Guide to the Records of the Dartmouth College, Alumni Relations, 1821 - 2006Manuscript DA-212

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Series 1500, Event Files, 1998-2001

Alumni Relations administrative event files containing; event planning, invitations, contact lists, attendance lists, financial accounts, receipts, requisitions for printings and mailings, emails, RSVP, agenda and itinerary for the Presidential Reception Dinner events sponsored by the Alumni Association.

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Series 2380, Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association (BADA), 1969-1999

Alumni Relations, Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association (BADA) files generated by Samuel W. Smith '49 Associate Director of the Dartmouth Alumni Fund, containing; correspondence, giving history, dues, challenges, lists of black faculty/staff, Smiths' role as student advisor, personal correspondence, letters of recommendation, Minority, Black/Collegiate Programs, Black Caucus organization, photograph albums, Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), co-education, Minority Participation Programs (MPP), A Better Chance (ABC) and minority admissions.

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Series 2879, Subject Files, 1926-2005

Alumni Relations subject files containing; correspondence, awards, planning documents, architectural drawings, and publications. Includes some Alumni Council records.

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Series 4148, Alumni Council Meetings, 2002-2003

Alumni Relations, Alumni Council meeting files containing minutes and agendas. Additional Alumni Council meeting minutes are contained with the records of the Council, DA-26.

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Alumni Relations, Recordings of the Proceeding of the Alumni and Council Association Annual Meetings. Additional recordings of Alumni Council and Association meetings and events are held within the records of the Council, DA-26.

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Series 26226, Alumni Association of the Northwest, 1880 -1910

Alumni Association of the Northwest files, containing meeting minutes, announcements, and clippings.

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Series 26227, Alumni Association of Philadelphia, 1906 - 1952

Alumni Association of Philadelphia files, containing meeting minutes and clippings.

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Series 26285, Alumni Club of Hartford, Connecticut, 1939-1989

Hartford Alumni Club administration and operation files containing minutes, memorandums, Secretary and Treasurer reports, annual reports, Smoke Signals Bulletins, cash receipts and disbursements, expenditures, by-laws, photograph and newspaper clippings, questionnaires, schedules of annual dues, Dartmouth Club of Hartford article drafts--for release in the June 1964 and 1965 issues of the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, membership lists, booklets, manuals, listings of Dartmouth Club scholarships, club stationary, club envelopes, a spring auction notice, as well as a certificate of incorporation. The Dartmouth Alumni Club of Hartford provides support to members throughout Hartford County, Connecticut. The Club of Hartford's Scholarship Fund is the greatest undertaking and provides financial aid, annually, to Dartmouth students from the area. The Club also hosts a number of events for alumni and distributes a seasonal bulletin Smoke Signals, created in 1953, to its members.

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Series 26376, 25th Anniversary of Coeducation Committee, 1996-1997

25th Anniversary of Coeducation Committee files containing; lists of participants, budget, meeting minutes, correspondence, memoranda, invitations, and other materials documenting the planning and logistics for the celebration of 25 years of Coeducation at Dartmouth College.

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Series 26754, Alumni Association of New York City, 1863-1973

Alumni Association of New York City files containing; Club mailings, clippings, newsletters, announcements, correspondence, meeting minutes and transcript of proceedings against President Bartlett.

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Series 26755, Alumni Association of Greater Boston, 1865-1973

Alumni Association of Greater Boston files containing; annual banquet documents, clippings, constitution, meeting minutes, membership rosters, and some information on the Dartmouth Women's Club of Boston.

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Series 26817, Widow Cards, 1984

Widow Cards, containing names of deceased alum, widow, children, ID number, address and telephone number. Cards arranged alphabetically.

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Series 27092, Class Secretaries' records, 1824-1939

Class Secretaries' Records containing, correspondence and record books maintained by class secretaries recording biographical information on class members and soliciting entries for class notes and reports.

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Series 29235, Recordings of class reunion events, 1960 June-2000

Reel-to-reel and audio cassette recordings of class meetings, dinners and events at class reunions.

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