Guide to the Records of the Dartmouth Medical School, Dartmouth Eye Institute, 1928 - 1952Manuscript DA-35

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Series 25993, Patents, 1917 - 1955

Series contains correspondence about patents, patent assignments, agreements, and descriptions of ophthalmological patents granted to Adelbert Ames, Jr., other members of the DEI and Dartmouth College. There are American patent applications and claims, and Letters Patent for many of the American, British, Canadian and French patents. Descriptions of ophthalmological patents granted to non-DEI inventors are also included; these seem to have been used as reference files by the DEI. Much of the correspondence concerns details of the patent application and claims process. Of note is the 1934 contracted agreement between Dartmouth College and American Optical Company covering use and rights of patents between the two organizations. Another noteworthy document concerns the release of all patent rights by Mr. and Mrs. Adelbert Ames, Jr. to Dartmouth College. The series is arranged alphabetically by folder title.

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Series 25994, Research and Writings, 1858 - 1985

Series contains the laboratory data and some writings of the DEI Research Division. The series is organized in four groups: laboratory notes, optical measurements of subjects, draft writings, and Professor Charles N. Haskins' calculations. The laboratory notes are the raw and transferred data of experiments on topics such as image asymmetry and stereoscopic vision. The second group, optical measurements, is the raw and finished data of individual test subjects' measurements performed on various optical apparatus such as the horopter and haploscope. The initials of some test subjects are recognizable as DEI staff. The third group is the draft writings of DEI members. Some of the drafts were revised and published. (Publications are cataloged and accessed via the Dartmouth College Library Online System.) Within this material are "chronological files" which are mostly article drafts written by Ames, Bannon and Ogle. The files contain some correspondence, as well. The last section of the series is Professor Charles N. Haskins' calculations in the subjects of binocular perspective and physiological optics.

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Series 25995, Adminitrative records, 1926 - 1956

Series contains documentation of the Dartmouth Eye Institute administrative activities. These files are incomplete and do not provide thorough documentation of the of the DEI. There is correspondence, committee memoranda and reports, annual reports, grant progress reports and research program notes. There are also files of press clippings which were apparently circulated to DEI staff to keep them current with Dartmouth College and local events that may have had bearing on work at the Institute. Of particular interest is the Tamblyn and Brown, consultant's report of September 14, 1937, "The Dartmouth Eye Institute: A Survey and Recommendations." There are no personnel files present. The series is organized by format and within each format the records are arranged alphabetically by title or name. The press clippings are in approximate chronological order. There are miscellaneous files at the end of the series that are loosely identified as administrative in nature and most closely related to this series.

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Series 25996, Photographs, blueprints, and overized material, 1928 - 1942

This series is organized by format. The group of photographs contain the images of the ophthalmological apparatus developed and used by the Dartmouth Eye Institute, of DEI staff members and of awards won by Adelbert Ames, Jr. and other DEI members. There are some negatives with their respective photographs. The photographs vary in size from 3″×4″ to 8″×10″. The photographs are arranged alphabetically by name. The majority of the blueprints are of the testing apparatus developed by DEI staff. Included in the oversize materials are several items which have been retained for exhibition purposes: a wooden sign from the DEI Clinic; a photostat chart showing research activity at the DEI for the years 1929 - 1940; and an illustration demonstrating eye testing for characteristics such as peripheral fusion using special projectors and a tangent projection screen.

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