Guide to the Papers of Donald C. Guy, 1906 - 2000Manuscript ML-110

Introduction to the Collection

Papers of Donald Guy (DC Class of 1938) consists of news articles, news releases, wirephotos, photo logs, notes, and article drafts of AP writer/editor Donald Guy. Also included in this collection are official reports, official statements and speeches, histories, essays, listings, brochures, bulletins, guides, manuals, newsletters, fact books, picture books, Q & A's, photocopies, project proposals, rule books, race results, fact sheets, essays, maps, diagrams, graphs, rosters, petitions, voter ballots, financial statements, magazine and newspaper clippings, as well as complete newspapers (both daily and special edition) and complete magazines, for study; receipts, bills, and documentation of Guy's expenses as an AP writer; newspaper and magazine clippings collected after Guy's retirement and relevant to his past articles; and personal and work-related correspondences, both typed and handwritten. The papers document Guy's career as an AP news writer/photographic editor, as well as some of his personal endeavors.

Of interest: AP news and photo coverage of the NH Primaries (1950-1968) and America's Cup (1958-1972); wirephotos of Winston Churchill; President John F. Kennedy; Senator Robert Kennedy; Queen Elizabeth; President Richard Nixon; German U-boat surrender; McMurdo, Antarctica and South Pole expeditions; anti- and pro-Cuban protests staged at US embassies; the burning of Buddhist monk Reverend Quang Duc (Vietnam); and other important individuals and historical events.

Personal and work-related correspondences to note include those between Donald Guy and President Dwight D. Eisenhower; Senator McCarthy Lowell; President Richard Nixon; President Gerald Ford; fellow travelers of McMurdo, Antarctica; editors John Pierce and Judson P. Hale of Yankee Magazine of Dublin, New Hampshire.

Finding Aids