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Series 10, Reprints, 1929-1961

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Box: 9, Dates: 1929-1950

"Recent Developments in Calculating Machines" by L. J. Comrie (1958); "A Method of Treating Resistance Stabilized Radio Frequency Amplifying Circuits" by B.L. Snavely and J.S. Webb (1929); "The Use of Thyratrons for High Speed Automatic Counting of Physical Phenomena" by C.E. Wynn-Williams (1931); "Technology" Review (May 1932); "A New Trigger Circuit for Closing a Switch" by J.J. Ruiz (1935); "Inverse Interpolation and Scientific Applications of the National Accounting Machine" by L.J. Comrie (1936); "The Transients of an Inductively Shunted Electric Transmission Line - with Special Reference to the Inpulse Transmission in Selective-Calling Telephone Systems." by Stig Ekelhoef (1937); "A Sound Basis for the Invalidation of the Relativity Theory" by Thomas Marshall, Jr. (1938); "Calculating Machines/' (Appendix III to L.R. Connor's Statistics in Theory and Practice."), by L.R. Comrie; "The American Mathematical Monthly", January 1938? Volume 45, No. 1 (1938); "Philosophical Magazine," Ser. 7, vol. XXV, p. 783, May 1938 "Potentials in Curved Surfaces" by GRS (1938); "Acoustic Spectra of Organ Pipes" by C.P. Boner (1938); "Induced Size Effect, II. An experimental study of the phenomenon with restricted fusion stimuli" by Kenneth N. Ogle (1939); "The Orbital-Beam Secondary-Electron Multiplier for Ultra-High -Frequency Amplification" by H.M. Wagner and W. R. Ferris (1941); "The Use of Secondary Electron Emission to Obtain Trigger or Relay Action" by A.M. Skellett (1942); "How many Figures for the Answer?" Reprint from "Math-""Mechanics; ""U-H-F Orbital-Beam Amplifier," RCA (1943); "Dual-Triode Trigger Circuits" by B.E. Phelps (1945); "A New Type of Differential Analyzer" by V. Bush and S.H. Caldwell; "Multiple Wire Recording" by R.J. Tinkham; "Applications of Thin Permalloy Tape in Wide-Band Telephone and Pulse Transformers" by A.G. Ganz; "A New Wire Recorder Head Design" by T.H. Long; "Signal and Noise Levels in Magnetic Tape Recordings" by D. E. Wooldridge; "ACE - The Automatic Computing Machine," reprinted from "Electronic Engineering" (1946); "Supper Electronic" by A.W. Burks; "The Relay Interpolator" by O. Cesareo; "Nature," October 12, 1946: "The ENIAC, an Electronic Computing Machine" by D.R. Hartee (1946); "Principles and Progress in the Construction of High-Speed Digital Computers" by A.D. Booth and K.H.V. Britten (1947); "The ENIAC - High-Speed Electronic Calculating Machine" by M.V. Wilkes; "Electronic Machinery for Handling Information, and its Uses in Insurance" by E.G. Berkeley; "Electronic Machinery for Handling Information, and its Uses in Insurance" by E.G. Berkeley; "A Relay Computer for General Application (Model V)" by S.B. Williams; "High-Speed Electronic Digital Computers" by G.R. Harrison; "Electronics for Cosmic-Ray Experiments" by B. Howland, C.A. Schroeder and J.D. Shlpman Jr.; "Design of Mercury Delay Lines" by T.K. Sharpless; "Special Magnetic Amplifiers and Their Use in Computing Circuits" by H.S. Sack, R.T. Beyer, G.H. Miller and J.W. Trischka; "Intelex - Automatic Reservations" by J.D. Mountain and E.M.S. McWhirter (1948); "The Universal Discount as a Means of Economic Stabilization" by J. G. Baker; "Mathematics at Work - Highlights of the 8th Annual Mathematics Institute, Duke University, Durham, N.C."; "Ultrasonic Delay Lines - I" by H.B. Huntington, A.G. Emslie and V.W. Hughes; "Ultrasonic Delay Lines - II" by A.G. Emslie, H.B. Huntington, H. Shapiro and A.E. Benfield; "Relay Computer For The Army"; "The Expected Performance of the EDVAC on some Astronomical Problems" by J.B. Irwin, Reprinted by Flower Observatory of the University of Pennsylvania; "The Bell Relay Computer" by F.L. Alt; "A Digital Computer for Scientific Applications" by C.F. West and J.E. DeTurk (1948); "A Discussion on Computing Machines" Reprinted from "Proceedings of the Royal Society," A. vol. 195, 1948 (1948); "The Bell Computer, Model VI" by E.G. Andrews (1949); "A Magnetic Digital Storage System" by A.D. Booth; "Operational Aspects of Instrument Design" by Churchill Eisenhart; "The EDSAC - an Electronic Calculating Machine" by M.V. Wilkes and W. Renwick; "Bibliography on the Use of IBM Machines in Science, Statistics, and Education," IBM Corporation (1950); "Error Detecting and Correcting Codes" by R.W. Hamming, "Crystal-controlled clock" (in "Bell Lab Record"); "BARK and its uses." (Swedish); "Use of the Relay Digital Computer" by E.G. Andrews; "Diode Coincidence and Mixing Circuits in Digital Computers" by Tung Chang Chen; "Magnetic Drum Storage for Digital Information Processing Systems," published by the National Bureau of Standards (NBS); "The Physical Realization of an Electronic Digital Computer"by A.D. Booth (1950); "Mark III - The Thinking Machine;" (From "Time"); Office of Naval Research: "Digital Computer Newsletter"; "A Simple New Resistance Type A-C Load Flow Board" by Waldo E. Enns

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Box: 10, Dates: 1951-1961

"A High Precision Pulse Height Analyser of Moderately High Speed" by G.W. Hutchinson and G.G. Scarrott (1951); "The BARK, A Swedish General Purpose Relay Computer" by Goran Kjellberg and Gosta Neovius; "Inventory System Using Digital Computing Techniques" by E.L. Schmidt and J.J.Connolly; "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Its Origin and Its Author" by Warren Weaver; "Monte Carlo Method," Published by NBS; "Boundary-Displacement Magnetic Recording" by H.L. Daniels (in "Electronics") (1952); The Journal of "Computing Systems," Vol. 1, No. 1; "The Notched-Disk Memory" by Jacob Rabinow; "The Physical Realization of an Electronic Digital Computer" by A.D. Booth (1952); "Computers Go Commercial - by Degree;" (Prom "Business Week") (1953); "The Logistics Computer" by R.S. Erickson; "Transactions of the IRE"; "Electronic Computers" - June 1953; "Drum Storage for Plight Data" (from "Aviation Age"); "Drum Storage for Plight Data" (from "Aviation Age"); "Industrial and Applied Mathematics," Vol. 1, No. 1, Sept., 1953 ; "Magnetic Drum Storage Devices" by R.L. Perkins; "The Mercury-Delay-Line Storage System of the ACE Pilot Model Electronic Computer" by E.A. Newman, D.O. Claydon and M.A. Wright; "Automatic Inventory System for Air Travel Reservation" by M.L. Haselton and E.L. Schmidt (1954); "Integrating and Differentiating Bar-Magnet Velocity Meter for Use in Ballistocardiography" by T.A. Perls and C.W. Kissinger, (in "Review of Scientific Instruments"); "The Mathematical Manuscripts of Lewis Carroll" by Warren Weaver; "First Showing of the NORC," IBM Corporation; "Automatic Digital Computers in Industrial Research, III" by R.F. Clippinger, B. Dimsdale and J.H. Levin; "Automatic Digital Computers in Industrial Research, IV" (1954); "Automatic Digital Computers in Industrial Research, V"; "Scale Factors for Analog Computers" by J.B. Reswick; "The Selenium Rectifier in Digital Computor Circuits" by A.D. Booth and S.D. Holt; "Computer Handbook," Milton H. Aronson (ed.) (1955); "Perturbation Theory of Wave Propagation based on the Method of Characteristics" by Phyllis A. Fox; "Scientific American," (April 1955); "Electronic Computers for the Businessman" by John M. Carroll; "Journees Internationales De Calcul Analogique," ONR Technical Report; "Ballistic Perturbations in Physically Consistent Atmosphers," U.S. Naval Proving Ground Publication; "On Finite Sum Equations for Boundary Value Problems of Partial Difference Equations" by H. Glantz and E. Reissner (1956); "Flow-Matic Course - Outline for Students (Programming of Computers" by Charles Katz; "Die Intergrieranlage des Rheinisch-Westfaelischen Instituts fuer Instrumentelle Mathematik in Bonn" by P.F. Mueller; "Airline Automation: A Major Step" by C.E. Amman; "Flow-Matic Vocabulary and Functions" by L. Cousins, and Noel Zakin; "Servo Allocation During Plow-Matic Compilation" by Martha Wilensky; "Air Line Reservations System" by R.A. McAvoy, (In "Research and Engineering," Nov.-Dec, 1957); "The Physical Realization of an Electronic Digital Computer- Input and Output" by A.D. Booth (1958); "Univac Review," Fall 1959 - Vol. 2 - No. 3 (1959); "Bell Laboratories Record" (October 1959); "Methods of Registering Multiple Simultaneous Impulses of Several Geiger's Counters" by Bruno Rossi; "An Analysis of Some Games of Fun and Strategy," Computer Control Company, Inc. Pamphlet; "High Speed Track Selection for a Magnetic Drum Store" by A.D. Booth (1960); "Computer Characteristics Revisited" by N. Statland (1961); "ENIAC," (from "Electronic Engineering"); "CPC Board A: Notes for Programming"; "How to make a Demonstration Fuel Cell," Esso Research and Engineering Company; "The Calculation of Prime Numbers on the IBM Card-Programmed Electronic Calculator"; MIT-Lincoln Laboratory Publication

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