Guide to the Oral history interview with Wayne Broehl, 1998 August 18Manuscript DOH-21


Born in Peoria, Illinois on August 11, 1922, and educated at the universities of Illinois (B.S.), Chicago (MBA), and Indiana (DBA), Wayne Broehl served in the military during WW II and then joined the labor-relations staff at Western Electric Company. While he was running his family's business and teaching part-time at Bradley University, Dean Karl Hill recruited him to the Amos Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth College in 1954. In anticipation of a wave of faculty retirements, Dean Hill was looking to reconfigure the school - a goal Broehl helped to fulfill by creating courses in business ethics and agribusiness. He was promoted to the rank of professor in 1957 and was appointed the Benjamin Ames Professor of the Science of Administration in 1973. He is the author of numerous books in the fields of business history, management history and economic development including: The Molly Maguires, International Basic Economy Corporation, The Village Entrepreneur, John Deere's Company, Cargill: Trading the World's Grain and Cargill: Going Global. He died on June 28, 2006 in Hanover, NH.

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