Guide to the Papers of Gilman D. Frost, 1926 - 1942Manuscript DH-15


Gilman DuBois Frost was born on 7 May 1864, in Randolph, Vermont, the son of Dr. Carleton Frost and Eliza Dubois. He attended Dartmouth College with his brother Edwin, both graduating in 1887. Gilman studied medicine at Dartmouth's and Harvard's medical schools, earning degrees from both schools in 1892. He married Margaret Thurston in 1895, and they had five children. Dr. Frost spent his teaching career at Dartmouth Medical School while conducting his practice in Hanover. His first appointment was as lecturer in anatomy, 1893-94. From 1894 to 1910 he was professor of anatomy and was professor of clinical medicine from 1910-37. In 1896, he and his brother conducted the first diagnostic X-Ray in the United States. Like his father, he served the Dartmouth Medical School as secretary-treasurer, 1896-1904, and as secretary 1904-09. Dr. Frost gathered genealogical data, primarily on Hanover families, from research in published sources, personal correspondence, notes taken from cemeteries, and from his conversations with patients and local residents. Dr. Frost died on 27 May 1942, in Hanover.

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