Guide to the Papers of George R. Stibitz, 1937 - 1979Manuscript ML-27

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Series 13, Advertisements and Catalogues, 1948-1960

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Box: 26, Dates: 1948-1960

"Electric Instruments: Construction and operating principles," General Electric (1948); "Teletype Corporation - Equipmentlist:" "Teletype Transmitter Distributor" "Teletype Model 14 Perforator set with Table" "Teletype Model 14 Sending-Receiving Tape Printer set with Table"; "IBM Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator"; "Vision in Surgery" by E.H. Grippin (1950); "Catalog of Precision Instrument Components," U.S. Navy, Bureau of Ordnance; "The Manchester Electronic Computer," Ferranti Electric, Inc. (1952); "Digital Delay Packages," Ferranti Electric, Inc.; "UNIVAC File Computer," Remington Rand; "Solid Ultrasonic Delay Lines Technical Bulletin 54," Anderson Laboratories (1954) "The Tape-Drum" Clevite-Brush Development Company; "Magnetic Cores for Memory in Microseconds," IBM; "IBM 705 Data Processing System for Business"; "Summary of Specifications ORG 102 -D Computing System," National Cash Register Company (1954); "A Few Notes About the Company," Soroban Engineering, Inc.; "High Speed Tape Punch and Tape Reader," Teletype Corporation; "The Elecom Tapewriter, elecom 125 system," Underwood Corporation; "Engineers and Manufacturers for Defense," Aircraft Armaments, Inc.; "High Speed Printers 719 and 730," IBM; "The Main Points of the Ferranti Pegasus Computer," Ferranti Electric; "The Univac File Computer," Remington Rand, Inc.; "Ram 650 (Random Access Memory)," IBM (1956); "Elecom Pulse," Underwood Corporation; "Installation Requirements for the UNIVAC Scientific General Purpose Computer System" Rmingtn Rand; "UNIVAC File Computer for Ailine Reservations," Remington Rand; "UNIVAC Scientific 1103A Computer," Remington Rand; "PDP Applications and Programming Systems, Building Block Logic," Digital Equipment Corporation (1960); "G - 15 General Purpose Digital Computer," Bendix Corporation; "E 101 A General Purpose, Desk Size, Electronic Digital Computer," Burroughs Corporation; "Ferro-Resonant Flip-Flop Digital Differential Analyzer," Computer Research Corporation; "Numerical Control," Concord Control, Inc.; "Services Offered," Digitronics Corp.; "Computer Language Translator for Data Processing Systems," Electronic Engineering Company, California; "Magnetic Storage Systems," Engineering Research Associates; "Model K25-50-5 Mastergram Weighing Instruments," H.A. Hadley, Inc.; "Digital Computer Development," Hughes; "Automatic Reservation," Intelex; "RW-300 Digital Control Computer," Ramo-Wooldridge Corp.; "Reeves Electronic Analogue Computer Electronic Analog Computer and Associated Equipment - REAC," Reeves Instrument Corp.; "Sundstrand Accounting Machine," Underwood Elliott Fisher Company; "UNIVAC (Chicago Pair Tracks Job)," Remington Rand; "UNIVAC file Computer Automatic Tape Unit," Remington Rand

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