Guide to the Records of the Dartmouth Medical School, Dartmouth Eye Institute, 1928 - 1952Manuscript DA-35

Introduction to the Collection

The Dartmouth Eye Institute Records include lab notebooks, research data, article drafts, patents and agreements, photographs, annual reports, grant progress reports, and committee memoranda and minutes. The Records document much of the research activity on topics such as detection and treatment of disorders of the eyes (including cyclophoria and aniseikonia), refraction, binocular vision and space perception and visual sensations, as well as the development of measuring and diagnostic ophthalmological instruments such as the horopter, haploscope, ophthalmo-eikonometer and the space eikonometer. Represented is the research of Adelbert Ames, Jr., Robert E. Bannon, Alfred Bielschowsky, Hermann M. Burian, Elmer H. Carleton, Gordon H. Gliddon, Henry A. Imus, Walter B. Lancaster, Leo F. Madigan, Kenneth N. Ogle, John Pearson and other members of the DEI. There is some documentation of the administration of the Institute; there is no documentation of the clinical work or the patient records.

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