Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital, School of Nursing records, 1893-1980 Rauner Manuscript DA-44


In 1893 Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital and a school of nursing were opened in Hanover, N.H., through the beneficence of Hiram Hitchcock who named the hospital in his late wife's honor. The School of Nursing increased its program from two years to three in 1905, and was officially recognized by the Hospital trustees in 1906. The first formal graduation exercises were held in 1908, and the Class of 1910 was the first to take State Board examinations. In 1952 the School received temporary National League for Nursing accreditation; it was placed on "warning" by the NLN in 1973 but regained full NLN accreditation in 1974. In 1976 the Adams report, which recommended closing the School, was published. In 1977 the Hospital trustees accepted this recommendation, and the last class entered the School. Final graduation took place in 1980, and the School was then closed.

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