Finding Aids By Name: U & V


Creator: Unger, William (Byers) Title: William Unger papers Date: 1908-1976 Call Number: MS-883

Creator: United States , Naval Training School (Dartmouth College ) Title: United States , Naval Training School (Dartmouth College ) , Records Date: 1942 - 1945 Call Number: DA-11

Creator: United States Antarctic Projects Office Official Observer Reports Title: United States Antartic Projects Officer Official observer Reports in the Dartmouth College Library Date: Call Number: MSS-212

Creator: United States Army Air Forces Title: United States Army Air Forces in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Date: Call Number: MSS-137

Creator: United States Works Projects Administration Title: United States Work Projects Administration in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Date: Call Number: MSS-172

Creator: Unknown Title: Josiah Burnham case collection Date: 1803 - 1806 Call Number: MS-1328

Creator: Unknown Title: Alaska photographs Date: Unknown date Call Number: MSS-2

Creator: Unspecified Title: 1808 New Hampshire Court Docket Date: 1808 Call Number: MSS-808900.5

Creator: Unspecified Title: George H. Richardson Surveying Collection Date: 1799 - 1977 Call Number: MS-740

Creator: Unspecified Title: Dover, New Hampshire Wharf Log Date: 1824 - 1834 Call Number: 003216

Creator: Unspecified Title: 1937 Paris International Exhibition, Collection Date: 1937 Call Number: MS-1015

Creator: Unspecified Title: Klondike Gold Rush photo albums Date: circa 1898-1920 Call Number: MSS-277

Creator: Unspecified Title: Annuities, 3700 l. per week. Date: 1752 July 16 Call Number: MSS-752416

Creator: Unspecified Title: Flowers of 1915 Date: 1915 - 1938 Call Number: 003215

Creator: Unspecified Title: Thomas Holder in "What Happened to Jones", Cue Sheet Date: circa 1910 - 1920 Call Number: MSS-910940.4

Creator: Unspecified Title: Nellie Pierce collection on the town of Enfield, NH Date: 1782 - 1975 Call Number: ML-19

Creator: Unspecified Title: Revolution de Russie en 1762 et autres remarques sur cet empire... Sur le royaume et les roix de Pologne, grands ducs de Lithwanie. Date: Call Number: 003228

Creator: Unspecified Title: George Cutler deposition Date: 1705-07-09 Call Number: MSS-705409

Creator: Unspecified Title: Berlin, to the Saturgus brothers in Konigsberg., Letter Date: 1756 Jan 3 Call Number: MSS-756103

Creator: Unspecified Title: Hobo Diary Date: circa 1933 Call Number: 003239

Creator: Unspecified Title: Grafton County property deeds, Collection Date: 1810 - 1849 Call Number: MS-1099

Creator: Unspecified Title: Pribilof Islands Seal Trade Collection Date: 1885 Call Number: MSS-275

Creator: Unspecified Title: Windsor County Vermont account book Date: 1907-04-29-1912-10-01 Call Number: 003271

Creator: Unspecified Title: Arctic Missionary Postcards, Collection Date: circa 1915 - 1955 Call Number: MSS-255

Creator: Unspecified Title: Space War computer game session log Date: 1975-05-08 Call Number: MSS-975258

Creator: Unspecified Title: [Hartland General Store], Account book Date: 1854 - 1856 Call Number: 181

Creator: Unspecified Title: Partial transcription of May 1802 letter to James H. Bingham, Transcription Date: circa 1950 Call Number: MSS-802302

Creator: Unspecified Title: Missal Leaf Date: circa 1470 Call Number: MSS-470940.2

Creator: Unspecified Title: Boston, New Township Granted to John Simpson and Others Date: circa 1740 Call Number: MSS-740940

Creator: Unspecified Title: Hanover, NH Mercantile records collection Date: 1909 - 1923 Call Number: MS-1296

Creator: Unspecified Title: Final project photographs from #BlackLivesMatter course Date: Call Number: 1714

Creator: Unspecified Title: Catalogus eorum qui in Collegio Dartmuthensi Date: circa 1777 Call Number: MSS-003272

Creator: Uphaus, Ola (Hawkins Dudley) Title: Ola Uphaus and Warren S. Dudley papers Date: 1897-1971 Call Number: MS-1361

Creator: Uphaus, Willard Title: Willard Uphaus papers Date: 1861-1984 Call Number: MS-1077

Creator: Valentini, Nicholas J Title: Oral history interview with Nicholas J Valentini Date: 2013 May 4. Call Number: DOH-366

Creator: Van Raalte, John Title: Oral history interview with John Van Raalte Date: 2008 June 9 Call Number: DOH-121

Creator: Vancisin, Joseph R. Title: Oral history interview with Joseph Vancisin Date: 2008 October 10 Call Number: DOH-161

Creator: Vasiliev-Shishmarev Expedition Title: Three Accounts of the Vasiliev-Shishmarev Expedition of 1819-1822 Date: Call Number: MSS-142

Creator: Viereck, Eleanor Norton Title: Eleanor Norton Viereck in the Dartmouth College Library, Papers Date: Call Number: MSS-148

Creator: Viertel, Peter Title: Peter Viertel screenplays Date: 1941 - 1942 Call Number: MS-1263

Creator: Vilas, Lucy M. Title: Lucy M. Vilas Diary Date: 1828 Call Number: 003230

Creator: Vilas, Lucy M. Title: Lucy M. Vilas, Diary Date: 1827 - 1833 Call Number: 003211

Creator: Vilas, Lucy M. Title: Lucy M. Vilas Diary Date: 1825 - 1827 Call Number: 003233

Creator: Vilhjalmur Stefansson Photographic Files Title: Vilhjalmur Stefansson Photographic Files Date: circa 1890 - 2002 Call Number: MSS-238

Creator: Vose, Frederick, Judge Title: Judge Frederick Vose at Dartmouth College, Papers Date: Call Number: ML-67

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