Guide to the Records of the Dartmouth College, Association of Alumni of Dartmouth College, 1852 - 2003Manuscript DA-131


The Association of Alumni of Dartmouth College was organized in 1854 to represent all Dartmouth alumni. According to the association constitution, membership includes "every person who has ever matriculated as a full-time student in pursuit of a Dartmouth degree," including the undergraduate College, the advanced degree program within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Geisel School of Medicine, Thayer School of Engineering, and Tuck School of Business.

The object of the association was to unite alumni in meetings and exercises, and to strengthen the bonds which bind them to each other and to their common Alma Mater. The Association was to hold regular meetings annually in connection with the college commencement.

Currently Dartmouth has more than 120 clubs in the United States and another 19 overseas. In addition to providing support for the admissions efforts, scholarship, fundraising and job placement for undergraduates these clubs serve as a communication link between the College and the 46,000 alumni around the world.

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