Guide to the Records of the Dartmouth Religious Society, 1830 - 1919Manuscript DH-41


The Dartmouth Religious Society was incorporated in 1830 under the provisions of the New Hampshire act of 1827 "empowering religious associations to assume and exercise corporate powers." The Society was founded to settle and support a minister of the gospel in the vicinity of Hanover, New Hampshire, and to solicit subscriptions from the citizens to this end. In 1911, its original by-laws were rescinded in full, and its purpose was to operate with the Church of Christ to support public worship and other work of the Church. 1918, the Dartmouth Religious Society began its move to join with the Society of the Church of Christ. Upon the incorporation of the Church of Christ at Dartmouth College in 1919, the Dartmouth Religious Society transferred its real estate, personal property, assets and liabilities to that corporation, and was dissolved.

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