Guide to the Records of the Bremer h. Pond, 1912 - 1914Manuscript DA-199

Introduction to the Collection

The records consist of a contract draft, some correspondence between Pond and College officials (including Sydney Lee Ruggles), a cost estimate, and architectural linens and tissues. The linens include a topographical map of the west end of campus along the Connecticut River and the Hiram Hitchcock estate, a planting plan for the area around the road, and details of culverts, guard posts, and catch basins. Arthur W. Dean served as consulting engineer. The tissues include cross-sections and a profile of the topography. Collectively, the records provide documentaton of the topography of the west end of campus and Lewiston, Vt., as well as the project itself. Of particular interest is the planting plan of Webster Vale which includes a list of trees, shrubs, and flowers.

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