Guide to the Records of the Dartmouth College, Alumni Fund, 1879 - 1986Manuscript DA-27


Dartmouth's organized effort to solicit support from the general body of alumni dates back to 1879 when President Bartlett sent out circulars outlining the fiscal needs and giving opportunity of the college.

The origin of the Alumni Fund was establishment in 1906. The "Tucker Alumni Fund" was one of the important developments in the train of events, known as the "Alumni Fund on the Tucker Foundation". In 1914, the general Association of Alumni created an annual fund campaign "first for the establishment of the permanent alumni interest-bearing fund; and second, to increase the funds available for current uses." The primary importance of the availability of the annual Alumni Fund income for current expenses of the College soon became evident, and subsequently a provision was made to free the total amount of the Fund's collections and income in any year for current use, should it be needed. Over time, the alumni were given the ability to earmark their donations for unrestricted current use or scholarship aid, continuing to meet much of the shortfall between endowment and tuition income. Programs supported by the Fund touch nearly every program on campus, from athletics to the arts.

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