Guide to the Oral history interview with Robert McEwen, 2004 March 1 - 2004 March 22Manuscript DOH-40

Introduction to the Collection

The oral history interview of Robert McEwen is comprised of audiocassette recordings and an indexed transcript of the recordings. The interview was conducted by Mary Donin during March of 2004. The entire interview runs for approximately eight and a half hours and covers Proctor McEwen's thirty-six year law enforcement career at Dartmouth serving under five presidents. Proctor McEwen offers insights into the evolution of a small-town campus police department made up of five men to a sophisticated, unionized group of more than thirty-five professionals. He also addresses such issues as the role of alcohol in student misconduct, the department's evolving relationship with the Hanover police and the various protests that have taken place at the College over the years.

Finding Aids