Guide to the Oral history interview with Robert Field, 1997 October 13Manuscript DOH-26


Robert E. Field was born on April 15, 1920. He matriculated with the Class of 1943 at Dartmouth and was enrolled as a 3/2 student at Tuck. He was in the Naval V-7 Program and accelerated by going to school in the summer of 1942, graduating in December of 1942. Mr. Field spent four years in the Navy and returned to Dartmouth in 1946 to obtain his master's degree from Tuck in 1947. Field spent thirty-five years working for Price Waterhouse and stayed actively involved with the College throughout his career. In 1981 he was elected as an alumni trustee of the College. In 1987 Field resigned from the board to become vice president and treasurer of the College, a position he held until 1990.

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