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Series 2, Relay Computer History, 1939-1940

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Box: 1, Dates: 1938-1940

"Notes on Computation with Complex Computer - Case 20878" by G.R.S. (Nov. 1, 1939); Drawings of Adding-Circuits by G.R.S. (1939-1940); "Symbolic Treatment of Certain Relay Network Problems - Case 20878" by G.R.S. (Jan. 12, 1939); "Description of Complex Computer Circuits - Case 20878" by G.R.S. (Jan. 30, 1939); "Computer" by G.R.S.; "Complex Computer" by G.R.S. (Feb. 23, 1940); "Theory of the Complex Computer" by G.R.S.; "Mathematical Research," Chapter I - Binary Addition by Relays; Memorandum on Difference of Binary and Decimal System for Relays; Computer Article for Record: "Relay Circuits Arranged to Perform Addition on a Binary Scale."; "Process of Division Used in the Complex Computer"; "Multiplication with Complex. Computer" and "Control Circuits" described by S.B. Williams; Letter to Mr. Fry and Mr. Holbrook from G.R.S. (Aug 1, 1940); "Proposed Alterations and Additions for Relay Calculator - Case 20878" by G.R.S. (Aug. 19, 1940); General Description of the Relay Computer by G.R.S. (Aug. 26, 1940); Mathematical Association Paper, first draft by G.R.S. (Sept. 1940); Mathematical Association Paper, second draft, by G.R.S. (Aug. 19, 1940); "Note on Automatic Checking of Addition Relays - Case 20878" by G.R.S. (Aug. 19, 1940); "Algorithm for Change of Radix - Case 20878" by G.R.S. (Sept. 23, 1940); "Rapid and Self-Checking Relay Addition Circuits Case 20878" by G.R.S. (Sept. 30, 1940); "High Speed Relay Multiplication Circuits - Case 20878" by G.R.S. (Oct. 15, 1940); "Division Short-Cut Relay Circuit - Case 20878" by G.R.S. (Oct. 28, 1940); Large Photographs of Teletype of the Complex Computer and Laboratory Equipment; Drawings of Various Circuits of the Complex Computer

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