Guide to the Papers of Dartmouth College, Class of 1954, 1950 - 2005Manuscript DA-268

Introduction to the Collection

The Dartmouth Class of 1954 Time Capsule is presented as a time capsule created by members of the Class of 1954. Items included in the collection pertain to the Dartmouth Classes of 1804, 1854, 1904, 1954, and 2004. Materials include class statistics, photographs, 50th Reunion information, commencement information, and memorabilia from the Class of 1954 (including a freshman handbook, beanie, ID buttons, etc.). Research materials pertaining to the time frame of the collection are contained within the second box, as well as correspondence (dealing with the creation of the project) and two letters from members of the class of 1854 after their sixtieth reunion.

Finding Aids