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Series 4, Barber-Coleman Computer History, 1943-1957

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Box: 2, Dates: 1941-1957

Letters from Barber-Coleman to G.R.S. concerning "Tape Cam Development" (April 16, 1943); "Memorandum on Large Scale Computers, Barber- Coleman Company" by G.R.S. (Jan. 23, 1948); Letters from Barber-Coleman to G.R.S. concerning ACE-Computer (Dec. 13, 1946 and Feb. 18, 1947); Letters concerning "Control of Vertical Milling Machines" (Jan. 22, 1947); "Major Changes made on the Computer Project" by Mr. Brooks (Feb. 3, 1949); "barber-Coleman: Electronic Computer" by R. E. Schuette (March 23, 1949); Report No. 909 for Barber-Coleman "Computer Control" by G.R.S. (June 2, 1949); Report No. 912 for Barber-Coleman "Model 2 Multi-wire Memory" by G.R.S. (Nov. 4, 1949); Report No. 913 for Barber-Coleman: Model No. 3 Memory Unit" by G.R.S. (Nov. 22, 1949); Report No. 914 for Barber-Coleman "Multi-Wire Memory- Model 4 (Hydraulic)" by G.R.S. (Dec. 2, 1949); Memorandum: "Acceleration of Wire Impact", by G.R.S. (Dec. 3, 1949); Memorandum: "Schemes for Construction of Memory Unit" by G.R.S.; Discussion of Memory Unit and Random Access File between Mr. Brooks and G.R.S. by mail over a two months period (Feb. 8, 1950); Visit and Report of J.H. Curtiss of NBS to Barber- Coleman Comp. and G.R.S. (Feb. 14, 1950); Additional discussion on Random Access File between Mr. Brooks and G.R.S. by mail (March 16, 1950); "Bureau of Standards Computer," Institute for Numerical Analysis, Barber-Coleman, by R.E. Schuette (March 30, 1950); "Random Access File" (April 10, 1950); Reports and Letters over a two month period between Barber-Coleman and Law Office concerning the possibility of patents ( April 13, 1950); Barber-Coleman: Progress Report - Computer Project - "Random Access File" by Mr. Brooks (June 14, 1950); Letters from Mr. Brooks to G.R.S. concerning Multiplier (June 14, 1950); Barber-Coleman: Further reports on Computer Development (July 5, 1950); Barber-Coleman: Progress Report on Random Access File (Sept. 7, 1950); Barber-Coleman - Proposed Decimal Computer (May 15, 1951); Barber-Coleman: "Analysis for Replacing Desk Calculators by the proposed Decimal Computer" (June 30, 1951); Report No. 916 for Barber-Coleman - "Suggested Applications and Printing Device." by G.R.S (Aug.11, 1951); Report No. 1312 "Firestone Tread-making Computing" by G.R.S. (Nov. 28, 1951); Report No. 917 for Barber-Coleman - "Suggestion for Printer Drum Drive" by G.R.S. (April 24, 1954); Report No. 921 for Barber-Coleman - "Coleman Patent #2,380,89V by G.R.S. (March 2, 1955); Report No. 922 for Barber-Coleman - "Stibitz Patent #2,609,143"by G.R.S. (April 15, 1955); Report No. 923 for Barber-Coleman - "Division Scheme" by G.R.S. (April 11, 1955); Report No. 3703 for Remington Rand - "Survey of Patents offered by Barber-Coleman Company" by G.R.S. (Aug. 1, 1956); For Barber-Coleman - "Checking Circuits in Various Computers" by G.R.S. (Feb. 8, 1957); Slope Angle Nomogram," Barber-Coleman.; License Agreement between G.R.S. and Barber-Coleman

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