Guide to the Records of the Hanover (N.H.), 1761 - 1995Manuscript DH-1

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Series 27721, Proprietary records, 1761 - 1810

Record books, warrants and proceedings of the meetings and activities of the proprietors of the town of Hanover . The records chiefly document the proprietors' actions to survey, divide, and allot land in colonial Hanover and the years immediately following the Revolution, and include petitions and proposals. Proprietary records also the royal charter for the town, dated July 4, 1761

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Series 27723, Board of Selectmen, Administration and Governance, 1778-1972

Meeting minutes, correspondence, legal documents and subject files documenting the activities and areas of governance the Board of Selectman. Among the eighteenth century letters is a note from Bezaleel Woodward, as well as a letter from Meschech Weare, President of New Hampshire, and the Committee of Safety calling upon New Hampshire towns to supply beef for the Army during the Revolution. The nineteenth century letters pertain to taxes, payments to soldiers during the Civil War, and town paupers. Subject files include correspondence and other documents related to a variety of municipal matters. Of interest are files concerning the Ledyard Bridge during the 1920s, the White River Falls Bridge before 1859, and Hanover cemeteries.

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Series 27724, Board of Selectmen - Property and Poll Tax records, 1773-1978

Contains eighteenth and nineteenth century tax inventories documenting valuations on land and homes, polls, livestock, property improvements such as mills, and stock investments. After 1800 the only significant gap in the records is between 1854 and 1856. For some years before 1800 there are no extant inventories. This series also includes tax warrants issued by the State of New Hampshire and Grafton County, abatements, tax receipts, and other tax records. The bulk of these records occur before 1900. The annual assessment records follow the alphabetical files and form the majority of the series. The annual assessment records are variously titled inventories, lists, blotters, or invoices. Within this guide the term "inventory" refers to all documents titled invoice, assessment, blotter, inventory, or list. The selectmen, assessor, or clerk used these terms to describe a written inventory of all properties in the town. While "invoice" is the most historically accurate term, "inventory," for current usage, better describes the records in hand. Within each leaf or volume, the selectmen or assessors listed assessments alphabetically according to heads of families and corporate bodies, including Dartmouth College. During the nineteenth century, the Selectmen made their assessments according to school districts that numbered as many as eighteen. Thus, an inventory for a given year will include lists for each district. Likewise, between 1856 and 1961 assessments for the Village Precinct residents are listed separately from assessments made in the township.

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Series 27725, Board of Selectmen - Finance and Accounting records, 1778-1924

Records document financial transactions between the selectmen and Hanover residents. The receipts and orders were drawn against town accounts for expenditures on legal services, payments to town officers, education, highways, and other fiscal responsibilities. The bulk of the receipts and payment orders relate to poor relief, militia and Civil War era bounties, town officer payments, and highways. The poor relief receipts after 1840 document expenditures on the town farm, and those incurred for the indigent who did not live on the town farm. The account books and ledgers contain memoranda of annual expenditures and for various accounts, and annual summaries as well as detailed accounts for education, poor relief and the town farm, military bounties, and highway expenditures. Municipal debts, tax income, and tax abatements were recorded in some account books as well.

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Series 27726, Board of Selectmen - Highway and Street records, 1777-1957

Contains documentation on the laying out of roads and streets. Two manuscript volumes (1777-1889; 1900-1957) contain petitions and surveys. The early volume includes extracts from the colonial proprietors' records as they relate to highways. There are unbound petitions and surveys from the years between 1784 and 1931 as well. Following the unbound petitions are miscellaneous documents, including an 1829 proposal by Jonathan Freeman to recover damages to his property and writs against Hanover for not maintaining various roads. Unbound surveys and petitions are filed in chronological order by year.

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Series 27727, Tax Collector, 1781-1975

Series consists of volumes containing the annual warrants issued to tax collectors by the selectmen. Recorded in the volumes are the taxpayer's names, generally in alphabetical order, and information noting the payment, abatement, or lack of payment on poll (resident) tax and property taxes. Often poll and property taxes are contained in the same warrant book. Records also include the tax collector's cash book for some years, and cards pertaining to taxes owed to the town and tax sale reports; cards contain property descriptions. Also under the oversight of the Tax Collector are applications for residency used to establish the resident tax warrant. Applications contain addresses and employment information.

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Consists of a volume documenting Hanover births, deaths, and marriages between 1765 and 1859; marriage certificates from the years between 1832 and 1937; and registers of births, deaths and, marriages dating from 1859 to 1882. These materials provide a partial body of Hanover vital statistics for the years between 1762 and 1937. Certificates follow the volume, and are arranged as follows: Births, Marriages, and Deaths. File contents are arranged alphabetically by surname. Researchers should also consult the Town of Hanover annual reports, 1887-1938 for marriage, birth and death records, and vital statistic records still held in the town office.

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Primarily consists of certificates for appointments to office and oaths of office filed with the town clerk. Offices and positions documented in the records include selectmen, fire warden, auditor, liquor agent, clerk, highway surveyor, and treasurer. Certificates are also extant for the offices of hog reeve, who was appointed to control roaming swine; pound keeper; and tythingmen, who were to enforce Sabbath laws. Bond certificates, chiefly for the position of tax collector, are also included in the series.

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Chiefly contains agreements and corporate documents filed with the town clerk. Of note are annual stock returns from corporate bodies organized in Hanover including the Hanover Creamery, the Hanover Improvement Society, the Hanover Country Club, and several fraternity chapters at Dartmouth College. The returns list shares of stock issued, value of property holdings, and debts. Also includes articles of agreements filed by fraternities at Dartmouth College. Other items of interest include the articles of association for the Northern New England School of Religious Education and the Cosmos Club of Hanover. Miscellaneous documents include copies of the town charter, a County Commissioners' certificate for laying out a highway across the Connecticut River, a 1786 petition against the public support of the ministry, licenses for billiard tables, and some miscellaneous letters received by the clerk as well as correspondence and other documents pertaining to the Dartmouth Cemetery Association. A 1905 letter to the clerk contains a report from the committee on early town records.

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Series 27943, TOWN CLERK'S RECORD BOOKS, 1809-1967

Series consists of the record books kept by the Town Clerk. Among these are records of licenses, mortgages and conditional sales, and records of fires. Four volumes contain records of licenses for liquor distribution, cattle and sheep identification marks, and the division of fences. A substantial part of the series includes volumes variously titled liens, mortgages, and conditional sales records. Volumes contain the terms of sale for the purchase of livestock, businesses, automobiles, farm equipment, and household goods. Includes one volume containing wage assignments. The volumes in the Archives were selected as examples from approximately 25 volumes. The remainder of the volumes were transferred to the Hanover Municipal Building. Series also contains records of fires in Hanover between 1889-1947. For the years between 1889 and 1947, the town clerk recorded the following information about fires: date, type of structure, name of owner and occupant, value, damage, and cause. Information does not include addresses. There are also volumes containing fire reports supplied to the town clerk. The clerk recorded information from these sheets into the record books.

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Comprises personal property and chattel mortgage documents filed with the town clerk. Records give the conditions of transaction and a brief description of the items sold. Many of the records pertain to the sale of livestock and farm equipment. The series includes a schedule of furnishings in the Dartmouth Hotel. Also included are deeds executed for the purchase of land in Hanover. The instruments were presumably filed with the town clerk after being recorded by the registrar of Grafton County.

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Series 28288, TOWN CLERK MILITARY RECORDS, 1778-1884, 1945-1953, UNDATED

Primarily comprises enrollment lists from the nineteenth century prior to the Civil War; enlistment and draft papers from the Civil War; and World War II service records. The bulk of the enrollment lists are from the 23rd Regiment of New Hampshire militia. The rolls list men who served in the various Hanover units, particularly the Granite Guards, the Invincibles, and the Phalanx Company of Dartmouth College. Many Civil War period enrollment lists, enlistment papers, and draft substitution papers are extant. In addition to being useful for genealogical research, these records reflect Hanover's measures to fulfill federal levies during the Civil War. Other documents include a record book from the Grand Army of the Republic Post No. 56 and an Orderly Book of the 2nd Infantry Company of the 23rd Regiment. Records include one volume of World War II military service records. These forms, compiled by the town clerk, provide detailed information on Hanover residents who served during World War II. Recorded facts include name; branch of service; unit; physical traits; rank and promotion; theater of operation; campaigns, expeditions, and battles; discharges; decorations; wounds; and service deaths. The volume contains letters to the town clerk containing information about Hanover residents. In the volume are lists of World War I and Korean Conflict veterans. The forms were, perhaps, collected and compiled in conjunction with the War Records Committee and used for the publication, How They Served. See DH 1.12 for files of the War Records Committee.

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Series 28289, TOWN CLERK'S OFFICE JURY SELECTION RECORDS, 1819-1971, undated

Contains notices, lists, and other documents related to the selection of jurors for state and federal courts. Includes some mid-twentieth century letters, in which Hanover women asked to be added to the list of prospective jurors, as they were required to do according to New Hampshire statutes.

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Comprises Federal Emergency Relief Act (FERA) form cards filed with the Town of Hanover as well as note cards with information on residents. A small number of the note cards relate to municipal vehicles. Resident cards contain date of birth, marriage, occupation, and address information. FERA cards were used to certify that residents were eligible for public works employment during the Depression.

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Series 28291, TOWN CLERK'S OFFICE MAPS AND PLANS, 1851-1987

Various maps and plans of the Town of Hanover as well as a set of aerial photographs taken about 1960. Of note are maps depicting locations of residences outside the village (1892), the Hanover-Lebanon town line (1907), and a Hanover-Lebanon topographic map. The series also contains plans related to various utility services in Hanover. Items of interest include a New England Telephone and Telegraph plan showing the location of underground conduits (1916), a blueprint for a lamp standard, and a plan depicting the location of street lights in 1930.

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Comprises various documents pertaining to local, state, and federal elections. Nineteenth century records include warrants issued for state and federal elections, receipts for elections results addressed to the Secretary of State, and campaign handbills. Early twentieth century documents include returns from elections and primary returns, warrants, and campaign spending statements. Also includes the checklists of the voters in Hanover as well as proceedings from the Supervisors of the Checklist meetings, 1950-1984. The checklists were compiled by either the selectmen or the supervisors, and maintained by the clerk.

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Contains state and county reports as well as printed works related to the Constitution of New Hampshire (1889) , and a variety of manuscript and printed documents on miscellaneous issues, including sewers, the WW II flag pole and fire hydrants, among others.

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Series 28295, TOWN MEETING RECORDS, 1761-1962

Series chiefly consists of volumes containing warrants for and minutes of town meetings. Also includes unbound warrants, petitions to insert articles into the warrants, and records of the meetings for the years between 1776 and 1932. The eighteenth and nineteenth century records disclose debate about inoculation against small pox (October 6, 1788), establishment of a religious congregation during the 1700s, and actions taken for supporting the poor and maintaining a town farm. The nineteenth century volumes also contain local returns for state and national elections, as well as perambulation records. The Town Meeting Records document the evolution of concerns such as public education, the relationship between Dartmouth College and the Town of Hanover, and taxation.

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Series 28838, ANNUAL REPORTS, 1846-1964

Consists of published annual reports from the selectmen, village precinct, and the school board. School and precinct reports were usually published with the town report. Within the series, however, there are separate precinct reports for the following years: 1903-1905, 1907-1909, 1911-1912, and 1914-1915.

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Series 28839, LIQUOR AGENCY, 1857-1904

Primarily consists of three daybooks kept by the agent. Each daybook contains entries for purchases. Each purchase entry includes the name of the buyer, type of liquor or alcohol, amount, and cost. In the earliest daybook (1885-1888) the sales were listed as either medicinal, bathing, culinary, cleaning, or utility. Housed with the first daybook is one folder containing several receipts, including one for the purchase of liquor from a New York importer. NOTE: It appears that the earliest daybook was later used as a personal record book. Sales receipts written to the Cobb family are pasted on the pages, often covering the original text. The receipts are from the early 1900s.

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Series 28840, HIGHWAY SURVEYOR, 1779-1925

Series primarily comprises highway bills and warrant books for the collection of highway taxes. The highway bills date from 1785 to the 1840s. Warrant books supplanted the highway bills by the middle of the nineteenth century. Both types of records contain lists of residents and the taxes they owed. The records are incomplete. The extant books only cover scattered years in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Furthermore, the records for many districts are lacking. The bills and warrants are arranged chronologically by year. Also includes receipts for tax bills. These receipts were issued to the selectmen by the highway surveyors. Other records include two 1925 daybooks that contain notes about highway repairs and construction in Hanover.

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Series 28841, TOWN MANAGER SUBJECT FILES, 1906-1992

Chiefly contains correspondence, memoranda, and reports. Also includes contracts and agreements, plans, and photographs. Some files contain documents that predate the establishment of the office. Often these early documents are copies of agreements and legal opinions. Some records touch on both planning at Dartmouth College and Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital, especially as they relate to planning and expansion, and reflect cooperation between the town and the two institutions. Other significant topics include cemeteries, the Dresden School District, Pine Park Association, the issue of Dartmouth College students' rights to vote in Hanover, and the Hanover Improvement Society.

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Includes maps, reports, and printed matter related to the town's application and approval for the National Flood Insurance Program administrated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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Series contains an incomplete set of minutes from the years between 1955 and 1970 as well as correspondence files. Other documents, including reports and notes, accompany the minutes. The correspondence files contain letters received by the board and copies of letters sent by the board. Also includes annual and topical reports drafted by the board as well as reports received by the board. Items of interest include reports on the proposed Interstate 91 Norwich Interchange; town governance (1967); and land use for recreation.

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Consists of files containing memoranda, correspondence, clippings, and reports all related to specific planning matters and issues. Topics include the Interstate 91 Norwich Interchange, a Hanover traffic study, zoning ordinance development, and the Hanover Development Corporation. Files are organized alphabetically. Documents within the files are primarily in the order in which they were transferred to the Archives.

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Comprises topical files containing notes, reports, memoranda and correspondence, maps, and plans. The files were maintained by the board and its consultants, Adams, Howard & Greeley, as they prepared the comprehensive plan, and includes materials concerning Hanover schools, traffic and parking, population, subdivision regulation and zoning, and building activity during the 1950s. Significant is the 1974 planning program whose records includes reports, correspondence, maps, and other documents related to this short-term planning program that focused on town growth and development. The records contain reports written by groups of residents. The reports relate to institutional and commercial development, recreation, environmental protection, and residential development among other topics. Records include scattered letters reflecting residents' attitudes towards town growth and development.

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Series 29031, Zoning Board of Adjustment, 1965-1971

Series includes typescript minutes from public hearings, correspondence, and memoranda. The series does not include a complete set of minutes for the years between 1965 and 1970.

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Series 29032, COMMISSIONS AND COMMITTEES, 1899-1993

Meeting minutes, correspondence, reports, clippings, programs, plans and printed material documenting the activities and publications of various Hanover town committees and commissions.

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Comprises minutes, by-laws, and other documents related to the governance and operation of the precinct. Series includes precinct meeting minutes, 1855-1958; minutes of the precinct commissioners, 1885-1963; and the Act of Incorporation granted to the Village Precinct by the State of New Hampshire. Of interest are two maps, measuring 48 inches by 68 inches, of the precinct. One map depicts sewer lines within the precinct.

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Series includes several files of correspondence from the Precinct officers, 1861-1958, much f it containing legal opinions and advice from attorneys retained by the precinct. Among the various subjects, the files pertain to water supply, fire protection, zoning, and the merger of the town and precinct governments.

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Series contains three volumes of minutes and related materials from zoning board hearings, 1931-1949, as well as several files of building permits and related correspondence, 1933-1938. The series is relatively complete and documents the development of Hanover village during the middle years of the twentieth century. The series also includes architectural drawings, e.g., site plans, floor plans, and sketches that were, as internal evidence suggests, probably submitted during the permit application process. Drawings (1927-1960) relate to several Dartmouth College projects, including faculty housing; the Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital; and residential construction. Local architects represented in the drawings include Frank J. Barrett, Hudson & Ingram, Alfred T. Granger Associates, J.F. Larson; and E.H. and M.K. Hunter.

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Series 29126, SCHOOL DISTRICTS RECORDS, 1791-1950

Contains district record books, miscellaneous volumes, and unbound documents. The record books contain reports, minutes, and warrants from Districts one, three, six, seven, thirteen, and fourteen. Most of the records pertain to District No. 1. Among the unbound records are reports defining the boundaries of the districts in Hanover. Other items of interest include a record of the Freeman fund, other school funds, statistical reports, and miscellaneous examples of student work from the nineteenth century. In summary, the series provides a substantial record of educational and financial affairs in District No. 1. Documentation for districts outside of the village is very incomplete. The series also includes receipts, 1801-1886, for appropriations and expenditures in various Hanover school districts.

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Series pertains to both town and village police operations. Includes three volumes of the Hanover Police Court records, 1872-1921. These records provide abstracts of civil and criminal cases heard by the police justice. Records of the police chief and department are extant from the years between 1915 and 1941. A substantial portion of these records provide a daily account of operations, investigations, and arrests. Includes two volumes of theft reports, 1927-1941

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