Guide to the Records of the Hanover (N.H.), 1761 - 1995Manuscript DH-1


The town of Hanover, New Hampshire, received its royal charter on July 4, 1761. The town's first settler was proprietor Edmund Freeman who arrived with his family in 1765. In 1770, with the encouragement and promised financial support of the Hanover proprietors, the Rev. Eleazar Wheelock moved his recently-founded Dartmouth College, and Moors Indian Charity School, to Hanover. In the 1780's, Hanover and other New Hampshire towns bordering the Connecticut River, joined together to form Dresden, in the then-independent republic of Vermont. For much of the 19th and 20th century, the development of the town and the College were significantly intertwined, the prosperity and growth of each concerned with the other.

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