Guide to the Papers of John D. Hess, 1935 - 1995Manuscript ML-103

Introduction to the Collection

The Papers of John David Hess consist of scripts, screenplays, correspondence, personal memorabilia, real estate information, and various other items relating to his life and occupation. The papers document Hess' career as a radio and television program writer, television producer, magazine and movie writer, and playwright, as well as his personal interests in local and national groups and organizations near his home. The papers also contain academic papers by Hess during his time at Dartmouth, several copies of The Dartmouth, as well as copies of his plays written while at Dartmouth and the Yale School of Drama. Items of particular interest found within Hess' papers include: numerous copies of television scripts written by Hess for shows such as "Love of Life," "Lew Loyal," "The Streets of San Francisco," "The Grey-Eyed People," and "The Young Marrieds." Material relating to the television program "M*A*S*H" is also contained in the collection. Personal items, such as postcards and the birth certificate and passports of Jane (Vosper) Hess, his first wife, are also found within the Hess' papers. In addition, correspondence and documents relating to his involvement in organizations such as the Natural Lands Trust, the Aquetong Valley Association, the Solebury Farm Subdivision, the New Hope Historical Society, and Willow Specialty Shops, Inc., are contained within the papers.

Finding Aids