Guide to the Records of the Dartmouth College, Center for Women and Gender , 1970 - 2009Manuscript DA-680

Series List

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Series 3953, COEDUCATION ANNIVERSARY administrative files, 1970-1997

Contains, administrative files arranged alphabetically, forms, reports, participants lists, contact information, status sheets, programing materials, meeting minutes, floppy discs with 25th anniversary logo, and enrollment history related to Coeducation's anniversary and celebrations. Includes rant letter.

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Series 4078, SUBJECT FILES, 1983-1998

Subject files containing proposals, policies, clippings, programming, calendars and conference materials documenting the function of the Center for Women and Gender.

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Series 4438, PROGRAMMING FILES, 1994-2006

Programming files containing workshops, meetings, participants lists, planning committees, training seminars, symposiums, and SAMN (Student Alumni Mentoring Network), mentors and matches lists.

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Series 4439, DIRECTOR'S FILES, 1983-2004

Deans' and Directors' files including meeting minutes, brochures, calendars, committees, correspondence, participant lists, newsletters, and focus group materials. Files also include e-mail offenses at Dartmouth and the Dartmouth Review Nazi slogan issue.

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Series 4440, Student Publication , 1992-1996

Files of the student publication Spare Rib containing advertisements, applications, idea lists, contacts, contributions, expenditures, photos, publicity, survey and handbook.

Access Restrictions

Access to student records restricted by federal law.

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Series 27018, Event posters and original artwork , 1994 - 2009

Event posters original pen and ink drawings. Posters include The Vagina Monologues, V Day and Sexual Assault Awareness.

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