrath; Tuck Program; Unidentified; Prof. Varujan Boghosian; Unidentified; Computers in Dorm Rooms; John Kememy Lecture; Alumni and Computers; Prof. Don Kreider; Climbing Bartlett Tower; Unidentified Organization Board Members; Unidentified; Dartmouth College Undergraduate signed for Pro-Baseball (?); Kajak Races on Mascoma River; Three Male Students for Alumni Magazine

  • Folder: 14, Sports: Coaches, Summer 1987
  • Folder: 15, Freshman Trips, Summer 1987
  • Folder: 16, Miscellaneous, Fall 1987

    John (?) graphic designer for Dartmouth; United Way; Art Class; Pres. James Freedman; Charles Collis; The Weils (Donors?)

  • Folder: 17, Theater Shots, Fall 1987
  • Folder: 18, Jake Tapper, Fall 1987
  • Folder: 19, Miscellaneous, 1987-1988

    Upper Valley Skating; "Dartmouth Review" Editor; Tuck School Faculty; New Faculty; Women Faculty in Sciences; Ski Race

  • Folder: 20, Protests at Parkhurst, circa 1987
  • Folder: 21, Orozco Mural Related Photographs, circa 1988
  • Folder: 22, Admissions, 1988-02
  • Folder: 23, Women's Rowing USA, circa 1988
  • Folder: 24, Jesse Jackson at Dartmouth (negatives only), 1988
  • Folder: 25, Reunions (negatives only) , 1988
  • Folder: 26, Class of 1950 (negatives only), undated
  • Folder: 27, Madeleine Kunin and Howard Coffin at Dartmouth, undated
  • Folder: 28, Stave Puzzles, undated
  • Folder: 29, Unidentified, circa 1988
  • Folder: 30, Unidentified Contact Sheets, undated
  • Folder: 31, Unidentified Groups, undated
  • Folder: 32, Michael Dorris, unidentified
  • Folder: 33, Unidentified, undated
  • Folder: 34, Unidentified Negatives, undated
  • Folder: 35, Miscellaneous (some identified), undated
  • Folder: 36, Big Brother/Big Sister Tucker Foundation (slides), undated
  • Folder: 37, "Dartmouth Doors" (negatives) with brochure, circa 1985
  • Folder: 38, Hopkins Center (negatives only), undated
  • Folder: 39, Dartmouth Buildings (negatives only), circa 1983
  • Folder: 40, Raphael Manuel Dean of Freshman, undated
  • Folder: 41, Woman's Resource Center (negatives only)
  • Folder: 42, United Way (slides)
  • Folder: 43, Aerial Views (slides, color), circa 1986
  • Folder: 44, Dartmouth Doors and Hopkins Center (slides, color), circa 1983
  • Folder: 45, Students and Dartmouth Hall (slides, color), circa 1988

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