Guide to the Records of the Dartmouth College, Alumni Council, 1917 - 2003Manuscript DA-26


The Dartmouth Alumni Council was formed in November, 1913, to more efficiently manage communication between the alumni and the administration and Trustees of the College.

The Council's founding responsibilities were:To act as a clearinghouse for alumni sentiment and the interchange of alumni ideas. To encourage and maintain a relationship with the Board of Trustees of the College which provides opportunity for regular input of alumni concerns and for assistance to the Board of Trustees in the development of programs and policies. To act as the official spokesman of alumni sentiment to the administration and as the avenue of approach by which the administration should have access to the alumni collectively. To approve or disapprove projects put forth in the alumni name and to be the seat of authority in all such matters. To initiate and carry on such undertakings, or to provide for their being carried on, as are reasonably within the province of alumni activity.

In 19i5, at the request of the general Association of Alumni, the Council took over the nominating process for alumni trustee candidates.

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