Guide to the Oral history interview with Jean A. Kemeny, 1996 June 14 - 2000 Nov. 28Manuscript DOH-32


Jean Alexander Kemeny was born in Burlington, Vermont in 1930 and grew up in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. She spent one year at Smith College when she met her future husband while attending a World Federalist Conference at Princeton, where he was a graduate of the mathematics program and a philosophy professor . They were married in November, 1950. Four years later, they moved to Hanover, NH, where Dr. Kemeny came to teach and rebuild Dartmouth's mathematics department. Mrs. Kemeny was active in New Hampshire politics, fundraising for the local public schools and for Dartmouth, acting in local theater and authoring several books in addition to supporting her husband in his work as a professor and president of Dartmouth College. Mrs. Kemeny also rose to prominence as an outspoken activist for civil and women's rights and in support of Dartmouth's conversion to coeducation. She died in Etna, NH on January 22, 2003.

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