Records of the Office of Planning, Design and Construction, circa 1870 - 2005Manuscript DA-643

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Series 27362, Building plans and maps, circa 1870-2005

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Box: 11749, Dates: circa 1925

Campus plan

Box Contents

  • Folder: Plan of campus, pre-Baker library - post-Topliff construction; shows paths, circa 1925

Box: 11750, Dates: 1979

Hanover farmlands

Box Contents

  • Folder: Important farmlands of Hanover, New Hampshire, western half; iUSDA Soil Conservation Service, in cooperation with Grafton Count Conservation District, 1979
  • Folder: Important farmlands of Hanover, New Hampshire, eastern half, 1979

Box: 11751, Dates: circa 1978

Aerial view of campus

Box Contents

  • Folder: Photographic aerial view of campus , circa 178

Box: 11752, Dates: 1927, undated

Street lights

Box Contents

  • Folder: Street lamp design for Dartmouth College, G. John Creed Inc., Boston, undate
  • Folder: Street light design, Union Metal Lamp standard, Union Metal Co., Canton OH, 1927 October
  • Folder: Grafton County Electric Co., foundation for street lighting fixture, New England Power Company Construction Co., engineers, 1927 October

Box: 11753, Dates: 1923

Hanover Water Works blueprint

Box Contents

  • Folder: Blueprint map of reservoir district, showing entire drainage area, property lines, topographic features, drawn from the Hanover Water Works Co, map 1903, with amendments to date by Robert Fletcher. Also shows pastures woods, streams, etc,and lists names of former property owners, and betterments made by the company, 1923

Box: 11754, Dates: 1980

Map of Hanover roads

Use Restrictions

old 143

Box Contents

  • Folder: Map of Hanover, New Hampshire, identifying roads and their classes, drawn from aerial photographs and several pre- existing area maps, by Photographic Interpretation Corp., 1980

Box: 11763, Dates: 1913 March 5

Bremer Pond plan

Box Contents

  • Folder: Traffic diagram crossing and approaches for new bridge (Ledyard); by Bremer Pond, 1913

Box: 11764, Dates: 1937, undated

Box Contents

  • Folder: Panel of fire escape ironwork design,linked D and C, Thayer Hall, by Jens F. Larson, 1937 June 10
  • Folder: Map of Pine Park between Hanover Country Club and Connecticut River, Undated

Box: 11765, Dates: undated

Trail maps

Box Contents

  • Folder: Map 1, plate 1, Hanover village and Norwich, undated
  • Folder: Map 1, Plate 2, topography, undated
  • Folder: Map 1, Plate 3, trails and cabins, undated
  • Folder: Map [White Mountain trails and peaks], undated
  • Folder: Map [ trails, cabins, peaks, vicinity of Hanover, undated
  • Folder: Map [topography], undated

Box: 11766, Dates: 1973-1974

Baker Library microfilm center (Jones)

Use Restrictions

old 147

Box Contents

  • Folder: Microfilm Center mezzanine level plan, Baker Library, by Fleck and Lewis, revised, 1974 January 16
  • Folder: Microfilm Center, Baker Library, first floor lighting plan, by Fleck and Lewis, 1973 November 9
  • Folder: Microfilm Center mezzanine level lighting and power plan, Baker Library, by Fleck and Lewis, revised, 1973 November 9

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