Vice President and Treasurer of Dartmouth College records, 1770-2006 Rauner Manuscript DA-2

Office History

The Office of Treasurer was established in the Charter of Dartmouth College, 13 December 1769. College founder Eleazar Wheelock was the first person to hold the office. He was appointed by the Trustees at their May 25, 1773, meeting, and some of his duties described at that time were "to receive for the use of the Trustees all such monies, donations, legal debts or dues as have been or may be subscribed, engaged or given towards the support of Dartmouth College..." Early treasurers, serving as the College's only financial officer, had oversight over investments, development, endowments, student accounts and financial aid, payroll, real estate and all manner of money management at the College. More recent financial documentation for these and other fiscal areas of the College administration may be now found within their own office records. Since the beginning of the mid-20th century, the title of the Treasurer's office and its administrative structure has changed a number of times. With the departure of Edwin Johnson as Executive Vice President and Treasurer, the title changed to Executive Vice President for Finance, with a reporting structure under the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the College.

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