Guide to the Papers of Dartmouth College, Class of 1954, 1950 - 2005Manuscript DA-268

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Guide to the Papers of Dartmouth College, Class of 1954, 1950 - 2005

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Manuscript DA-268

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1950 - 2005

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1 box (1.5 linear ft.)


Dartmouth College Class of 1954 miscellaneous items for a Time Capsule: handbook 1950-51, Dartmouth Alumni Magazines, Football programs, Jack-o-Lantern, Commencement programs, Beanies, ties, pins and Indian head cane of Ed Schadt '54.

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Access to Collection

There are no general access restrictions on this collection. However, there may be access restrictions on specific items within the collection.

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Introduction to the Collection

The Dartmouth Class of 1954 Time Capsule is presented as a time capsule created by members of the Class of 1954. Items included in the collection pertain to the Dartmouth Classes of 1804, 1854, 1904, 1954, and 2004. Materials include class statistics, photographs, 50th Reunion information, commencement information, and memorabilia from the Class of 1954 (including a freshman handbook, beanie, ID buttons, etc.). Research materials pertaining to the time frame of the collection are contained within the second box, as well as correspondence (dealing with the creation of the project) and two letters from members of the class of 1854 after their sixtieth reunion.


Members of the Dartmouth Class of 1954 entered the College in the fall of 1950, having come from 39 states and nine foreign countries. Members of the Class pursued a multitude of careers, some becoming Trustees of the College, Overseers of College institutions, and even President of the College (David McLaughlin, 14th President of the College 1981-1987; died 2005). The Class of 1954 celebrated their 50th Reunion in 2004, at which point the Time Capsule project was to be completed and passed on to the Class of 2004.

Series, Box & Folder List

Series 25354, Class of 1954 Time Capsule materials, 1803-2004

Publications, timeline, reports, correspondence documenting hisotries of the classes of 1804, 1854, 1904 and the class of 1954, to be opened by the class of 2004 at their 50th reunion in 2054.

Box: 3674, Dates: 1804-2004, undated

-Binder 1. Classes of 1804 and 1854 information: Class of 1804; Class of 1854; Admissions; Highlights (includes photographs/etchings of prominent members of the Class of 1854); History (1854 Class History, written 44 years after graduation) -Binder 2. Class of 1854's 60th reunion "book", 1914: Four of Eight Survivors (notes from reunion meeting of four of the eight surviving members of the Class of 1854); Class occupations; Letter from lawyer/minister -Binder 3. Class of 1904 information, 1904-1954: Dartmouth Hall fire; New Dartmouth Hall; Strongest Football Team; A Bit of Perspective; College Rules/Travel Times; 50th Reunion in 1954; Societies; Raw Data; Campus Maps (also contains photographs of the Class of 1904) -Binder 4. Class of 1954 information, 1954-2004: 50 Year Slices; 1954 Hanover/1954 Class Stats; 1950/The Green Book/Freshman Yearbook; New in Early 50's: contains Time Magazine "Time Capsule" edition from 1952 (The Year in Review) and article from The Dartmouth on Green Key History -Binder 5. Early campus photos, 1854-1958: Dartmouth Hotel and The Inn; Commons in 1904; Bissell 1904; Bissell 1958; Gym (?); Mary Hitchcock 1954; Chemistry Lecture Hall; Other: includes copy of Dartmouth Phoenix, September 1857 -Binder 6. Trends at Dartmouth (200 years) & the U.S. (100 years), 1804-2004 Trends at Dartmouth; U.S. Population; Women/Minorities; Sex; U.S. Wealth; U.S. Lifestyle; 50 Year Slices
-Dartmouth College Handbook for the Class of 1954, 1950-1951 -Dartmouth College Senior Class Book: two copies for Class of 1954, one copy for Class of 2004 -Dartmouth College Instructions to Seniors Commencement, 11-13 June 1954 -The Class of 1954 Fathers' Weekend, 16-18 February 1951 -Dartmouth College Commencement and Baccalaureate book, two copies, 13 June 1954 -Dartmouth College Commissioning Ceremony for Army, Navy & Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps Unit, 12 June 1954 -"First Day" stamp leaflet (with stamp) commemorating Daniel Webster and 100 years of Dartmouth College, 22 September 1969 -Dartmouth Class of 1954 40th Reunion Commemorative plane, 13-16 June 1994 -"Historic Event of 50 Years Ago" article discussing rebuilding of Dartmouth Hall in 1904 and laying of cornerstone by the 7th Earl of Dartmouth, October 1954 -"Fraternities at Dartmouth", undated
•"The Dartmouth Review": Commencement 2004, The Year in Review: -David Thomas McLaughlin (16 March 1932-25 August 2004): A Celebration in Remembrance, 4 October 2004 -Dartmouth College Reunion 2004: Class of 1954 50th Reunion, 11-13 June 2004 -Invitation to Appalachian Trail Plaque Presentation in Recognition of the Class of 54's Fortieth Reunion in 1994, 8 May 1993 -The 50th Reunion Reflections of a Former President, 23 June 2004 -Dartmouth Commencement 2004: Class Notes, Remarks by President James Wright, Commencement Address by Jeffrey Immelt (Class of 1978), 23 June 2004
•"Jack-O-Lantern Magazine", 1950-1951: -Freshmen Issue, Houseparties (Fall) Issue, Harvard-LeHigh Issue, Christmas Issue, Winter Carnival Issue, Green Key Issue, Commencement Issue
•"Dartmouth Alumni Magazine", October and November 1954
•Dartmouth Football Programs, 30 September 1950-8 November 1952: -Dartmouth v. Holy Cross, Dartmouth v. Columbia, Dartmouth v. Princeton
•Memorabilia box, Class of 1954: -freshman Identification buttons (Bill Grover, 103 South Fayerweather; other button blank); freshman beanie with ID Button (Donald L. Berlin, 303 Streeter Hall); white Stetson hat with green ‘54' on front; Green Key bucket hat (green); Dartmouth Indian necktie

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Box: 5288, Dates: 1803-2004, undated

"Records of a meeting of The Class of 1854 Sixty Years After Graduation" as recorded by Benjamin Ames Kimball [23 June 1914] Letter to Benjamin Ames Kimball [7 September 1914] Correspondence on Class of 1954 Time Capsule project [29 October 2002-20 June 2004] Collected Chronology/Timelines [undated] Compilation of historical events from 1801-1954; time capsule research Dartmouth Materials [1803-2004] Materials pertaining to Dartmouth College in the form of statistics, photographs, and information collected from books, newspapers or magazines relating to Dartmouth history.

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Box: 5289, Dates: 1954

Dartmouth Indian Head Senior Cane of Ed Schadt, Class of 1954 (as identified on cane)

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