Guide to the Oral history interview with James C. Strickler, 2002 Sept. 17 - 2002 Sept. 24Manuscript DOH-51

Introduction to the Collection

The oral history interview of James C. Strickler is comprised of audiocassette recordings and an indexed transcript of the recordings. The interview was conducted by Daniel Daily during September 2002. The entire interview runs for approximately four hours and covers his undergraduate years and medical training at Dartmouth, his medical training and career at Cornell Medical School, and his tenure as dean of Dartmouth Medical School. Dr. Strickler also gives a broad overview of the history of Dartmouth Medical School from its refounding through the move to a four-year degree-granting program followed by the creation of the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. He offers his analysis of the relationships between the entities that make up the medical center and the governance questions they tackled during the creation of the medical center as well as the roles played by President Kemeny and the overseers and trustees.

Finding Aids