The Papers of Francois Denoeu at Dartmouth CollegeWMAN ML-24

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Denoeu, Francois
Title Remainder: Papers. 1918-1978
Dates: 1918-1978
Identification: ML-24

Other Descriptive Data


BOX 1.A.

Loose printed dictionary pages

BOX : B.

Miscellaneous folders re: dictionary

BOX 2.

Miscellaneous material

BOX 3.A.

Correspondence: family, friends, etc.

BOX : B.

Miscellaneous material

BOX 4.A.

Sheet music

BOX : B.

Miscellaneous notebooks

BOX 5.

Papers re: Literature, art

BOX 6.

Files and Research for France-Nord (I and II)

BOX 7.A.

End of France-Nord (I and II)

BOX : B.


BOX 8.A.

Personal papers: autobiographical and genealogical

BOX : B.

Research material

BOX 9.

French-American Dictionary A-R (Version 2-A)

BOX 10.A.

Source material for work done by individual authors

BOX : B.

Information used for research, writings, etc. pertinent to Northern France A-K (See #17 for L-Z)

BOX 11.

American-French Dictionary D-Z (Version I)

BOX 12.A.

French-American Dictionary T-V

BOX : B.

One folder - P, A-I, P-T

BOX 13.

American-French Dictionary A-D (Version 2)

BOX 14.

French-American Dictionary F-S (Version 1)

BOX 15.

American-French Dictionary A-O (Version 1)

BOX 16.

French-American Dictionary A-E (Version 1)

BOX 17.A.

Information used for research, writings, etc. pertinent to Northern France L-Z (see #10 for A-K)

BOX : B.

Miscellaneous items

BOX 18.A.

American-French Dictionary Q-Z (Versions 3,4,5)

BOX : B.

Miscellaneous correspondence relating to publication of dictionary

BOX 19.A.

American-French Dictionary A-Z (Versions 2,3,4 - duplicate)

BOX : B.

French-American Dictionary A-T (Version 3)

BOX 20.

French-American Dictionary H-D (Version 1)

BOX 21.

American-French Dictionary G-R (Version 1,2)

BOX 22.A.

French-American Dictionary A-D, P (Version 3,4)

BOX : B.

American-French Dictionary - miscellaneous folders

BOX : C.

Personal papers - autobiographical

BOX 23.A.

Family photographs

BOX : B.


BOX : C.

Lantern slides and other negatives

BOX : D.

War medals

BOX 24.A.

American-French Dictionary S-Z (Versions 1,2)

BOX : B.

Duplicate translations of The Fire-Eyed Maid

BOX 25.

Material pertaining to literature and art

BOX 26.

French-American Dictionary D-G (Versions 1,2)

BOX 27.

French-American Dictionary B-C (Version?)

BOX 28.

American-French Dictionary A-Flick (Version 1)

BOX 29.A.

Pocket Dictionary (duplicate)

BOX : B.

American-French A-S (Versions 3,4)

BOX : C.

French-American B-I, P,T

Portfolio-chiefly diplomas and certificates of Francios Denoeu
BOX 33

1. Birth and Marriage Certificates

Francois Denoeu

Addendum, 1980

Gift of his estate

2. Pension, French, 1929-1964

3. Pension, French, 1967-1975

4. Pension, French, 1975-1978

5. Military Papers, 1918-1973

6. Address Books (9) from c. 1950-1960

7. Nationality Papers, 1952-1976

8. Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1935- 976

9. Promotions, 1938, 1962

10. Hanover House, 1944-1949

11. Consulat General de France, 1950-1968

12. Retirement, 1963

13. Automobile, 1973

14. Death, 1975

15. Letters of Condolence, 1975

16. Royalty Statements, 1975-1978

17. Hauts de France, 1976-1977

BOX 34

Denoeu's copies of his books with corrections and revisions for later editions:

French comme il faut, Book I (1934)

Peches de Jeunesse. Poemes (1939)

Spoken French. Manual du guide (1944)

Spoken and Written French (1946)

Contes et Recits (1947)

La guerre d'un bleu. Roman. (1954)

Image de la France (1963)

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