Guide to the Records of Dartmouth College, Office of the President, Administration of Samuel Colcord Bartlett, Circa 1881 - 1910Manuscript DP-8


Samuel Colcord Bartlett (DC graduate 1836) was the President of Dartmouth College from 1877-1892. Bartlett was born in 1817 in Salisbury, NH and died in 1898. After graduating from DC, Bartlett studied at the Andover Theological Seminary and became a Congregational clergyman and educator. From 1858-1877, Bartlett was a professor of biblical literature and sacred theology at the Chicago Theological Seminary. Bartlett left this school when he became the president of Dartmouth College. Under Bartlett's tenure as college president, three significant building projects were undertaken: the construction of Rollins Chapel, Bartlett Hall and Wilson Hall. Also significant during his presidency was that the endowment surpassed $1 million for the first time in the school's history, there were improved working conditions for faculty members and 30 new scholarships were added. However, Bartlett's presidency was tainted by a bitter battle with the alumni and faculty. This fervor reached a height when the members of the Class of 1881 called for his resignation and/or removal from office. During the hearing, Bartlett was able to convince the majority to allow him to retain his post and disregard accusations that Bartlett alienated the faculty, ignored administrative duties and conducted himself in a way not befitting a Dartmouth College president. In 1892, Bartlett resigned in order to take a position as a DC faculty member.

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