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Series 3, Computer History, 1941-1945

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Box: 2, Dates: 1941-1957

"Automatic Balancing Circuit" by G.R.S.; Letters to Mr. Kendall by G.R.S. - NDRC Material; Notes for Talk or Memo by G.R.S. (May 1, 1941); "Notes on Circuit to Check Operate and Release Times of Relays - Case 20878" by G.R.S.; Coast Artillery Board: "How to Run a Director Test" NDRC Material; "Use of Tape Translator in the Number Group - Case 20878" by B.D. Holbrook (July 11, 1941); Application of Symbolic Logic, Report No. 6; "Electrical Relay Computing Machine for Insurance Company Calculators" by E.C. Berkeley (Oct. 8, 1941); "20 Step Counting Relay per Sketch 454L - Case 22108-1" by W.L. Leveridge (Nov. 13, 1941); "Linear Difference Mechanisms" by G.R.S. (Dec. 7, 1942); "New Five-Bar and Six-Bar Linkages in Three Dimensions" by Michael Goldberg (Dec. 7, 1942); Drawing by G.R.S., 3 copies (Jan. 18, 1943); Preliminary Layout of Material: "Computing Mechanisms and Linkages" by A. Svoboda; "Relay Difference Analyser for Ballistics" by G.R.S. (July 23, 1943); "Relay Interpolator per B-309^-2 - Description and Operation - Case 23270" by K.G. Andrews (Aug. 28, 1943); Letters between T.J. Flynn and Warren Weaver concerning Computer Aids (Nov. 30, 1943); Large Photographs of NDRC Ballistics Computer Equipment. X-6l877 Computer (1944); Preliminary Report - "Possible Computing Systems for Naval Proving Ground" by G.R.S., NDRC - Division 7 (Feb. 24, 1944); Proposed Automatic Calculating Machine (Navy Computer) (Feb. 25, 1944); "Inverse Interpolation for Ballistic Tables" by G.R.S., NDRC - Sect. 7-1 (Navy Computer) (March 25, 1944); "Calculating Systems" by S.B. Williams (March 29, 1944); "Need for Relay Computer" by E. Peterson (June 2, 1944); "History of Section 7.1 of NDRC" by G.R.S. (May 1945); Record of Invention by G.R.S. Multiplier Circuit followed by drawings;"Mechanism for Justifying Decimal Point", by G.R.S. NDRC (June 17, 1944); "Computation", by G.R.S., NDRC - Sec. 7 (Sept. 8, 1944); "Proposed Modification of Teletype Tape Transmitter for Relay Computer Function Tables" by G.R.S. (Sept. 14, 1944); "Multiregister and Adder" by G.R.S. (Nov. 9, 1944); Possibly Patentable Material by G.R.S. (Dec. 26. 1944); Suggestion of Computer Center to Dean L.E. Grinter, Illinois Institute of Technology by G.R.S. (Dec. 16, 1944); Record of Invention, Skip Drive for Teletype Transmitter by G.R.S. (includes drawings.) (Nov. 13, 1944); "Proposed Modification of Teletype Tape Transmitter" Drawings of Storage Grids by G.R.S. (Jan. 9, 1945); "Modular Operation for Relay Computer" by G.R.S. NDRC - Sect. 7-1, 2 copies (Jan. 3, 1945); "Grid-Type Permanent Table" by G.R.S., NDRC -Sect.7.1 (Jan.9, 1945); "Relay Multiplier Circuits" by G.R.S., NDRC - Sect. 7.1 (Feb. 5, 1945); "Limiting Numbers in Computer X-66744" by S.B. Williams (Jan. 25, 1945); "Disclosure of Magnetic Calculating Machine" by J.P. Eckert, Jr. (Jan. 29, 1945); "History of Relay Computation for Patent Department" by G.R.S. (1945); "Computer X-66744 - Permanent Tables for Inverse Tangents" by G.R. S. (Jan. 22, 1945); "Permanent Tables for Sines and Cosines" by S.B. Williams (Jan. 23, 1945); "Computer X-66744 - Storage Tape" by S.B. Williams ( Feb. 7, 1945); "Computer X-66744 - Trigonometric Functions" by S.B. Williams (Feb. 12, 1945); "All Purpose Computer X-6Gjkk - Routine for Discrimination, Plan A" by S.B. Williams (March 6, 1945); "Computing System for Insurance Company" Conference Notes by S. B. Williams (March 7, 1945); "Limiting Numbers in Computer X-66744" by S.B. Williams ( April 11, 1945); "The Need of a Computing Laboratory" (May 3, 1945); Letter by G.R.S. to General Patent Attorney re. bi-quinary patent application (May 30, 1945); "History of Relay Computation for Patent Department" by G.R.S. (May 30, 1945); Conference on Advanced Computation Techniques" at MIT and Harvard (Oct.29-31, 1945); "Letters to S.H. Caldwell, MIT, by G.R.S. (Concerns his disappointment, that Bell Telephone Laboratories took over all the credit of inventing the Relay Computer.) (Oct. 3, 1945); Excerpts from G.R.S. Notebook (1945-1947); Letters to Warren from G.R.S. about Selection of Computer (Dec. 19, 1945);

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