Guide to the Oral history interview with Thomas E. Kurtz, 2002 June 20 - 2002 July 2Manuscript DOH-14


Thomas Kurtz was born on February 22, 1928. He completed his undergraduate degree at Knox College in 1950. He was recruited by John Kemeny to join the math department at Dartmouth College in 1956, shortly after completing his PhD at Princeton. Kurtz and Kemeny developed the first version of the Dartmouth Time-Sharing System and BASIC[B] computer language. From 1966-1975, Kurtz served as Director of the Kiewit Computation Center and from 1975-1978, Director of the Office of Academic Computing. From 1980-1988 Kurtz was Director of the Computer and Information Systems program at Dartmouth, a multidisciplinary graduate program to develop IS leaders for industry. Subsequently he returned to teaching full-time as a Professor of Mathematics, with an emphasis on statistics and computer science. He retired in 1993.

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