Guide to the Papers of Guy and Laura Waterman, 1971 - 2007Manuscript ML-106

Introduction to the Collection

The Papers of Guy and Laura Waterman contain manuscript drafts and floppy disk backups of Laura Waterman's 2005 book "Losing the Garden: The Story of a Marriage." It includes seven drafts, edited manuscripts, and the final manuscript. Additional items contain editorial correspondence, reader comments, and interviews related to the book.

An August 2008 addendum to the collection incorporates materials related to the Waterman's 27 year homesteading project in East Corinth, VT which they nicknamed "Barra". The collection includes photographs and records of garden activities, wood lot management, maple sugaring, construction of their cabin and related activities chronicling their life on the land.

A 2009 addendum contains material for, and multiple drafts of, a number of books produced by the Watermans. These include "Forest and Crag: Landmarks in the History of Hiking and Climbing in the Mountains of the Northeast United States," "Yankee Rock and Ice," "Wilderness Ethics" and "Backwood Ethics;" the materials pertaining to the books include newspaper clippings, booklets, handwritten notes, guide books, maps, outlines, photographs, slides, permissions to use material in their work, and critical comments by early readers of drafts. Also included is correspondence concerning the books, as well as signed contracts and published reviews.

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