Nancy Wasserman photographic collection, 1978-1988 Rauner Iconography 1665

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Nancy Wasserman photographic collection

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Rauner Iconography 1665

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3.5 linear ft., 3 boxes


Nancy Wasserman, community development consultant. Dartmouth College Class of 1977. The collection contains contact sheets, negatives, slides and a few photographs taken by Wasserman while she was a contract photographer for Dartmouth College from 1978 to 1988.

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Introduction to the Collection

The collection contains contact sheets, negatives, slides and a few photographs taken by Nancy Wasserman for Dartmouth College during a time when the College did not have a College photographer. Images depict student life in and around campus including sports, as well as life in and around Hanover and the Upper Valley. Regional organizations, campus buildings and departments, faculty, alumni, administrators, College presidents and well known visitors to Dartmouth are also included. Presidents represented here are John Kemeny, James O. Freedman and David McLaughlin. Personalities include Gloria Steinem, Jesse Jackson, Robert Reich, Jake Tapper, Louise Erdrich, Marshall Meyer, Josefina Bosch, Sandra Day O'Connor, Walter Mondale, John Updike and Carlos Fuentes.


Nancy Wasserman graduated from Dartmouth College with a BA in 1977 and received a Masters in Community Economic Development from New Hampshire College (now Southern New Hampshire University). She has served as the Deputy Policy Director of Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, the operator of Efficiency Vermont, and was the founding Executive Director of the Vermont Community Loan Fund (VCLF), a non-profit community development institution that provides flexible financing for affordable housing, community facilities and small businesses. In 2012, Wasserman relocated to Ottawa, Canada where she currently serves as the president of Sleeping Lion Consulting, a consultancy firm that works with innovative companies, charities, government agencies and communities to assess and implement strategies, programs, products and policies that meet financial, environmental, social and community goals. From the late 1970s to 1988, Wasserman was hired by Dartmouth College to take photographs for the College who did not have an official college photographer at the time.

Box & Folder List

Box: 1, circa 1978-1979

Contact Sheets, Negatives and Photographs

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Miscellaneous, circa 1978-1979

    Mary Tyler Moore at Dartmouth and Roberta Kirn and Jamie Hampton and Michelle Ratte; Edgar, janitor; Mrs. Solzhenityn at Dartmouth; Pres. David McLaughlin and Paul Paganucci; Estelle Parsons visit to Dartmouth

  • Folder: 2, Miscellaneous, 1979-03

    Bagles and Campus Police; Bill New and Alan Treffler and miscellaneous faculty or administrators; Wooden Shoe Commune (Jake Guest); Crosby Hall deconstruction/Blunt Alumni Center; New Devise at Dartmouth Medical School (Lafayette Noda); Cows in Mud; Hanover Back Doors; Meriden Game Supper; Bruce and Carol Pacht (Wooden Shoe Feature); Prof. James Wright; Dr. Almy Thomas (?)

  • Folder: 3, Miscellaneous, 1979-04-1979-05

    Anne Brooks (Wooden Shoe Feature); Faculty meeting re. Eaqual Access and Dean Marilyn Baldwin; Prof. Claudia Card and Martha Spiers; Ledyard Connecticut River Trip to Sea and Upper Valley Barns and Prof. Elizabeth Baer; Prof. William Sleznick retirement; Josephina Bosch (negatives only); Health Educator at Dick's House

  • Folder: 4, Rep. Shirley Chisholm at Dartmouth, 1979-05
  • Folder: 5, Graduation, 1979-06
  • Folder: 6, Miscellaneous, 1979-06-1979-07

    Robert Kilmarz, Ralph Lombard, Sandy McCuloch and David McLaughlin; Henry John Brown; Paul Zeller (Glee Club); Clint Gardner; Staff Service Award Presented by John Kemeny

  • Folder: 7, Theater: Summer Repertory , Summer 1979
  • Folder: 8, Miscellaneous, Summer 1979

    Prof. Bill Cole; Women's Festival; Black Alumni Association; Annette Kolodney at Dartmouth with Marysa Navarro and Catherine Simpson; College Switchboard at Hanover Inn; "Valley News" newsroom and "Lena's Lunch," White River Junction and Prof. Robert Oden; Working Feature for DAM; Alumnus; Diane Knappert (Dartmouth Medical School ?); Trustee Priscilla Frechette and Prof. David Kastan; Blunt Building under construction; Ken and Harley Montgomery and Edward Lathem; Dean Ralph Manuel and family

  • Folder: 9, Miscellaneous, Fall 1979

    Josephina Bosch and Claudia Lamperti; Prof. Joyn Kenseth

  • Folder: 10, Convocation (Pres. Kemeny), 1979
  • Folder: 11, Women's Sports at Dartmouth, 1979
  • Folder: 12, Miscellaneous Photographs (Black and White) Around Campus and Sports, undated

Box: 2, 1979-1982

Contact Sheets and Negatives

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Miscellaneous, 1979-09-1979-10

    Victoria Redel; Morton Farm; Hanover Inn feature for DAM; David Bradley; Deborah Jones; Baker Bells; Football Game; Madeleine Dorris (Michael Dorris'daughter); Rowing and cardiovascular health (DAM ?);Mark Larich; Sharon Klarich; Drumming at the Hop

  • Folder: 2, Ice Hockey, 1979-12
  • Folder: 3, Miscellaneous, 1980-01-1980-02

    Rayna Green; Dartmouth Flying Club; Collis Cafe Workers; Mark Frawby; Paul Paganucci, Cary Clark, VP of Investments/Legal Office; Nancy Elliot, Alumni Records; Prof. Al Converse; Prof. Russ Stearns

  • Folder: 4, Josefina Bosch and Jandel Allen, 1980-02
  • Folder: 5, Miscellaneous, 1980-03-1980-04

    Helen Quick and Rayna Green; Barbara Donnelly'77 and Costume Shop; Jamie Angell' 76 and Prof. Bernie Vyzga; Prof. Matthew Wysocki; Nancy Parsinnen Vespoli'77 and Robin Robinson and WDCR; Carriage at Hanover and Andy Rangell and Best Bathroom on Campus (archeology building); Prof. Joy Kenseth, Perk Foss and art historu slide collection and Hop Center prototype garage

  • Folder: 6, Miscellaneous, 1980-05

    Lord Dorm Fire; Hanover Inn; Julie Nixeon Eisenhower; Sherman Adams; Josephina Bosch'79 and Mark (?); Michele Roberts; Presentation of Bequest Office; Rugby

  • Folder: 7, John Kemeny with others, 1980-05
  • Folder: 8, Graduation and Reunions, 1980-06
  • Folder: 9, Miscellaneous, 1980-07

    John Kemeney with Erskine and Virginia Caldwell; Post-Graduation Party; Susan Neidlinger and Dean of Freshman Office; DAM Interns; Prof. Chivers and family; Prof. Marysa Navarro; Staff Awards; Bernard Malamud

  • Folder: 10, Theater: "The Country Wife" at Hopkins Center, 1980-07
  • Folder: 11, Theater: "Sorrows of Stephen" at the Hopkins Center, 1980-07
  • Folder: 12, Miscellaneous, 1980-08-1980-09

    Bones Gate; Margaret Otto and West Lebanon Power Station and Cutting of Elm tree in front of Dartmouth Row; Prof. Roger Masters and Prof. Clifton Below (?); Unidentified person; Peter Parnell; Ford and Betty Wheldon (?) and David Birney and John Updike; Manager of Dartmouth Football Team and JC Stahl Sculpture

  • Folder: 13, Andy Rangell (pianist), 1980-08
  • Folder: 14, Elizabeth Appleton (dancer), 1980-10
  • Folder: 15, Miscellaneous, 1980-11

    Bob Brace (trustee?); Ira, letterpress setter for "The Dartmouth"; Hairdresser/Barber; Robin Morgan at Dartmouth (?)

  • Folder: 16, Pre and Post Production, Company at Hopkins Center, 1980-11
  • Folder: 17, Miscellaneous, 1980-12

    Louise Smith and Elise Boulding and Peter Smith and Prof. Boshosian; Prof. John Wolfenden and Prof. Sarah Castro-Klaren and Elise Boulding; Prof. Bill Cole and Dr. Adler and Smoke Clinic (DHMC?); Carol Brock and Prof. Lawrence Davies and Prof. Wolfenden;

  • Folder: 18, Miscellaneous, 1981-01

    Athletic Trivia; Alumni Council; Dave Roberts and Cancer Conference; Sedition Ensemble

  • Folder: 19, Miscellaneous, 1981-02-1981-03

    Anti-US in El Salvador protest in Boston and on The Green; William Sloan Coffin; Ken Norman; Mary Cleary (DC's 1st female Rhodes Scholar) and Prof. Tamara Northern; Doug McBain (caretaker of President's House)

  • Folder: 20, Martin Luther King III and Pete Seeger, 1981-04
  • Folder: 21, Miscellaneous, 1981-04

    Parkhurst Stained Glass Ceiling; Student Telethon; President McLaughlin; Hopkins Center Front

  • Folder: 22, Spanish Civil War Symposium at Dartmouth, 1981-04

    Carlos Fuentes, Prof. Tony Geist; Prof. Marysa Navarro; Rafael Alberti; Sylvia Fuentes; Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo (Prim Minister of Portugal); Abe Osheroff

  • Folder: 23, Miscellaneous, 1981-05

    Jim Loeb and Prof. Chauncey Loomis; Judy McLaughlin and Townsend's Garage; Townsend's Garage; Dartmouth College Development Office, Grant Healy and Lu Martin and Anne Peyton; Prof. Clement and Prof. Gene Lyons and Randy Forsberg; Lo-Yi Chan (architect and Electric vehicle delivering mail and Panther Players; Various campus scenes; Moorhead Kennedy (one of the American hostages held at the US Embassy in Teheran in 1979); Mike McGean and Greg Prince; Townsend's Garage; Bequest and Estate Office Staff and Lu Martin

  • Folder: 24, Commencement and Reunions, 1981-06
  • Folder: 25, Gloria Steinem at Dartmouth, 1981-07
  • Folder: 26, Miscellaneous, 1980-07

    Teaching French at the Norwich Day Care; Pres. Kemeny Staff and Lu Martin and Alex Fanelli; Enviromental Studies students in the field; Trash Office Stafff

  • Folder: 27, Miscellaneous, 1981-08

    Prof.Mary Kelley; Prof. Largomosino; Prof. Hoyt Alverson; Thayer Dinning Hall and Library; Classes; President McLaughlin

  • Folder: 28, B & G Employees, 1981-10
  • Folder: 29, Miscellaneous, 1981-09-1981-12

    Woman from Alumni Records and unidentfied professor; Hybridoma facility at Dartmouth Medical School; Wood chopping on the Green; Lebanon Airport; Dartmouth Class of 1939; Pres. McLaughlin

  • Folder: 30, Miscellaneous, 1982-01

    Thayer Dining Hall addition; Collis and Hanover Inn; Baker Library (negatives only); David McLaughlin and Bob Brace; Occom Pond; Skaters

  • Folder: 31, Miscellaneous, 1982-02

    Rabbi Marshal Meyer and Barnie Hoisington; Rabbi Marshal Meyer and snow scenes in Upper Valley; Glasblowing at Dartmouth shops; Addison Winship II and Badminton; Addison Winship II and Pres. McLaughlin; Hanover Public Meeting and Prof. Ron Green; Carnical sculpture building; Cross country skiing; Prof. Matthew Wysocki and Cathy Wasserman and Blacksmith Shop; Hockey and Gymnastics; Hockey Game; Card Catalog and Books in Baker Library; McLaughlin in doorway and Baker Library and Classroom; Basketball and Hillell House; Rabbi at the Tucker Foundation; Alcohol Symposium at Dartmouth

  • Folder: 32, Miscellaneous, 1982-03

    Chuck (?) Hopkins Center Print Shop; Dean of Admissions (?); Greenhouse at Bio Building and Prof. Stinson (?); Financial Aid Office and silver teapot; unidentified

  • Folder: 33, Miscellaneous, 1982-04

    Whitewater Rafting on the Mascoma River and Peace March in Hanover; Chinese Kitchen at Dartmouth Medical School; Phone-A-Thon; Amory Lovins; Bernie Waugh; Will Davison; Bakery; Prof. Christian Wolff; Unidentified

  • Folder: 34, Miscellaneous, 1982-05

    DMS Dean McCullum; Amelia Craig and Noah's Ark from Rollins Chapel; Prof. Leo Spitzer and Marianna Hirsch Wedding and Prof. Nancy Vickers; Green-up Day and Pow Wow; Amory and Hunter Lovins at Dartmouth; Dartmouth Medical School Anatomy Professor; Europe, Miscellaneous FSP program; Teacher of Tai Cho; United Way Day Care

  • Folder: 35, Miscellaneous, 1982-06

    Cyclers; Football Practise; Ropes Course; Summer Theater Drag Show; Main Street Business and Campion's; Wendell Badger and Boathouse for Dartmouth Crew; Aerial views of Hanover

  • Folder: 36, Commencement, 1982-06
  • Folder: 37, Reunions, 1982-06
  • Folder: 38, Hanover and Lebanon High School Graduations, 1982-06
  • Folder: 39, Miscellaneous, 1982-07

    Ralph Manuel, Dean of Freshman and Staff; Ria Blaas (puppeteer) and Hanover; Charlie and Judy Geer rowing; Rassias Method; Norwich Houses; Emma Lathen (author) in Warren, NH;

  • Folder: 40, Miscellaneous, Fall 1982

    Rick Fayen (resident of Hartland) and Blair Watson; Gov. Richard Snelling, President McLaughlin, Bruce Bokor and Football Game; Football Game and Madeleine Dorris and Marching Band Reunuin and Fritz Hier; Bonfire and Alumni Council

  • Folder: 41, Miscellaneous, 1982-09

    Alumni Magazine Interns and Prof. Donald Pease; Green Mountain Head Regatta; Rassias Method at Vermont Police Academy; Prof.Christian Wolff and Lane Kirkland; Tunnel Brook Trail

  • Folder: 42, Miscellaneous, 1982-10

    Wood Crew; Wood Crew and Jonathan Brownell (lawyer); Wood Crew, Cathy Wasserman and Dean Ed Shanahan; Prof. Frank Smallwood and Robert McGrath and College Building Details; Jerry (?) Football Coach; Sand Smallwood and New England Board of Higher Education; New England Board of Higher Education; Reception for Gov. Hugh Gallen; Unidentified

  • Folder: 43, Rowing: Head of the Charles, 1982-10

Box: 3, 1983-1986

Contact Sheets and Negatives

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Miscellaneous, Spring 1983

    Louise Erdrich; Alumni Council with Pres. McLaughlin; John Wodehouse; Aggie Kurtz; Walter Mondale at Dartmouth; Prof. Rayna Green; Virginia Close; Mary Sue Glosser

  • Folder: 2, Commencement and Reunions, Spring 1983
  • Folder: 3, Miscellaneous, Summer 1983

    Upper Valley Development and Training Center; ALPS Foreign Language Program, Prof. Rassias; Artist in Lyme; Central American Protest and Dana Cook Grossman; Seaver Peters

  • Folder: 4, Women rowing on Connecticut River, Summer 1983
  • Folder: 5, Miscellaneous, Fall 1983

    Admissions Office; George Hawthorn (College architect); Bob Conn; Unidentified proffesor and Rollins Chapel; Prof. Fred Berthold; Hospital; Protest in Lebanon and Soccer; Rabbi Michael Paley and Prof. Cleopatra Mathis; Dorothy Goodwin Auction; Dean Carl Long; Dartmouth Medical School Convocation; Norris Cotton Cancer Center; Mary Ellen Donovan and Lynn Tschirhatt Sanford

  • Folder: 6, Black Underground Theater and Arts (BUTA), Fall 1983
  • Folder: 7, Miscellaneous, 1983-12

    Admissions Office; Trina Schart Hyman in Lyme

  • Folder: 8, Winter Carnival Skiing, Winter 1983
  • Folder: 9, Photographs for article on Cancer, Winter 1983
  • Folder: 10, Presidential Debates at Dartmouth, 1984-01
  • Folder: 11, Jesse Jackson at Dartmouth, 1984-01
  • Folder: 12, Miscellaneous, 1984-01-1984-02

    Robert Reich; University Press of New England; Winter Carnival; Unidentified; Christa Lesher; Dartmouth Skating Club; "Feast of Song" Cast; Around Campus

  • Folder: 13, Miscellaneous, Spring 1984

    Dean Hutchinson (?); Rowing US Men's 4; Dartmouth Hillell; Prof. Dwight Lahr; Five Retirees (Alumni Magazine); Track practise

  • Folder: 14, Graduation, Spring 1984
  • Folder: 15, Reunions, Spring 1984
  • Folder: 16, John and Jean Kemeny, Summer 1984
  • Folder: 17, Athletic Practices , Summer 1984
  • Folder: 18, Rabbi Marshal Meyer, Fall 1984
  • Folder: 19, Miscellaneous, Fall 1984

    Gail Koziara (Women's Basketball); Bill Smith and Bob Allen; Breeden (Trustee?) ; Poster Studio; Prof. Priscilla Sears; Orton Hicks; Prof. Lawrence Davies; Unidentified; Mac Computers in Dorm; President MacLaughlin; Paul Tsongas (US Rep);Unidentified "Bests"; David Orr; Dartmouth Night; David Hook

  • Folder: 20, Louise Erdrich and Michael Dorris with their children, Fall 1984
  • Folder: 21, Miscellaneous, Winter 1984

    President Mclaughlin; Best of 84 Alumni Magazine; Geology Class Field Trip;

  • Folder: 22, Sandra Day O'Connor at Dartmouth, Winter 1984
  • Folder: 23, Theater: "Bye Bye Birdie" at the Hopkins Center, Winter 1984
  • Folder: 24, Miscellaneous, Spring 1985

    Plainfield School Meetings; Cornish, NH Meeting

  • Folder: 25, Miscellaneous, 1985-03

    Neurology Doctors; Oak Knoll; Tom Fortner (?); Arthur Hall Dance Troop

  • Folder: 26, Miscellaneous, 1985-04

    Mark Johnson; Break Dancing and Alumni Telethon; Cooke, Geo Data Company in Lyme; Freshman Parents Weekend, views from Baker Tower; Sign Language Class

  • Folder: 27, Dr. Alan Rozycki, 1985-04
  • Folder: 28, Miscellaneous, 1985-05

    Yankee Barn Homes; Computers in Dorms; Shots for United Way Campaign; Macintosh Computer; Hop/Hood Friends event

  • Folder: 29, Prof. Tom Kurtz, 1985-05
  • Folder: 30, Prof. John Appleton with synthesizer , 1985-05
  • Folder: 31, Prof. John Kemeny and computers, 1985-05
  • Folder: 32, Commencement and Reunions, 1985-06
  • Folder: 33, Miscellaneous, Summer 1985

    Ellen Meyer Shorb; Michelle Rattee with Ted Arnold; Mary Ellen Donovan; Elizabeth Epstein Kadin and Penny (?)("You Laugh") and Summer on the Green; Cathy Beinhauer; More computers; Woman with baby in crib; Dave Eckles and Jack Turco (?); Upper Valley News Services; Prof. Melinda O'Neal; Freshman Orientation; Lansburgh Artwork (donated artwork?)and Women Business Owners of Vermont; Connie (?)

  • Folder: 34, True Basic Promo Photographs, Summer 1985
  • Folder: 35, Miscellaneous, Fall 1985

    Dartmouth Administrators (Paul Doscher ?); Emma Lathen (?); United Way Campaign; Alumni Council; Cathy Beinhauer (Conference Managment Association of Hanover; Prof. Sterling; Asian Student House; Thayer Dining Hall; Model for 1 Court Street Lebanon (Clifton Below)

  • Folder: 36, Roger Clarkson, Fall 1985
  • Folder: 37, Robert Reich, Fall 1985
  • Folder: 38, Miscellaneous, Spring 1986

    Ralph Gibson; Student Tel-a-thon; Lester Thurow at Dartmouth with Madeleine Kunin (?); Adult Basic Education; Tax Resisters Day Prostest at Dartmouth; Evan Connell (author); Dartmouth Pottery Studio; Class Secretaries at Rollins Channel; Dartmouth Wind Ensemble; Dartmouth Wood Shop and Jewelery Studio; United Way Supported Agencies, Lebanon

  • Folder: 39, Properties around Campus (Banwell and White), Spring 1986
  • Folder: 40, Reunions, 1986-06
  • Folder: 41, New England Review Staff, Summer 1986
  • Folder: 42, Miscellaneous, Summer 1986

    Staff of West Central Services, Claremont; Hopkins Center and Hood Museum; X Plane and new Boathouse; Pottery Studio; Wood Shop;Lynn Goudet and Common Sense; Elm trees on the Green; UDS Groundbreaking; Ben Wise; Terry Boone

  • Folder: 43, Paul Lazarus, 1986-06
  • Folder: 44, Miscellaneous, Fall 1986

    Interns at Dartmouth Alumni Magazine and Thayer School Class; Groundbreaking 1 Court Street Lebanon (negatives only); Prof. Marianne Alvberson and United Way Volunteers; Dartmouth Savings Bank Staff; Arts Outreach; Gretchen Cherington; Thayer Dining Hall

  • Folder: 45, Alice Peck Day, Fall 1986
  • Folder: 46, Aerial views for Carrol Lawes, Fall 1986
  • Folder: 47, Dartmouth Boat House and PowerHouse Mall, Fall 1986
  • Folder: 48, Art Outreach , Fall 1986
  • Folder: 49, Dartmouth Day Care, Fall 1986
  • Folder: 50, Theatrical Performance, Fall 1986

Box: 4, Box: 4, circa 1986-1988

Contact Sheets, Negatives and Slides

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Miscellaneous, Winter 1986

    "I hate Winter" for DAM; Faculty Meeting re. Governance; Trumbell Nelson Building; United Way Mug Shots; New Dorms; Lilla Elizabeth McLane Bradley

  • Folder: 2, Native American Staff, Winter 1986
  • Folder: 3, Anne Watson and Josephina Bosch , Winter 1986
  • Folder: 4, Protest re. Stephen Bilko and South Africa on the Green, Winter 1986
  • Folder: 5, West Central Behavioral Services, Winter 1986
  • Folder: 6, Aerial Views , circa 1986-1987
  • Folder: 7, United Way Board Members, circa 1986-1987
  • Folder: 8, Cardigan Mountain School -Ice Hockey, circa 1986-1987
  • Folder: 9, Pres. James O. Freedman with Kemeny and McLaughlin, Spring 1987
  • Folder: 10, Commencement and Reunions, 1987-06
  • Folder: 11, Teddy Bear Picnic, 1987-06
  • Folder: 12, Miscellaneous, 1987-06

    Unidentified; Peter Smith (Hood Museum); Unidentified Graduate with Parents; Fingerprinting Kids

  • Folder: 13, Miscellaneous, Summer 1987

    Prof. Bob McGrath; Tuck Program; Unidentified; Prof. Varujan Boghosian; Unidentified; Computers in Dorm Rooms; John Kememy Lecture; Alumni and Computers; Prof. Don Kreider; Climbing Bartlett Tower; Unidentified Organization Board Members; Unidentified; Dartmouth College Undergraduate signed for Pro-Baseball (?); Kajak Races on Mascoma River; Three Male Students for Alumni Magazine

  • Folder: 14, Sports: Coaches, Summer 1987
  • Folder: 15, Freshman Trips, Summer 1987
  • Folder: 16, Miscellaneous, Fall 1987

    John (?) graphic designer for Dartmouth; United Way; Art Class; Pres. James Freedman; Charles Collis; The Weils (Donors?)

  • Folder: 17, Theater Shots, Fall 1987
  • Folder: 18, Jake Tapper, Fall 1987
  • Folder: 19, Miscellaneous, 1987-1988

    Upper Valley Skating; "Dartmouth Review" Editor; Tuck School Faculty; New Faculty; Women Faculty in Sciences; Ski Race

  • Folder: 20, Protests at Parkhurst, circa 1987
  • Folder: 21, Orozco Mural Related Photographs, circa 1988
  • Folder: 22, Admissions, 1988-02
  • Folder: 23, Women's Rowing USA, circa 1988
  • Folder: 24, Jesse Jackson at Dartmouth (negatives only), 1988
  • Folder: 25, Reunions (negatives only) , 1988
  • Folder: 26, Class of 1950 (negatives only), undated
  • Folder: 27, Madeleine Kunin and Howard Coffin at Dartmouth, undated
  • Folder: 28, Stave Puzzles, undated
  • Folder: 29, Unidentified, circa 1988
  • Folder: 30, Unidentified Contact Sheets, undated
  • Folder: 31, Unidentified Groups, undated
  • Folder: 32, Michael Dorris, unidentified
  • Folder: 33, Unidentified, undated
  • Folder: 34, Unidentified Negatives, undated
  • Folder: 35, Miscellaneous (some identified), undated
  • Folder: 36, Big Brother/Big Sister Tucker Foundation (slides), undated
  • Folder: 37, "Dartmouth Doors" (negatives) with brochure, circa 1985
  • Folder: 38, Hopkins Center (negatives only), undated
  • Folder: 39, Dartmouth Buildings (negatives only), circa 1983
  • Folder: 40, Raphael Manuel Dean of Freshman, undated
  • Folder: 41, Woman's Resource Center (negatives only)
  • Folder: 42, United Way (slides)
  • Folder: 43, Aerial Views (slides, color), circa 1986
  • Folder: 44, Dartmouth Doors and Hopkins Center (slides, color), circa 1983
  • Folder: 45, Students and Dartmouth Hall (slides, color), circa 1988

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