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Series 8, Compilations, 1879-1961

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Box: 6, Dates: 1938-1961

1938 "Bibliography of Papers on the Differential Analyzer." Also University of Pennsylvania, Moore School of Electrical Engineering: "Bibliography of Literature on Calculating Machines," by Irvin Travis (1879-1944); 1939 "Scientific Computing Service Limited, a Description of Its Activities, Equipment and Staff."; 1939 "NAVORD 3447 Standard Fire Control and Torpedo Control Symbols"; 1947 Association for Computing Machinery; Distributed Literature by E.G. Berkeley (The Pilot EDVAC by Sharpless etc..-----); 1948 Institute of Radio Engineers; First List of Definitions of the Definitions Subcommittee IRE Electronic Computers Committee. "Glossary of Computer terms." (1st list); 1949 "Bibliography on Electronic Computers," by Robert Sorrell (Feb. 1949); "IRE Glossary of Computer Words"(2nd. list) (Aug. 17, 1949; Bibliography of Articles on Computer Machines prior to 1949 (Oct. 1949); 1950 National Bureau of Standards - H.D. Huskey "Terminology and Block Diagram Symbols for Use in Connection with Automatic Digital Computing Machines." (May 2, 1950); "A Survey of Large-Scale Digital Computers and Computer Projects," ONR (July 1950); "Digital Computer Newsletter" (Dec. 1950); 1950 Bibliography of Books, Articles, Reports and Selected Patents Published prior to June 1950; 1951 "Digital Computer Newsletter" (Oct. 1951); 1953 "Review of Input and Output Equipment Used in Computing Systems." - Joint AIEE-IRE-ACM Computer Conference (March 1953); "A Survey of Automatic Digital Computers," OTS Bureau of Commerce; 1954 Report to the Association for Computing Machinery -"First Glossary of Programming Terminology" (June 1954); 1955 "British Standard Glossary of Terms Relating to Automatic Digital Computers," BSI (Nov. 25, 1955); 1956 IRE Proceedings - IRE Standards on Computers (July 1956); "Computers and Automation"; "Cybernetics-Robots-Automatic Control" (Oct. 1956); 1959 "General Electric - Symbol Translating Glossary" (July 13, 1959); " General Electric - Glossary for SSB/C" (July 22, 1959); "Remington Rand - Issued Patents" (Company Confidential); "Digest of Patents Issued during the Month of October, 1959"; Glossary of Unfamiliar Words in "Automatic Control by Arithmetical Operations" by Perry Orson Crawford, Jr.; 1960 "Glossary of Terms in Computers and Data Processing" by Berkeley and Lovett (June 1960); "A Chart for EDP Experts Computer Characteristics" from "Datamation"" "(Nov-Dec 1960); 196l US patent #2,6ll,8l3, "Magnetic Data Storage System; "Search made by La Haye (Holland) for Remington Rand for Documents published outside of U.S. prior to 1952 (Feb. 24, 1961); "Abbreviations of Names of Journals, " from "Mathematical Reviews"

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