Guide to the Oral history interview with Robert W. McCollum, 2002 June 19 - 2002 July 3Manuscript DOH-38


Born Jan. 29, 1925, Robert McCollum is a native of Waco, Texas. He received his undergraduate degree from Baylor University in 1945 and his MD degree from Johns Hopkins University in 1948 and a diploma in public health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in 1958. He was a captain in the Army Medical Corps during 1952-54 with a special MASH unit in Korea. Most of his medical career was as a teacher, administrator and researcher at Yale University School of Medicine. He was a professor of epidemiology at Yale from 1965 until 1982 and chairman of the dept. of eopidemiology and public health at time of his Dartmouth appointment in 1982. He served Dartmouth from 1982 as Dean of the Medical School and Professor of Community and Family Medicine. Dr. McCollum retired as dean in 1990 and retired from teaching in 1995.

Finding Aids