Guide to the Papers of Radford C. Tanzer, circa 1921 - 2004Manuscript ML-102

Introduction to the Collection

The collection includes book excerpts, magazine articles, personal correspondence, note cards, surveys, book reviews, playbills, maps, travel brochures, travel itineraries, postcards, x-rays, drawings and sketches, negatives, photographs, slides, DVD's and glass slides.

The collection documents the personal and professional life of Radford Chapple Tanzer, M.D., though primarily his work in reconstructive surgery. Specifically the papers document Tanzer's ground breaking work in the reconstruction of ears and showcases the combination of artistic and scientific skills needed for such work. The collection holds Tanzer's patient files, both from the U.S. Army and from general practice, planning materials for symposiums, papers published by different doctors in the field of reconstructive surgery, and personal documents both from travel and from living in Hanover, New Hampshire including a set of slides documenting the Dartmouth Winter Carnival's of 1947 and 1949.

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